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Eric Genesky03/12/12
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How Eventual is Eventual Consistency?

Using production data from LinkedIn and Yammer, this video quantitatively demonstrates why, in practice, eventually consistent partial quorums often serve consistent data.

Roger Hughes03/12/12
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Defining 'Tell, Don't Ask'... Well, Almost...

‘Tell Don’t Ask’ isn’t a new idea -- it’s been around for some time under other guises. In the OO world I’ve seen it called “Objects Do Things”, and a long time ago when I was a Windows SDK C++ programmer it was called “Objects Aren’t structs”. But what is the idea really getting at?

Jakub Holý03/12/12
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What Responsive (Software) Design Is All About

Traditionally there have been two schools of thought about design: Predictive design, trying to design everything upfront (and making lot of wrong decisions) and reactive design, where any design is only done if it is absolutely necessary for implementing a feature. But there's another option...

Mitch Pronschinske03/12/12
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Hilarious Song Heralds the DevOpsDays Sessions Unveiling

The DevOpsDay conference scheduled for April 2-3 2012 in Austin, TX. Several sessions are now up for you to see, and then there's this... song... well, you'll just have to listen for yourself. I laughed long and hard.

Prabath Siriwardena03/12/12
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A SMALL Cross-section of BIG Data

How big is a zettabyte? One billion terabytes. This well-researched post identifies and introduces some of the ways we're coping with Big Data.

Eric Genesky03/12/12
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Video: Cassandra at SocialFlow

Presentation includes intriguing stats and some pitfalls of using Cassandra. Includes times to skip to if you don't want to view the entire post.

Aaron Nichols03/12/12
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If You Aren’t Using Feature Toggles, Start… Now

Feature toggles create a distinction between deploying your feature & making that feature available for use. They also remove the requirement that to disable a feature, or to go back to ‘old behavior’ you have to rollback your deployment to an older version of code. This article features a list of resources on the challenges and benefits of feature toggles.

Brian Fox03/12/12
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JSON.org License Literally Says it "shall be used for Good, not Evil"

Funny story... The creators of JSON decided it would be cool to stick a 'Don't be Evil' clause in the MIT license of JSON.org. Although the devs probably thought it was cool, the lawyers have to take it very seriously.

Giorgio Sironi03/12/12
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All about JMS messages

JMS providers like ActiveMQ are based on the concept of passing one-directional messages between nodes and brokers asynchronously. A thorough knowledge of the type of messages that can be sent through a JMS middleware can simplify a lot your work in mapping the communication patterns to real code.

Peter Lawrey03/12/12
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Different Results When Summing a double[]

The order you add double values can give you different results. This gets worse as the sum approaches 0 as the error is large compared with the result.

Alex Ruiz03/12/12
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Testing Formatting in Eclipse Editors: Real Unit Tests

Previously I described how I tested formatting in an Eclipse editor. Now I know that I can use INodeModelFormatter to unit-test formatting, which makes the creation of formatting tests easy, without the need for any UI during the test execution.

Howard Lewis Ship03/12/12
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Node and Callbacks

One of the fears people have with Node is the callback model. Node operates as a single thread: you must never do any work, especially any I/O, that blocks, because with only a single thread of execution, any block will block the entire process.

Dustin Marx03/12/12
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How Badly Do We Want a New Java Date/Time API?

I tend to use Java's date/time/calendar APIs off and on. When I use them, I really don't like them, but do start to tolerate them. I begin to forget how much I loathe them until I use them again.

Nicolas Frankel03/12/12
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Obtaining Request Data in Vaadin 7

In Vaadin 6, accessing request data was possible, but a little cumbersome. In Vaadin 7, the Vaadin team identified recurring needs to some piece of data and provided a Vaadin API to access them easily

Buddhika Chamith03/12/12
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Joins with MapReduce

Get a complete rundown of the Join implementations available for Hadoop. The joins can be done at both Map side and Join side according to the nature of data sets of to be joined.