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Mohamed Sanaulla05/19/12
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Developing a Sample Todo Desktop Application Using JavaFX and MongoDB

An initial exploration of MongoDB with Java led this writer to develop a toy application using JavaFX

Chad Lung05/19/12
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Getting Started With RESTEasy and NetBeans IDE 7.1

RESTEasy is quickly becoming a favorite project of mine. RESTEasy allows you to easily and quickly create REST based services with Java. Today I’ll show you how fast you can have a minimal REST service running using NetBeans IDE 7.1 and RESTEasy.

Mohammad Juma05/19/12
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Lucene Setup on OracleDB in 5 Minutes

This tutorial is for people who want to run an Apache Lucene example with OracleDB in just five minutes. We will use the SCOTT schema.

Jason Baldridge05/18/12
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Basic XML Processing With Scala

There are a lot of tutorials on XML and Scala — just do a web search for “Scala XML” and you’ll get them. As with other blog posts, this one is aimed at being very explicit so that beginners can see examples with all the steps in them, and I’ll use it to set up a JSON processing post.

Chad Davis05/18/12
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Development Without Constraint

A presentation on developing apps with the JCR as a data storage. This includes an interesting discussion of the general topic of RDBMS verus non-relational ( NoSQL ) database offerings.

Chad Lung05/18/12
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Posting a New ATOM Entry to Atom Hopper Using Node.js

Previously I blogged about how you can use Apache Abdera to post ATOM entries to an AtomPub server like Atom Hopper. Today I’ll show you how to do something similar but with Node.js.

Grigory Javadyan05/18/12
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The Book That Every Programmer Should Read

I am talking about C. Petzold’s “CODE”. It is a truly remarkable book about how computers work. Let me explain why I think this book is so awesome.

Mitch Pronschinske05/18/12
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Learn What Platforms Can Do For You: Mini-Hacks

Quinton Wall currently does Ruby development on Heroku, iOS programming, and defines blueprints for Social Enterprise applications. We had the chance to interview him before the conference and here is what he had to say...

Eric Genesky05/18/12
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Poll: Would You Buy Facebook?

The hot topic in the tech world today is Facebook's IPO, wherein big-name investors are scrambling for Facebook shares initially priced at $38 per share.  These shares have already hit the market, and the price is...

Pablo Pareja Tobes05/18/12
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New Bio4j General Domain Model Schema Available

The creator of Bio4j made a general domain model including al node types and relationships in order to get a better picture of how data is related.

Mitch Pronschinske05/18/12
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Real-Time Data: What To Do With It

I had a chance to talk with Alex Toussaint this month and ask him about some of the things he's working on. He comes from a Java background with experience in many major tech companies, as well as small startups.

Ben Kepes05/18/12
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Video: More Issues Around Cloud Adoption with Ben Kepes

A discussion of one of the main issues surrounding cloud computing adoption: control. Ben Kepes continues his discussion as a curator of Rackspace's CloudU program.

Matt Vickery05/18/12
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Spring Integration - Splitter-Aggregator

Within Spring Integration, one form of EIP scatter-gather is provided by the splitter and aggregator constructs. This pattern can be used successfully with fairly simple configuration.

Raymond Camden05/17/12
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Setting up Console Debugging for PhoneGap and Android

In case you haven't figured it out yet, debugging in mobile is "sub-optimal". (Whatever you do - don't do a Google Images search on sub-optimal.) Brian Leroux has an epic presentation on the topic and I highly encourage taking a look through it. I thought I'd share how I'm debugging in PhoneGap and Android right now.

Rafał Kuć05/17/12
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Developing Your Own Solr Filter

Sometimes Lucene and Solr out of the box functionality is not enough. When such a time comes, we need to extend what Lucene and Solr gives us and create our own plugin. In today's post I’ll try to show you how to develop a custom filter and use it in Solr.