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Jim Bird05/16/13
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Can Anything Stop the Bad Guys?

On average, web sites are getting more secure each year: the average web site had over 1,000 vulnerabilities in 2007, and only 56 in 2012. SQL injection, the most popular and most serious attack vector, is found in only 7% of their customer’s web sites.

Rob Sanders05/15/13
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PowerShell, Visual Studio and You

Recently I needed to write up a new Powershell script to automate some actions independently of our major release cycle. This took me down a road with two possible options.

Eric Gregory05/15/13
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DevOps and Productivity

This five minute Ignite talk argues that DevOps consistently beats out traditional IT ops strategies, taking a look at a 2013 survey.

Eric Gregory05/15/13
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Dev of the Week: Michael Sahota

This week we're talking to Michael Sahota, Certified Scrum Master, active member of the Agile community, and co-organizer of Agile Tour Toronto.

Eric Gregory05/15/13
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Growing Pains with Chef

From OpsCode, a thirty-minute tale on the triumphs and hurdles Turner Broadcasting System's team encountered as it attempted to implement DevOps and deploy Chef.

Steven Lott05/15/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: How Do We Manage This?

At an insurance company, I encountered an application that had been in place for thirty years. Classic flat-file, mainframe COBOL. And decades old. It had never been replaced with a packaged solution. It had never been converted to a SQL database. It had never been rewritten in VB to run on a desktop.

Jay Fields05/15/13
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Clojure: Testing The Creation Of A Partial Function

I recently refactored some code that takes longs from two different sources to compute one value. The code originally stored the longs and called a function when all of the data arrived. The refactored version partials the data while it's incomplete and executes the partial'd function when all of the data is available.

John Cook05/14/13
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On Dogfooding

Dogfooding is a great idea, but it’s no substitute for usability testing. I get the impression that some products, if they’re tested at all, are tested by developers intimately familiar with how they’re intended to be used.

Hubert Klein Ikkink05/14/13
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Grails Goodness: Testing Views and Templates

Grails has great support for testing. We can unit test controllers, taglibs, services and much more. One of the things we can unit test are views and templates.

Haim Ko05/13/13
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Augmented Search for Application Logs Released

New Augmented Search technology for log data is now available, built to help developers and testers understand application data faster. The idea is to add auto generated intelligence layers based on user search context.

Patroklos Papapetrou05/13/13
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Using Mikado Method to Eliminate Technical Debt

The Mikado Method is a process for surfacing the dependencies in a codebase so that you can systematically eliminate technical debt. It gets its name from a simple game commonly known as “pick-up sticks,” in which you try to remove the Mikado stick without disturbing the others.

Paul Miller05/13/13
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Getting It Right with Data Attribution

There have always, it seems, been people for whom attribution and citation really matter. Some of them passionately engage in arguments that last months or years, debating the merits of comma placement in written citations for the work of others. Bizarre, right?

Steve Rogalsky05/13/13
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Visualizing Retrospective Priorities

We tried a new retrospective prioritization/voting technique this week that worked really well. After we had generated and discussed all of our ideas for improvement, it was clear to me that there were several excellent ideas and it would be hard to use our regular voting technique to single out one or two.

Christopher Taylor05/13/13
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A Different Type of Shark Encounter

If you have been bitten by the process bug, like me, then you always see parallels between business, process, and everyday life.

Marco Tedone05/13/13
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ScruXBan as Execution Tool Within the ALT+F Framework

If the ALT+F templates show poor IT Operations performance, the next steps in the Adapt and Plan phases are to identify optimal targets to achieve operational excellence and best-in-class status and then to set the stage for an Agile and Lean transformation strategy that should be executed on two levels...

Keuller Magalhães05/11/13
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Grails 2.2.2 and 2.3 M1 Released!

The Grails team is extremely pleased to announce the releases of Grails 2.1.5 and 2.2.2 and 2.3 M1.

Eric Gregory05/11/13
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DevOps at Puppet, Chef, and DevStack

Panelists from Puppet, Chef, and DevStack discuss DevOps strategies in this panel from HP Cloud.

Brian Gracely05/11/13
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The Cloudcast: From DevOps to Private PaaS

Aaron talks with Bart Copeland (CEO - ActiveState) and John Wetherall (Developer Evangelist at ActiveState) about how developers are adopting DevOps models and how polyglot PaaS technologies are getting deployed in the enterprise.

Julien Danjou05/10/13
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Rant about Github Pull-Request Workflow Implementation

One of my recent innocent tweet about Gerrit vs Github triggered much more reponses and debate that I expected it to. I realize that it might be worth explaining a bit what I meant, in a text longer than 140 characters.

Yuriy Lopotun05/10/13
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How to Stand Out at Work: 10 Tips for Programmers (Part 1)

I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 8 years working in 4 different companies. During this time I had a chance to work with a couple dozen programmers, some of them successfully developing their career, some satisfied and staying in one place, and some fired.

Swizec Teller05/09/13
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Write Sitting Down, Edit Standing Up

This weekend I discovered a trick. I was at a friend’s place and as I was editing in the kitchen I realized that the chairs are terrible and the table is the wrong height.

Raymond Camden05/09/13
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How I'd Sell Unit Testing

Someone came up to me after my MAX session on web development debugging and asked for some advice on how to 'sell' unit testing to his clients.

Mikko Ohtamaa05/09/13
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Exporting and Sharing Sublime Text Configuration

Sublime Text is a very powerful and popular text editor. But it’s more than a text editor… it’s an ecosystem of programmer’s tools where you can go to armory and choose the winning set for every code you’ll face.

Eric Gregory05/09/13
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A Week in the Life: DevOps vs IT Ops

This five minute talk from DevOps Days Austin 2013 compares a week in the life of a DevOps team to that of a traditional IT Ops team, drawing on ZeroTurnaround's DevOps and IT Ops Productivity Report for this year.

Eric Gregory05/09/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (5/9)

Today: web apps on a floppy, the guts of Google Glass, Apache's Giraph hits 1.0, and four reasons to learn SQL, even if you really, really don't want to.