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Adobe Launches ColdFusion 9 into the Cloud

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Adobe ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 are available today along with a private beta of the new ColdFusion in the Cloud that will run in the Amazon web services environment. The release was announced at Adobe's worldwide developer conference, Adobe MAX.

Here are some of the new features in ColdFusion 9

  • Includes an Adobe AIR server management application
  • Local and remote database synchronization with Adobe AIR
  • Deep integration with Hibernate's object relational mapping
  • Allows CF components to be defined as portlets
  • Use CF services via AMF or SOAP

New tags:

  • cfspreadsheet – allows you to read and write data to spreadsheets (.xls & .xlsx)
  • cfsharepoint – expose data from MS Office SharePoint to a CF application
  • cffinally – for exception handling and assignment chaining
  • cfmap – widget that embeds a google map

Adobe has also enhanced several already existing features in ColdFusion 9. New controls for Ajax include mapping, multimedia player, multifile upload, accordion navigation, progress indicator, confirmations, alerts, buttons, and sliders. The broader control set will use the Ext JS 3.0 library through CFML tags.

David Wadhwani, GM and VP of the Platform Business Unit at Adobe, felt strongly about the Flash Platform integration and speedy application builds that are enabled by the highly customizable Eclipse based IDE. He explains, " on the new Eclipse-based IDE and its tight integration with the Adobe Flash Platform was overwhelmingly positive."

The ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 is available at:

ColdFusion 9 will break new ground, allowing developers to access the program as a hosted service by allowing installations of virtual instances in the Cloud environment of their choice. An Amazon Machine Image of ColdFusion 9, which is now available as a private beta, uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to access reliable technology.

Three editions of ColdFusion 9 are available:

  • Enterprise Edition - $7499 (2CPUs)
  • Standard Edition - $1299 (2CPUs)
  • Developer Edition – Free