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Jay Fields07/01/12
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Signs That Your Project Team Might Be Too Large

In my opinion, my last project team was "too large". This blog entry will focus on the things that happened that drove me to that conclusion.

Brian Whalley07/01/12
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10 Twitter Accounts To Follow About DevOps, Scaling & Web Performance

We wanted to establish a list of some of the best Twitter personalities to follow about DevOps, web performance, and development. So here's a list of 10.

Hubert Klein Ikkink07/01/12
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Gradle Goodness: Unpacking an Archive

To create an archive with Gradle is easy. We have several tasks like Zip, Tar, Jar, War and Ear to create a new archive. But there is no UnZip or UnTar to unpack an archive in Gradle.

Peter Lawrey07/01/12
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Odd Practices in Java

There are a number of practices in Java which oddly baffle me. Here are but a few.

Robin Bramley07/01/12
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Using Mahout Recommenders in Grails

Apache Mahout is a scalable machine learning framework that can be used to create intelligent applications. In this article we’ll see how Mahout can be used to create personalised recommendations within a Grails application.

Mark Needham07/01/12
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Visualising a neo4j Graph Using gephi

At ThoughtWorks we don’t have line managers but people can choose to have a sponsor – typically someone who has worked in the company for longer/has more experience in the industry than them – who can help them navigate the organisation better.

Shameer Cee07/01/12
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An Introduction to Route 53, AWS's Scalable DNS Service

In this article we have discussed about using AWS’s DNS service Route 53 for managing your domain.

Cagdas Basaraner07/01/12
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20 Subjects Every Software Engineer Should Know

Writing clean code, version control systems and dependency injection... Here are the most important subjects for software engineering, with brief explanations.

Tharindu Mathew07/01/12
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When Hadoop Fails to Deliver

Hadoop has succeeded where most other processing frameworks have failed, but it still contains some blatant failures.

Pavithra Gunasekara07/01/12
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How to Do Java on MongoDB

A quick tutorial showing you how to both set up MongoDB and get started using Java on the popular NoSQL database.

Mitch Pronschinske07/01/12
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Take the HTML5 Poll, Win a DZone Swag Pack!

Are you interested in finding out which HTML5 specs and other emerging web standards are being implemented in todays websites? Interested in seeing if developers are converting many Flash web components to HTML5? You'll get the answer to these and many other questions by answering 11 easy questions in our HTML5 Zone survey.

Claus Ibsen06/30/12
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Apache Camel Was Awesome from v1.0 Onward

It's pretty awesome when you look back at the 1.0 release of Apache camel and you can see the huge amount of powerful features that were baked into the DNA of the project at such an early stage.

Ben Wootton06/30/12
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Where Development Meets QA

In the software world, development and QA are often organised into two separate teams. Some issues may bounce between the teams multiple times before they reach resolution and the release can ship. As a developer, this has always struck me a hugely inefficient workflow.

Craig Dickson06/30/12
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RESTful Wep Applications with Java NoSQL Solution Jackrabbit

A presentation on Apache Jackrabbit, a fully conforming implementation of the Content Repository for Java Technology API.

Robin Bramley06/30/12
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Quick Tip: Writing Requirement Statements

If you’re tasked with writing user stories or requirements, then I suggest that you read the Open Unified Process documentation guidance on ‘Writing good requirements‘