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Joe Miller06/15/12
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How To: Install graylog2 on CentOS 5 with RVM + Passenger

I decided to see if RVM – Ruby Version Manager – would allow me to setup an isolated Ruby environment just for graylog2 and not disturb the other Ruby apps on the machine. I also wanted to setup an isolated instance of Passenger-standalone for graylog2 then configure apache to listen on port 80 and forwarding requests with mod_proxy.

Douglas Rathbone06/14/12
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Continuous Integration Tip #3 – Version your Databases as part of your automated build

Having a good Continuous Integration setup is the gift that keeps on giving, but what about your database? For most web applications these days, your database is a large part of your application – so why is versioning it such an uncommon thing?

Aaron Nichols06/13/12
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Availability is a Feature… Like Anything Else

“Availability is the most important thing…” I heard this recently and I cannot agree with it. It sounds good, until you think about all the things that become less important things when you say something like that.

Mehdi Daoudi06/12/12
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DevOps Roundup: June 4 - 12

A look at this week's news about Azure Linux support, multiple price drops by cloud providers, the Flame exploit, IPv6 growth, and what the browsers of the future will need to speed up the web.

Douglas Rathbone06/11/12
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Automated Deployments with TeamCity, Deployment Projects & SVN

For some, the task of automated deployments seems either too difficult, too time consuming to setup or is perceived as un-needed. I’m about to attempt to prove all of these things wrong, while at the same time allowing you to get back to doing what you do best: write code.

Gerard Davison06/10/12
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Off-Loading Test Execution Using Hudson/Jenkins: Part 3, skipping the queue

Previously I had looked at preflighting, with Hudson (And Jenkins) but forgot to mention a very important plugin that is essential if you want to convince your developer to preflight there work. The problem is that is the slave allotment/smallholder/farm is busy running other jobs then they are forced to wait before merging.

Gerard Davison06/09/12
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Off-loading test execution using Hudson/Jenkins: Part 2

Previously I have written about using Hudson to perform pre-flights using branches on source control systems; but sometimes you just have a patch file that you want to run your tests against.

Gerard Davison06/08/12
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Off-loading Your Test Execution Using Hudson/Jenkins: Part1

One thing we do is for every main hudson job we create a copy just to run the tests for a particular developer. It solves the "it runs on my machine" dilemma and frees up the developer to get on with other work.

Douglas Rathbone06/07/12
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Continuous Integration Tip #2 – Using App_offline.htm in Your Build

Deploying in an automated fashion using Continuous Integration doesn’t happen instantly, and depending on the size of your application, your continuous integration deployment can get caught in a state of unknown/in-between if a user visits your application half way through deployment.

Douglas Rathbone06/06/12
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Continuous Integration Tip #1 – FTP Deployment

Having a good Continuous Integration setup can be one of the highlights of any developers daily grind. Regardless, it can be seen as almost pointless if your automated deployment setup still needs a physical person to upload the files to your server if it is offsite. Adding FTP/SFTP to your CI process is the solution to this.

Peter Donald06/05/12
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Evolving towards cookbook reusability in Chef

A few months ago, I started to invest heavily in Chef to automate the roll out of our applications and the supporting infrastructure. So far, so good but it has not always been sunshine and puppy dogs. One of the major challenges is attempting to reuse cookbooks found on the community site, on GitHub or even within our own organization.

Chris Haddad06/05/12
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What is NoOps?

Make DevOps and NoOps a cornerstone of improving your software delivery; just don’t think NoOps PaaS entirely defines ‘What is a True, Complete PaaS’.

Kief Morris06/04/12
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Describing Continuous Delivery (Without Using the Term)

DeMarco isn’t recommending specific methodologies like Agile, but this is a pretty good business oriented description of Continuous Delivery without continuous (production) deployment.

Douglas Rathbone06/03/12
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Another Look at Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment

I’ve spoken to a lot of people about Continuous Delivery/Deployment over the years and a lot of the time i hear that the amount of time that it takes to implement it into a project is a cost their managers are simply not willing to allow them to incur. This is ludicrous.

Jessica Thornsby06/02/12
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Advanced Subversion Polling with Jenkins: File Fingerprints

In this follow-up post, we’ll explore some advanced options you can introduce once you’ve implemented the basic polling system. This post will show you how to configure Jenkins to automatically track versioned files using ‘file fingerprinting.’

Aaron Nichols06/01/12
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Monitoring Might Suck Less with AssimMon

Yeah, I know Monitoring Sucks, but it can be pretty neat as well. It’s a hard problem, so there are all kinds of interesting approaches to it. A new one I came across recently was the Assimilation Monitoring Project.

Abhishek Kumar05/31/12
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Puppet: A Beginners Concept Guide (Part 1)

The documentation for Puppet on PuppetLabs is great, but it's a bit thick and similar to reading a book. I wanted something short to get me started with the fundamentals

Spike Morelli05/30/12
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The Problems With Having 'DevOps' in a Job Title

It’s been a while since I posted about why devops makes sense in a job title and a few weeks and a few discussions later I have a some thoughts that you might find useful if you decide to go down the same path.

Aaron Nichols05/29/12
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Embedding Ops Members in Dev teams – My Recent Experience

For about 2 months I was sitting with a dev team while we worked through how to build a new service which will be continuously deployed. I wanted to share my experiences here because I’ve read both positive and negative opinions about doing this and I’m not sure there’s a single right answer.

Kief Morris05/28/12
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The Build Monkey Antipattern

A common pattern in software development teams is to have a person who owns the build system. While it’s normal for some team members to have a deeper understanding of these things than others, it’s not a good idea for the knowledge and responsibility for the build to become overly concentrated in one person.

Ranjib Dey05/27/12
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Comparing the Flavors of Config Managment: Chef, Puppet, etc.

Interesting developments are now happening around how you model your system, how you percieve configuration, and whether you correlate the state of an infrastructure with its configuration.

Matthew Macdona...05/26/12
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Migrating from Apache to Nginx with the Edison Build System

I’ve recently decided to take the plunge and move from Apache and Mod_WSGI to Nginx and FastCGI – I was amazed at how simple it was! To get Edison up and running under Nginx as a fast-cgi Deamon, you just need to follow these steps...

Tom O'connor05/25/12
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Installing Holla - Ruby HTTP Campfire Clone

Campfire is a really sexy HTTP based chat system provided by 37 signals. I've found a clone-type application written by @maccman on Github, called Holla. I'm gonna have a go at installing it on Ubuntu 10.04.

James Betteley05/24/12
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Upcoming Events on Gradle, Jenkins, CD, DevOps, and more

Here’s a bunch of upcoming talks, courses, conferences, things and stuff, which I reckon might be worth checking out.

Spike Morelli05/23/12
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Transferring Large Amount of Data Over the Network: SCP, TAR; SSH, TAR; NC Compared

Scp is slow, that’s a known fact. Known and so annoying that someone tried to fix it by producing the hpn-ssh patch.