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Android 2.0 Features Revealed, Upgrade Path Still Uncertain

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Nearly two weeks after they rolled out a giant eclair on their front lawn, Google has finally released the development kit for Android 2.0.  Until now, there have only been rumors about what the new features would be on version 2.0.  Today the speculation is over.

Here are some of the new features on Android 2.0:
  • Support for a multiple screen sizes and resolutions
  • Digital zoom, color effect, macro focus, and white balance for the camera
  • Multi-touch
  • Support for multiple email accounts accounts
  • Exchange support
  • New virtual keyboard
  • Quick Search box

Android 2.0 will have some other interesting features as well.  A Quick Contact widget lets you touch a contact's photo in any context to bring up text, call, or email options.  Android's browser has a double tap zoom, instant searches when you tap on the address bar, and support for HTML5.  There's also host of API changes and Bluetooth 2.1 support.

Verizon's Droid will be the first phone equipped with Android 2.0.  Right now, there are no other phones that have plans to use the 2.0 version.  It's also not clear whether the Motorola Cliq, which runs Android 1.5, will be able to upgrade.  That's right.  The Cliq hasn't even been released yet and people already wondering if they can upgrade.  Google spokeswoman Katie Watson said via email that its up to the vendors to allow upgrades since Android is open source.   Any version is available to all carriers and handset makers who use Android she says.

Check out the Android 2.0 official video.
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