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Jez Humble08/03/12
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Jez Humble: Why Software Development Methodologies Suck

I never thought we'd be hearing those words from Jez Humble, an advocate for Agility at ThoughtWorks, but here is the point he's trying to make...

Geoffrey Papilion08/02/12
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Infrastructure – The Challenge of Small Ops – Part 3

Infrastructure is hard to build. This is true when putting together compute clusters, or when dealing with roads or power lines. Typically this involves both increases in operating expenses and capital expenses, and a small mistake can be quite costly.

Alex Soto08/01/12
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Build Flow Jenkins Plugin

Build Flow enables us to define an upper level flow item to manage job orchestration and link up rules, using a dedicated DSL. Learn to harness this awesome plugin.

Alexander Schwartz08/01/12
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Still Using Those Old-School Log Files? — Let’s Use a Log Server Instead!

Log messages are destined to end up in a log file … are they really? When you search megabytes of logs file for a clue what went wrong, or when you want to generate some statistics, you realize that this calls for proper tooling. In logFaces I’ve found a tool that I’m using happily for more than two years now.

Kief Morris07/31/12
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Devops as a Confidence Game

As an initiative to get developers, sysadmins, and testers working together to increase the speed of delivering high quality software changes, a key challenge devops must address is trust. Sysadmins simply don’t trust developers to hand them production ready code.

Mark Needham07/30/12
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3 Ways to Stay Disciplined When Developing Puppet Modules

For the last 5 weeks or so I’ve been working with puppet every day to automate the configuration of various nodes in our stack and my most interesting observation so far is that you really need to keep your discipline when doing this type of work. Here are 3 ways to do it...

Ben Wootton07/29/12
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Metrics Driven Development

Once we have good metrics and a good set of monitoring systems on top of them, we can be much more aggressive in pushing out changes due to the fact that this style of monitoring gives us a very effective early warning system with regards to bugs or breakages that have been introduced.

Eric Minick07/28/12
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Dev and Ops: Sharing the Risk

Developers are driven by getting new features out the door. Operations, being charged with keeping things running, wants to avoid change. RISK is a 4-letter word keeping them apart.

Jessica Thornsby07/27/12
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Bringing Order to Your Jenkins Jobs

Once you’ve been working with Jenkins and uberSVN for a while, you may find yourself in a situation where you have several jobs that need to run in a specific order. How do you implement a complicated setup?

Jim Bird07/26/12
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Availability of Systems and Data is a Devops Problem, not a Security Problem

Everyone knows the C-I-A triad for information security: security is about protecting the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of systems and data. In a recent post, Warren Axelrod argues that Availability is the most important of these factors for security. I don't agree...

Martin Fowler07/25/12
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Martin Fowler: Snowflake Servers

Hosted applications need to be upgraded regularly. Configuration changes are regularly needed to tweak the environment so that it runs efficiently and communicates properly with other systems. This requires some mix of command-line invocations, jumping between GUI screens, and editing text files. The result is a unique snowflake - good for a ski resort, bad for a data center.

Luke Galea07/24/12
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Graylog2 Optimization for High-Log Environments

Here we will highlight some of the measures that were necessary to further operationalize the system for production use. As our environment receives anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 log messages per minute (with occasional peaks to 40,000!)

Gareth Rushgrove07/23/12
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Version Control And Deployment Of Cron Jobs

A recent question on Twitter prompted me to write a quick blog post about managing cron jobs. As more and more people want to automate provisioning and deployment of web applications some, maybe previously manually managed, items come into the fold.

Mitch Pronschinske07/23/12
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Spin Up New VMs in Their Own Virtual Network - A New FOSS Tool

Terraform is a flexible tool made available under the Apache 2.0 license that makes it easy to define, instantiate and manage environments. Terraform integrates with existing cloud providers. Today, Amazon EC2 and VMWare vSphere are supported.

Steven Lott07/22/12
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Improving the "Velocity" of IT

"Once IT decides to focus on speed, two obstacles get in the way: security and governance." This is important. Manage security without it becoming an impediment.

John Cook07/21/12
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Unix Doesn’t Follow the Unix Philosophy

The Unix philosophy is a noble idea, but even Unix doesn’t follow it too closely. "Write programs that do one thing and do it well." is one point in the philosophy that is especially strained.

Mehdi Daoudi07/19/12
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DevOps Roundup – July 11th to 20th

Facebook engineer Doug Beaver shares in a W3 mailing post why Facebook endorses SPDY. He highlights cross-browser support as well as the ability to speed up communication between geographically distant web servers.

Markus Eisele07/19/12
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GlassFish Operations: Log Notifications

One I get asked quite a lot is: "How do you configure GlassFish to receive notifications/alerts/messages on important log entries?". Seems to be a good topic to blog about.

Kief Morris07/19/12
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7 Books On The Reading List For Organizing Continuous Delivery

There are a number of books that influenced Kief Morris' thinking on Continuous Delivery. Here are his top 7.

Tom Howlett07/18/12
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"One Day we May be Craftsman Again"

We live in a world where we are already expected to know, where competence is assumed, but competence disappeared with craftsmanship to be replaced by production lines. Hierarchical management dug the nail in the coffin as the goal became moving up to the next job rather than getting good at the one you’re in.

Jim Bird07/16/12
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Monitoring Sucks. But Monitoring as Testing Sucks A LOT More

At Devopsdays I listened to a lot of smart people saying smart things. And to some people saying things that sounded smart, but really weren’t. It was especially confusing when you heard both of these kinds of things from the same person.

Larry White07/16/12
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10 Books To Make You Smarter (And A Better Worker)

Ten of the best books from the Deathray Research bibliography. Guaranteed to make you smarter about software engineering and the world. Inspired by the book, "This Will Make You Smarter", and my teenage son, who said today “All books are self-help books”. Couldn’t agree more.

Jez Humble07/15/12
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Continuous Deployment and PCI-DSS at Etsy

At DevOpsDays Mountain View I was lucky enough to get some time with Michael Rembetsy, Director of Engineering and Operations at Etsy, which manages to be PCI-DSS compliant while practicing continuous deployment. In this short interview, he describes how they do it.

Willie Wheeler07/14/12
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Tried Everything and SSH with PKA Still Not Working?

I recently ran into the situation in which I couldn’t get PKA to work when SSHing into my Ubuntu server. I hope this article helps somebody out. It was driving me bonkers.

Aaron Nichols07/13/12
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DevOps is Culture – What Does That Mean?

Somewhere along the way our industry shifted this discussion into a tools discussion & now the amount of noise out there about “DevOps tools” is magnitudes higher than any discussion about the real reason DevOps exists – to shift culture.