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Rodrigo De Castro07/06/12
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My Thoughts on Public DNS and Global Traffic Traffic Management

Last weekend I read this good paper on Public DNS and Global Traffic Management, written by scientists over at Microsoft Research. The paper on IEEE Xplore is available only for members, but if you have access, it's worth reading it.

Jakub Holý07/06/12
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How to Set JVM Memory for Clojure REPL in Emacs

How to increase heap size for Clojure REPL started from Emacs, either standalone or as a part of a project.

Alex Neihaus07/06/12
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Big Data Interaction For Sales and Service Teams, Mobile Users and the Rest of Us

Big Data processing improvements over the last several years have been incredible. Between in-memory solutions and massively parallel high performance analytics, it is just mind-boggling the computations that can be completed almost instantaneously. With...

Axel Rauschmayer07/06/12
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Writing AMD Modules Using amdefine on Node.js

Writing an AMD on Node.js has one disadvantage - you have to install amdefine, and Node's maintainers want to keep the system small.

Mark Needham07/06/12
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Puppet: sudo, sudo -i and sudo su

Since several of the commands require having write access to ‘root’ folders we need to run ‘puppet apply’ as a super user using sudo.

Val Huber07/06/12
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Domain Driven Automation

Develop a database web app with a polished User Interface and complex, multi-table business logic with no code, just 15 annotations? Impossible?? But we need to. Here's how.

Stephan Herrmann07/06/12
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Eclipse JDT 3.8 Understands Null Annotations

Null pointer exceptions (NPE) are among the most common symptoms of failures in Java programs. JDT 3.8 now ships with initial support for annotation-based null analysis. Further improvements are already in the pipe line.

Max De Marzi07/05/12
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Determining "Graphiness" Using a Neo4j Graph Generator

When considering using Neo4j in a project, one of the key considerations is having a domain model that yields itself to a graph representation. In other words, does your data have “Graphiness“.

Juhani Lehtimaki07/05/12
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Google I/O 2012 Android Design Session Videos

Google just uploaded the Google I/O 2012 Android design session videos to YouTube. These are worth watching!

Thomas Ferris N...07/05/12
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The Anatomy of a Git Pull

I realized it that I've built up a mental filter on the output of many Git commands, ignoring the parts which aren't important.

Swathi Venkatachala07/05/12
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Hadoop Hangover: MapReduce2 or YARN?

The past few months have seen myriad updates to THE big data tool: Hadoop. This article describes a few of the more important and useful updates.

Andrzej Krzywda07/05/12
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From Backend to Frontend - the Mental Transition

I'd like to describe the transition of my mental model in thinking about views and frontends.

Ben Kepes07/05/12
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My Thoughts on Google Compute Engine

Ben Kepes reflects on his recent experience at GoogleIO, where Google announced the limited release of its IaaS, Google Compute Engine.

Brian O' Neill07/05/12
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Indexing JSON in Cassandra

Cassandra has native indexing capabilities, but those capabilities only work if the values stored in your columns are the values you want indexed. If the data is structured in some way (e.g. JSON or Protobuf), it is impossible to leverage Cassandra's indexing capabilities out of the box.

Micheal Shallop07/05/12
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Challenges of MongoDB, Geospatial Indexing, and Advanced Queries

Working to rebuild a geospatial table led to some difficulties with replacing tables in the legacy MySQL system; the key is rethinking how data is stored.