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Kief Morris11/30/12
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CD Pipeline Implementation: Tracer Bullet (Trail Marker)

The idea is to get the simplest implementation of a pipeline in place, prioritizing a fully working skeleton that stretches across the full path to production over a fully featured, final-design functionality for each stage of the pipeline.

Matthias Marschall11/29/12
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DevOps Protocols: Start Small

Imagine you want to introduce automated configuration management to your organization. You’ve read all the books and even visited a great conference where you heard a lot of success stories. “It’s really time to get our servers under control” you think. But how do you get started?

Willie Wheeler11/28/12
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Designing Configuration Management Schemas

One important issue that comes up when undertaking a configuration management effort is how to design “the schema” for configuration management data. There are a couple of general and complementary approaches you need to know about if you’re working on this.

Allan Kelly11/27/12
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10 Pieces of Advice for Teams

Here are 10 tips for teams and those who manage, administer or simply organise teams. Of course, if you are a self-managing team you should all read this list.

Kasia Gogolek11/26/12
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CentOS Minimal Installation Network Configuration

By default CentOS minimal install does not come with pre-configured network, here’s how to make it work.

Kasia Gogolek11/26/12
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Web Application Deployment Using Webistrano and Capistrano

Today, I will focus on the mix of Capistrano / Webistrano. Both of the packages are ruby on rails based, and can be easily installed using gems.

Juri Strumpflohner11/25/12
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Deploying: Git vs. TFS Showdown

Git’s distributed approach makes it easy to push to a dedicated “deploy” branch which is being automatically fetched, but would that be possible with TFS as well?

Kasia Gogolek11/24/12
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Installing Git on a New Server

I’ve been hearing a lot of good about Git in the last few years, from the simplicity of use, speed to decentralized repositories. Here’s a quick run through, how to install Git on a new server.

Mikko Ohtamaa11/23/12
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Migrating from BIND DNS servers to Amazon Route 53 by using cli53

Amazon Route 53 offers DNS as a hosted service. They maintain robust DNS service for you with easy to user web interface and API.

Luke Galea11/22/12
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Several Solutions for Queue & Worker Systems

Over the years we’ve tried several different queue/worker systems for our sites and we’d like to share our findings to help others decide on a technology.

Merrick Chaffer11/21/12
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How to Tune Up a Virtual PC

If your VPC seems to be running slowly, here are a series of steps to rectify the situation and improve performance.

Gary Sieling11/20/12
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Installing CouchDB on a VirtualBox instance with Chef and Vagrant

This post will walk you through the quick installation of CouchDB onto a VirtualBox instance with Chef and Vagrant.

Rob Galanakis11/19/12
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Is it Worth Automating?

Some people can find me a bit over-earnest in my quest for automation. I’ve finally figured out how to know whether something is worthwhile to automate.

Mike Hadlow11/19/12
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EasyNetQ Publisher Confirms

For high-performance guaranteed delivery with EasyNetQ it's recommended that you use 'Publisher Confirms'.

Christian Grobmeier11/18/12
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Installing Comodo PositiveSSL on Jetty

I usually buy Comodo Certificates from It was always a pain to get it running because the information found on Comodos website are extremely outdated. If you are in pain too, here is some help.

Tom O'connor11/17/12
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Answered: Network Design

This question amused me for a number of reasons, and I think it’s a bit of a shame it ended up closed Off Topic as it was written like a product recommendation. Let’s think about this in a little more detail.

Mark Needham11/16/12
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Web Operations: Feature Flags to Turn Off Failing Parts of Infrastructure

On most of the projects I’ve worked on over the last couple of years we’ve made use of feature toggles that we used to turn pending features on and off while they were still being built but while reading Web Operations I came across another usage.

Willie Wheeler11/15/12
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A Fatal Impedance Mismatch for Continuous Delivery

There are unfortunately ill-conceived approaches to implementing agility that can prove fatal to a continuous delivery program. In this post we’re going to take a look at one that occurs in larger organizations.

Matt O'Keefe11/14/12
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Monitoring at eBay: Big Data Problems

This is a Big Data talk with Monitoring as the context. The problem domain includes operational management, triaging, and business monitoring.

Matt O'Keefe11/13/12
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Release Engineering at Facebook

Chuck tries to avoid the “D” “O” word… DevOps. But he was impressed by the Allspaw talk from Velocity 09 “10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr“. This led him to set up a bootcamp session at Facebook and this talk is based on what he tells new developers.

Michael Muller11/13/12
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How OpenKM's Technical Debt decreased by 49% through Code Refactoring

Technical Debt is worth nothing if no pragmatic action is taken into code, in order to control and tackle it. To ilustrate this, we performed code refactoring on OpenKM.

Eric Genesky11/12/12
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James Betteley Discusses the Deployment Automation Patterns Refcard

This week, DZone published its 165th Refcard. The author took a few minutes to respond to some questions.

Robert Annett11/12/12
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Component Deployment: Why Virtualization Changes your Assumptions

Virtualisation has changed the assumptions we can make about the physical deployment. Let me give you a few simple examples.

Daniel Bartl11/11/12
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The Jenkins Bell Rings …

We all love webapps, but in the former days applications have done so much more. They were integrated into our desktops, they have done notifications in real time, they could be customized to our own needs …

James Betteley11/10/12
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Why do we do Continuous Integration?

Continuous Integration is now very much a central process of most agile development efforts, but it hasn’t been around all that long. But some teams are still waiting to adopt C.I... Seriously, they are!