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Joe Miller12/15/12
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Simulate Network Latency, Packet Loss, and Low Bandwidth on Mac OSX

Sometimes while testing you may want to be able to simulate network latency, or packet loss, or low bandwidth. I have done this with Linux and tc/netem as well as with Shunra on Windows, but I had never done it on Mac OSX.

Alex Soto12/14/12
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Metrics: A New Way to Monitorize Your Application

When you are running long term applications like web applications, it is good to know some statistics about them, like number of requests served, request durations, or the number active requests.

Rob Golding12/13/12
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Graphing Traffic With Munin's IP Plugin

This post explores using the Munin ip_ plugin to monitor traffic to and from particular hosts using iptables.

Geoffrey Papilion12/13/12
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Just Enough Ops of Devs

A few weeks ago I was reading through the chef documentaion and I came across the page “Just Enough Ruby for Chef.” This inspired me to put together a quick article on how much Linux a developer needs to know.

Giorgio Sironi12/12/12
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The danger of large releases: Trenord case study

Stopping or delaying the majority of trains (and thousands of people) for days isn't the best advertising for large releases.

Ben Wootton12/12/12
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Why DevOps Matters (To Developers)

DevOps stems from the idea that developers and operations should work more closely together – communicating, knowledge sharing, and collaborating to increase the quality of the systems that we build and operate.

Moshe Kaplan12/12/12
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How Do You Use Rsync for High Availability Environments?

Rsync has a simple protocol that replicates a directory (one or more) on a single server to other servers. This can be achieved in two different methods...

Eric Minick12/11/12
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In Defense of DevOps Teams

It’s in vogue right now to claim that there’s no such thing as a DevOps team or warn about certain kinds of teams that brand themselves DevOps but are not. Jez Humble’s doing it. Patrick Debois has made similar noises in the past.

Mehdi Daoudi12/11/12
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IT Operations News Roundup — Dec 3rd to 9th

In case you missed them last week, here's a roundup of noteworthy IT ops links, including Firefox's new approach to page load, 61 countries that can't be easily cut off from the web, and a hack that leverages Amazon's Silk browser for backdoor cloud computing.

Matthias Marschall12/10/12
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Devops Anti-Patterns: Warning Signs that Your Team is Slipping

While I’m collecting Devops Protocols which highlight healthy patterns in your organization, let’s take a quick look at the opposite: Devops anti-patterns. Would you be able to spot the warning signs when your team starts to slip in the wrong direction?

Eric Minick12/10/12
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Dependencies All the Way Down

I’ve spent most of the last decade working on problems in build, deployment and release management. While automation has been a focus of mine, the hard part in these domains have always been around dependency management.

Tom O'connor12/09/12
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Jenkins as a Job Dispatch Engine

I get easily tired of doing the same thing over and over again, and will, wherever possible, script or automate it to make life easier for myself. This could be in the form of a lightweight webapp/REST api for stuff, or in this case, I used Jenkins.

Mikko Ohtamaa12/08/12
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Timeouting Commands in Shell Scripts

Enter the real world: Your network is disconnected. DNS goes downs. Your HTTP hooks and downloads stall. Interprocess communication hangs. Here is an example how to create timeouts and notifications in a shell script.

Paul Hammant12/07/12
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Push or Pull of Config Changes for a Production Stack

An outstanding issue is how to get changed config data (JSON) to the nodes in a production stack that need it. Here's a brain-dump of the choices, without mentioning specific languages.

Willie Wheeler12/06/12
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Pushing twice daily: our conversation with Facebook’s Chuck Rossi

We figured that we could learn a thing or two about continuous delivery from Facebook, so we reached out to Chuck Rossi, Facebook’s first release engineer and the head of their release engineering team.

Mark Needham12/05/12
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There's No Such Thing As a DevOps Team?

A few weeks ago Jez Humble wrote a blog post titled “There’s no such thing as a ‘DevOps team.’” Here are some thoughts about the article and what a DevOps team actually is.

Gareth Rushgrove12/05/12
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On the Forge

I’ve been spending a bit of time recently pushing a few Puppet modules to the Forge. I started doing it as a bit of an experiment, to find out what I liked and what worked and I decided to writeup a few opinions.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz12/04/12
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Forcing Tomcat to log through SLF4J/Logback

So you have your executable web application in JAR with bundled Tomcat (make sure to read that one first). However there are these annoying Tomcat logs at the beginning, independent from our application logs and not customizable

Tom O'connor12/04/12
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Beware G-Wan Snakeoil

I’ve heard quite a bit about the “G-WAN Application Server” over the past few weeks. Initially it was a Serverfault question that left me thinking “WTF.”

Mikko Ohtamaa12/03/12
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Pgrep and Pkill: Linux Scripting and Process Management Friends.

Often when inspecting an UNIX server as a sysadmin you need to find and kill a (hung) process running with a certain command line arguments.

Marcus Martina12/03/12
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How to Integrate FitNesse Test into Jenkins

FitNesse is a lightweight testing framework that is meant to implement integration testing in a highly collaborative way, which makes it very suitable to be used within agile software projects. With Jenkins and Maven it is quite easy to trigger the execution of FitNesse integration tests automatically.

James Betteley12/02/12
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Agile ITOps: Day 4

It’s day 4 of our first agile ITOps sprint and so far it’s pretty much going to script. Our estimation of how much work we would be able to get through is looking roughly in the right ballpark.

James Betteley12/01/12
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Agile ITOps: Day 1

Today we started day 1 of our first ever ITOps sprint. This all came about because we needed a way of working out our productivity on “project tasks”, as well as learning how to triage our interruptions a bit better.

Kief Morris11/30/12
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CD Pipeline Implementation: Tracer Bullet (Trail Marker)

The idea is to get the simplest implementation of a pipeline in place, prioritizing a fully working skeleton that stretches across the full path to production over a fully featured, final-design functionality for each stage of the pipeline.

Matthias Marschall11/29/12
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DevOps Protocols: Start Small

Imagine you want to introduce automated configuration management to your organization. You’ve read all the books and even visited a great conference where you heard a lot of success stories. “It’s really time to get our servers under control” you think. But how do you get started?