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Martin Winandy03/08/13
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Logger Tinylog 0.8 Supports Application Servers

tinylog, an open source logger for Java, has been released in version 0.8. The second to last beta version of tinylog uses class loaders in a different way to supports also application servers such as Glassfish.

Kevin Remde03/07/13
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You Want to Hot-Add What?! Server Virtualization: Part 2

Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Server 2012, and Windows 8 allows the addition, removal, or configuration changes of some key aspects of a virtual machine; even while it’s running.

Paul Duvall03/07/13
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Continuous Delivery in the Cloud Case Study for the Sea to Shore Alliance: Part 1

We help companies deliver software reliably and repeatedly using Continuous Delivery in the Cloud.

Jessica Thornsby03/07/13
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Checking Your Changes with SVN

Before committing work to the central repository, you may want to review the changes you’ve made. This can be achieved by running Apache Subversion’s ‘svn status’ command at the top of your working copy, which will print out a list of all your local changes.

Eric Minick03/07/13
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C-Suite Signals Towards DevOps (and the print edtion) is reporting that CIOs are increasingly looking to embed IT staff in the business units they serve rather than centralize them all directly under the CIO.

Kin Lane03/06/13
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Creating Two Levels of Open Engagement with Github Pages and Disqus

I’m moving all my side projects to run on GitHub as open source repositories. One of my goals in doing this is to facilitate engagement around my projects, as opposed to developing them in isolation.

Kevin Remde03/06/13
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The Hyper-V Primer – 20+ Days of Server Virtualization (Part 1 of 20)

Even though many of you may have heard of Microsoft’s virtualization solution, you may not know much about it.

Matt Cholick03/06/13
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Continuous Integration using TeamCity for IntelliJ Plugin Development

When developing an IntelliJ plugin, testing backward compatibility across old versions of the IDEA plugin SDK can be painful. Here's how to configure TeamCity for continuos integration across multiple SDK versions.

Kevin Remde03/06/13
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My Introduction to the 20+ Days of Server Virtualization (Part 0 of 20)

This month the topic is Server Virtualization. Specifically, we’ll be discussing and helping you learn more about Microsoft’s virtualization platform: Hyper-V.

Eric Gregory03/05/13
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Dev of the Week: Juri Strumpflohner

This week we're talking to Juri Strumpflohner, web app developer, blogger, and martial artist.

Paul Hammant03/05/13
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Trunk-Based Development at Facebook

Here's a 52-minute video that should be mandatory for all developers and their management to watch, even if after watching it they decide to not do the same. It’s all about toggles, Trunk Based Development (TBD) and Branch by Abstraction.

Kevin Remde03/05/13
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Migration and Deployment: The Full 20-Part Series

In February of 2013, the US-based IT Pro Technology Evangelists wrote up 20 articles in our 19-part series, “Migration and Deployment.”

Col Wilson03/04/13
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Installing Git and Virtualenv on Linux or Mac

Instructions for installing Git and Virtualenv whether you're on OSX or a major Linux distro.

Eugen Paraschiv03/04/13
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Properties with Spring

Working with Properties in Spring. Focuses on registering properties via the XML namespace element, Java Annotations and by hand. Also Discusses the newly introduced Property Support in Spring 3.1.

Eric Minick03/04/13
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8 Lessons in Deployment Tooling Lessons Learned

It didn’t take long. A few months after we released an open source continuous integration tool (Anthill) in 2001, we were asked, “It’s great that I have the build setup, now how do I deploy to the test lab?”

Daniel Doubrovkine03/04/13
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Graduating to Jenkins CI for Ruby-on-Rails Teams

My talk from JUG NYC from last summer has finally been uploaded to YouTube!

Raymond Camden03/03/13
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Quick Tip - Make Apache's Directory Indexes Look Nicer on Mobile

If you use Apache, then you most likely have DirectoryIndex enabled on your development server. This is the feature that lets you request a directory without a home document and see a list of folders and files.

Vishal Jain03/03/13
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When to Extend Which Extension Point in Eclipse Plugin

There’s no need to tell how much popular and widely used the Eclipse platform is. And the huge success of it lies in its extensibility.

George London03/02/13
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Broken Tools - Liveblogging

Last live-blog, I made a plan to launch. Just the day before, I talked about how oftenplanning goes astray. And unsurprisingly, it’s only taken two days for my plan to get off track.

Rajesh Pitty03/02/13
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A Giter8 Template for Liftweb

giter8 template for liftweb apps with twitter-boostrap

Paul Reed03/01/13
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The Ship Show: Demystifying DevOps - A Chat with Damon Edwards

We sit down for a chat with the host of The DevOps Cafe, Damon Edwards, to talk through the finer points of DevOps. We ask some pointed questions in an attempt to get a good, concrete definition of “DevOps,” but without the hype that often comes prepackaged with the discussion.

Oliver Hookins03/01/13
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Can't Create New Network Sockets? Maybe It Isn't User Limits...

I’ve been doing a lot more programming in Go recently, mostly because it has awesome concurrency primitives but also because it is generally a pretty amazing language.

Edmund Kirwan03/01/13
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Is Your Code Structured Like This?

We should learn from the classics. Let's see what we can learn from JUnit's structure.

Moshe Kaplan03/01/13
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Instant Deployment with Git

One of the nicest things in git is that you can actually deploy code to production (or just your test environment) w/o implementing a complicated CI solution.

Steve Smith02/28/13
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Continuous Delivery != DevOps

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are interdependent, not equivalent. Since the publication of Dave Farley and Jez Humble’s seminal book on Continuous Delivery in 2010, its rise within the IT industry has been paralleled by the growth of the DevOps movement.