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10 New ColdFusion Builder Keyboard Shortcuts

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Let's start with the big changes: Abort and dump have new keyboard shortcuts. These are triggered by Cmmd+T or Ctrl+T, releasing all keys and then:

  • Abort (a)
  • Dump (d)

Other useful shortcuts for the Cmmd+T shortcut include:

  • Output (o)
  • Comment (m)
  • Set variable (=)
        This adds
  • Add a script block (s)

To see the rest in ColdFusion Builder press Cmmd+T, let go and look in the bottom right for tips on all the other options.

Select a code block (Cmmd-Option-B or Ctrl-Alt-B)
Here's how I like this one: Put the cursor in a code block, do the shortcut and the first outlying tag is all highlighted. Very useful for finding the end of a loop, if block or if you just want to cut the text.

Go to end tag (Cmmd-Opt-M or Ctrl-Alt-M)
Jump to the closing tag. Useful in a different way to select for when you absolutely have to be at the end tag.

Fold Code(Cmmd+Opt+F or Ctrl+Alt+F)
Place cursor on a tag then the commands and the code folds up. Builder will remember what you closed after opening and closing the file.

Loop through code assist (Ctrl+Space)
Press the combination once to see all possibilites, press again and see it filtered by type.

Navigate a file (Cmmd+Shift+Up Arrow Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow)
In files this will navigate up and down function names, and in a cfc navigate property definitions as well.

Navigate function arguments or tag attributes (Cmmd+Shift+] or Ctrl+Space+])
New to Builder is the auto-insertion of function arguments when inserting. The key combination above allows navigation between the arguments going to the next argument to the right. Use [ instead to go to the left.

Ok, that is 10, and not including abort or dump, but here is one more for kicks:

Format Code (Cmmd+Shift+F or Ctrl+Shift+F)
Formating of code with the combination above for the whole file to be formatted. Select a group of lines to run just within the selection

Using these shortcuts has sped up my coding and kept me more focused on my work. If you find any great keyboard shortcuts let me know in the comments.

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