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Juhani Lehtimaki12/14/11
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Quick UI Tip - Avoid Popups

Does anyone still remember when Internet advertising was in it's most annoying. That was when browsers hadn't yet have evolved to protect their users from over eager and intrusive advertisers and web page editors. The most obnoxious form of ads was the...

Andy Gibson12/14/11
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More Time Saved By Unit Tests

So I’ve been meaning to make a fix in one of my projects for a while, and I haven’t touched the code in over a year, so of course I have to go back and really get back up to speed with the code. The change was for the Datavalve project and it was to...

Alex Staveley12/14/11
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Problems debugging Java after ANT compile

Ok, this one is pretty easy but worth posting. I lost a few hours because of it and I don't want the same to happen to you! Suppose you want to be able to pass a switch into an ANT target which performs a javac to tell it to include debug information or...

Rob Williams12/14/11
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First Look: FindBugs 2.0

I have used FindBugs for years. Unfortunately, I have never really gotten into a kind of daily habit of using it. I thought of it again when Xcode 4 dropped and I started using its 'Analyze,' which, frankly, is what an analysis tool should be. No surprise...

Matt Insler12/13/11
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MongoDB Java DAO Generator – GuiceyData

One of the best things about MongoDB is the lack of an enforced schema for collections. This flexibility gives developers a lot of power in how they work with their data. Embedding records and arrays inside other records allows both a complexity and...

Patrick Debois12/13/11
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Devops from a Sysadmin Perspective

This year LISA (Large Installation System Administration) 2011 Conference has a theme on "devops". The LISA crowd has been practicing automation for a long time, and many of them just look at devops as something they have always been doing.

Mihai Dinca - P...12/13/11
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Spring 3 and Application Settings

If you use Spring in your applications, you may need to pass some application settings to a spring bean. Your settings can be defined in properties files, in system properties or inside an internal storage.Let's say we want to use a property inside a spring...

Mitch Pronschinske12/13/11
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New Resources for Running Solr on an Azure Cloud

I just found a great new project on GitHub that's going to help a lot of Solr and Lucene projects deploy to a cloud infrastructure today.  It's a showcase on how to configure and host Solr and Lucene on Windows Azure:

Peter Sreckovic12/13/11
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Alkacon Software as industrial partner in EU founded project about semantic web technologies

OpenCms from Alkacon Software is a professional content management system that helps content managers worldwide to create and maintain websites fast and efficiently. Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) is an EU founded project about the future of the semantic...

Marko Rodriguez12/13/11
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Weekly Algorithm: Property Graph Algorithms

The term property graph has come to denote an attributed, multi-relational graph. That is, a graph where the edges are labeled and both vertices and edges can have any number of key/value properties associated with them.s

James Sugrue12/13/11
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Capture Stalls in Your Java Application With jHiccup

Measuring the performance of your Java application can be somewhat of a black art, but jHiccup looks to take the mystery out of your performance issues. Just released under the Creative Commons Licence by Azul Systems, jHiccup will measure any hiccups (pauses...

Rafał Kuć12/13/11
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Solr 4.0: DocTransformers first look

In todays entry we will look at the next feature that will come with version 4.0 of Apache Solr. We will look at the functionality which enables us to modify the fields in Solr result lists.

Gareth Rushgrove12/13/11
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Setting Puppet Class Using Environment Variables

I’m not sure how novel this approach is but a few folks at work hadn’t seen it before so I thought it worth jotting down. If you have even a small but dynamic set of servers then a problem arises with how those nodes are defined in puppet. A...

Carey Flichel12/13/11
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Easy Deep Cloning of Serializable and Non-Serializable Objects in Java

Frequently developers rely on 3d party libraries to avoid reinventing the wheel, particularly in the Java world, with projects like Apache and Spring so prevalent. When dealing with these frameworks, we often have little or no control of the behaviour of...

Lukas Eder12/13/11
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Subtle SQL differences: Constraint names

The various SQL product vendors implement subtle differences in the way they interpret SQL. In this case, I’ve been examining the reuse of constraint names within a schema / database (which is yet another story: what’s a schema, what’s a database?)....