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Jurgen Appelo02/07/13
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The Merits System

It is clear that the annual bonus system doesn't work. A tremendous amount of research says that it demotivates people, destroys collaboration, and causes dysfunctional behavior among managers and employees.

Giuseppe Vettigli02/07/13
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Betweenness Centrality

In Network Analysis the identification of important nodes is a common task. We have various centrality measures that we can use and in this post we will focus on the Betweenness Centrality.

Ralf Quebbemann02/07/13
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Networking Modes in VirtualBox Explained

VirtualBox offers different networking modes. Sometimes it's a little bit confusing to understand what each mode is doing exactly and which mode you should choose.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz02/06/13
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Breaking the Build is Not a Crime

For years I've been taught that breaking continuous integration build is something that should be avoided under all circumstances.

Rob Gordon02/06/13
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Feature Comparison of Java Job Schedulers – Plus One

Poor Oddjob, I thought as I read Craig Flichel’s Feature Comparison of Java Job Schedulers featuring Obsidian, Quartz, Cron4j and Spring. Yet again it hasn’t made the grade, it’s been passed over for the scheduling team.

Kris Buytaert02/06/13
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Check Out check_graphite

During my Puppetcamp Gent talk last week, I explained how to get alerts based on trends from graphite. A number of people asked me how to do that.

Baruch Sadogursky02/06/13
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Jenkins Artifactory Plugin Version 2.1.4 is Released

The Jenkins Artifactory plugin includes now environment variables interpolation during generic resolution (in addition to generic deployment interpolation), and some minor bug fixes.

Martin Hinshelwood02/06/13
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The TFS Automation Platform is Dead, Long Live the TfPlugable

The TFS Automation Platform is dead, long live the TfPlugable! It has been a long time since I have talked about the TFS Automation Platform that I had almost forgotten about it myself.

Eric Minick02/05/13
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In Search of Organizational Consciousness

While general anesthesia is designed to make a surgery patient unconscious, we actually know very little about what consciousness actually is. One of the models of consciousness put forward by Giulio Tononi is that a conscious mind is an integrated mind.

Luis Atencio02/05/13
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Notes on Continuous Delivery

In the rapid changing software world of today, companies and individuals have come up with many methods in order to minimize the time to market gap, i.e the time it takes for your idea to materialize in production.

Ralf Quebbemann02/05/13
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Multiple Virtual Desktops in Windows 7

Most Linux desktops / window managers support it out of the box: Multiple virtual desktops. I really miss the feature on Windows 7.

Shelan Perera02/05/13
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Application Governance with WSO2 GReg and Jenkins

This tutorial will show how you can automate the application Governance using WSO2 Governance Registry and Jenkins (for Build Automation).

Johannes Brodwall02/04/13
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Let's Reinvent More Wheels

When I learned math in elementary school, I would reach for my calculator. But my father stopped me: “You only get to use the calculator when you can do math without it.”

Mark Needham02/04/13
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On Levels of Automation

Over the last 18 months or so I’ve worked on a variety of different projects in different organisations and seen some patterns around the way that automation was done which I thought would be interesting to document.

Brian Gracely02/04/13
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The Cloudcast, Ep. 73: DevOps - Managing Hardware as Code

Brian talks with Doug Hairfield (@knucklesandwich, Manager of Systems Engineering and Continuous Integration @Bronto) about how he’s transformed the way they do continuous deployment and “manage hardware as code.”

Mark Hinkle02/04/13
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Why I Love DevCloud

Apache CloudStack 4.0 incubating was released a while ago now. The testing procedure used by the community to vote on the release candidate included using the new CloudStack sandbox DevCloud.

John Cook02/03/13
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Increasing Your Chances of Entering Flow

I recently ran across a tip from Mark Hepburn that caught my eye. The content of the tip isn’t important here but rather his justification: "It sounds trivial, but it can really help keep you in the flow."

Eric Gregory02/03/13
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How Facebook Moves Fast and Breaks Things

From Airbnb Tech Talks 2012, a guide to big mistakes and how to make them from former Facebook infrastructure engineer Aaron Priestley.

Matthias Marschall02/02/13
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DevOps Dudes Comics: Meerkat

Here's a new DevOps Dudes comic from Matthias Marschall!

Eric Gregory02/02/13
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How Square Stays Stable and Available

Confreaks has an excellent collection of 2012 Airbnb Tech Talks, including this great presentation from Erica Kwan on how mobile payment platform Square stays up and stable.

Vladimir Carrer02/01/13
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Writability: Write in Your Browser

Yesterday I found an incredible post on creating a one line browser notepad by Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga. The idea is using your browser as a minimal, distractions-free text editor.

Douglas Rathbone02/01/13
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Why Nuget Package Restore's Not for Me

Many development teams turn on Nuget Package Restore to save from having to check packages into Source Control. It’s also quite popular with project teams with a Continuous Integration setup. I recommend against it.

Ben Kepes02/01/13
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More Proof that Shadow IT is a Growing Issue

for a start, it’s truly bizarre that such a high proportion of organizations admit the existence of rogue IT – clearly the barriers to sanctioned adoption are simply too high and that’s what is forcing people to access via workarounds.

Eugene Ivantsov02/01/13
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Creating a Python App in Codenvy and Deploying It to Openshift

Here's a short video demonstrating how you can create a simple Python app, deploy it to Openshift and update the application directly from Codenvy.

Jim Bird01/31/13
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Appsec and Technical Debt

Technical debt is a fact of life for anyone working in software development: work that needs to be done to make the system cleaner and simpler and cheaper to run over the long term, but that the business doesn't know about or doesn't see as a priority.