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Alternative to Hibernate? JPOX 1.2?

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JPOX 1.2 was released March 2008. This is the first release after passing the JPA TCK.

JPOX passed JPA1 TCK in Febuary 2008 making it a JPA compliant persistence framework. This is the first full version that supports JPA 1, and JDO 1, JDO 2 and JDO 2.1.

JPOX like Hibernate provides transparent persistence for Javaobjects. Unlike Hibernate, JPOX supports persistence to not only allpopular RDBMS but also DB4O object datastore, and it supports JDO.

JPOX is the reference implementation for JDO. Read about this release at the JPOX site.

JPOX is an Apache 2 licensed opens source persistence framework that is compliant with JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1 and JPA1 specifications.

JPOX claims to be highly performant and claims to outperform other O/R mappers using published benchmarks.

What would make you look into JPOX?

Has anyone used JPOX and Hibernate that can make a comparison?


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Andy Jefferson replied on Mon, 2008/03/10 - 3:15pm

> Unlike Hibernate, JPA supports persistence to not only all popular RDBMS but also DB4O object datastore, and it supports JDO.

Correction: Rick, think you meant to say "JPOX supports ... " not JPA. JPA does its best to deny the very existence of anything other than RDBMS ;-)

Incidentally JPOX also now supports persistence to LDAP (to be released soon), and full support for DB4O Native queries using the JDO API.

Rick Hightower replied on Mon, 2008/03/10 - 3:49pm in response to: Andy Jefferson

Thanks. Fixed.

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