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Keuller Magalhães05/11/13
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Grails 2.2.2 and 2.3 M1 Released!

The Grails team is extremely pleased to announce the releases of Grails 2.1.5 and 2.2.2 and 2.3 M1.

Eric Gregory05/11/13
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DevOps at Puppet, Chef, and DevStack

Panelists from Puppet, Chef, and DevStack discuss DevOps strategies in this panel from HP Cloud.

Brian Gracely05/11/13
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The Cloudcast: From DevOps to Private PaaS

Aaron talks with Bart Copeland (CEO - ActiveState) and John Wetherall (Developer Evangelist at ActiveState) about how developers are adopting DevOps models and how polyglot PaaS technologies are getting deployed in the enterprise.

Julien Danjou05/10/13
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Rant about Github Pull-Request Workflow Implementation

One of my recent innocent tweet about Gerrit vs Github triggered much more reponses and debate that I expected it to. I realize that it might be worth explaining a bit what I meant, in a text longer than 140 characters.

Yuriy Lopotun05/10/13
9 replies

How to Stand Out at Work: 10 Tips for Programmers (Part 1)

I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 8 years working in 4 different companies. During this time I had a chance to work with a couple dozen programmers, some of them successfully developing their career, some satisfied and staying in one place, and some fired.

Swizec Teller05/09/13
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Write Sitting Down, Edit Standing Up

This weekend I discovered a trick. I was at a friend’s place and as I was editing in the kitchen I realized that the chairs are terrible and the table is the wrong height.

Raymond Camden05/09/13
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How I'd Sell Unit Testing

Someone came up to me after my MAX session on web development debugging and asked for some advice on how to 'sell' unit testing to his clients.

Mikko Ohtamaa05/09/13
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Exporting and Sharing Sublime Text Configuration

Sublime Text is a very powerful and popular text editor. But it’s more than a text editor… it’s an ecosystem of programmer’s tools where you can go to armory and choose the winning set for every code you’ll face.

Eric Gregory05/09/13
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A Week in the Life: DevOps vs IT Ops

This five minute talk from DevOps Days Austin 2013 compares a week in the life of a DevOps team to that of a traditional IT Ops team, drawing on ZeroTurnaround's DevOps and IT Ops Productivity Report for this year.

Eric Gregory05/09/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (5/9)

Today: web apps on a floppy, the guts of Google Glass, Apache's Giraph hits 1.0, and four reasons to learn SQL, even if you really, really don't want to.

Troy Hunt05/09/13
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Here’s why you can’t trust SSL logos on HTTP pages (even from SSL vendors)

Let’s check out exactly what’s going on here and you really need video to understand the fatal flaw in the logic of SSL logos coming down over HTTPS.

Dan Kuebrich05/08/13
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The Taming of the Queue: Measuring the Impact of Request Queueing

Let’s explore how request queueing affects applications in the non-PaaS world and what you can do about it.

Jay Fields05/08/13
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Recovering Lost Post Data

I recently typed out a long, thoughtful response in a textarea. I clicked submit, like I've done millions of times, and I got the dreaded "session expired" error message.

Eric Gregory05/08/13
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Dev of the Week: Zemian Deng

This week we're talking to Zemian Deng, a Java developer working for the Bank of New York Mellon.

Steven Lott05/08/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: The Bugs Are The Features

The extreme end of "paving the cowpaths" are people for whom the bug list is also the feature list. This is a very strange phenomenon, rarely seen, but still relevant to this review.

Trevor Parsons05/07/13
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Tail -f is dead, long live tail -f

Why do so many log management solutions ignore the ability to tail your logs or to get a live feed of what your most recent system events are?

Patrick Debois05/07/13
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The Future of DevOps

Besides repeating the devops stories, we also need to seek diversity and make sure we keep adapting to situations.

Matt Rapczynski05/07/13
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Configuring Grails to Ignore DDL on Specific Domains

What is a responsible way to use Grails with existing tables, and guarantee that it will not try to change those schema objects? If only Grails mapping had a simple way to turn off DDL on specific domains, but still retain the awesomeness of DRY methods like list(…), named queries, and even inserting/updating records through save(…). I present to you what I think is a reasonably elegant solution for this problem.

Trevor Parsons05/06/13
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Switching Between UTC and Local Time

All Logentries servers are configured for the UTC timezone. We use this as the default timezone for all internal data including customer’s logs. However, at the browser UI level we detect a user’s local timezone and present all dates in a more human friendly way, i.e. in the local time.

Nicolas Frankel05/06/13
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Deployit, Deployment Automation Made Easy

There’s no magic in how Deployit works, it uses existing parts of modern development environments, most notably CI servers. The only requirement is to have a dedicated Maven project that creates so-called DAR archives, which are nothing more than ZIP files wrapping all resources mandatory for a deployment.

Chase Seibert05/06/13
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Happybase Connection Pooling

Wrote a simple connection pool for Happybase using socketpool...

Aaron Nichols05/06/13
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DevopsDays 2013 - We Are Avoiding Culture, Why?

I just got back from Devops Days Austin. It was a really good conference. I think I enjoyed the speakers and Open Spaces at this event more than I did at Devops Days Mountain View last year. Huge props to the organizers and speakers for putting together such a great set of topics.

Mike Hadlow05/06/13
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The Benefits of a Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy is server component that sits between the internet and your web servers. It accepts HTTP requests, provides various services, and forwards the requests to one or many servers.

Eric Gregory05/05/13
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HTTP Caching 101

Sebastien Lambla from Caffeine IT explores the basics of HTTP caching.

Kin Lane05/05/13
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A Civic Hacker Corps

I've always been told, "If You Don't Vote, You Can't Whine." This is a statement I've heard from hundreds of American citizens that I've encountered throughout my life, across every region of this great country. While I agree with the intent of this statement, I have to declare that it isn't enough!