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Max De Marzi04/16/12
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How to Use Three.js, a Lightweight 3D Library, with Neo4j

Last week's post was on Sigma.js and Neo4j. This time, Max De Marzi focuses on using Three.js, a lightweight 3D library.

Cody Powell04/16/12
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I Ain't Afraid of No Downtime! Scaling Continuous Deployment

We've practiced continuous deployment for 2 years. You know how many complaints we've had about a cruddy user experience due to frequent deployments? Zero. Here's how we do things...

Jp Morgenthal04/16/12
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Why Poor Data Classification in Government Will Impact BYOD

According to JP Morgenthal, segmentation is the key to solving the problems of confidentiality and security that come with the Bring Your Own Device movement.

Douglas Rathbone04/16/12
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Developer Productivity is Important - Reality or Myth?

If you have to rewrite something later because the tool wasn’t right for the job, or any other reason that comes down to your previous attempts at gaining productivity then it may be that your shooting yourself in the foot.

Rafał Kuć04/16/12
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Lucene and Solr 3.6 Compared to 3.5

Apache Lucene and Solr PMC announced another version of Apache Lucene library and Apache Solr search server numbred 3.6. When comparing to the 3.5 there were some major changes introduced about which you can read in the rest of the post.

Kief Morris04/16/12
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Breaking Into Automated Infrastructure Management

Automated management of infrastructure is vital for delivering highly effective IT services. But although there are plenty of tools available to help implement automation, it’s still common to see operations teams manually installing and managing their servers, which leads to a high-maintenance infrastructure, which soaks up the team’s time on firefighting and other reactive tasks. Here are some recommendations...

Brian Gracely04/15/12
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The Intersection of IPv6 and the Cloud

Dr. Chip Popoviciu of Nephos6 and Shannon McFarland of Cisco joined the Cloudcast for a discussion of how cloud computing will be affected by the shift from IPv4 to IPv6.

Ryan Sukale04/15/12
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Naked Javascript - Object Basics

JavaScript deals heavily with objects. It deals with them at so many levels that sometimes its unfathomable if you are used to writing code in 'conventional' languages like Java or C or C#.

Lukas Eder04/15/12
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The Visitor Pattern Re-visited

The visitor pattern is one of the most overrated and yet underestimated patterns in object-oriented design. Overrated, because it is often chosen too quicklyand then bloats an otherwise very simple design, when added in the wrong way. Underestimated, because it can be very powerful

Tim O'brien04/15/12
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Evaluating an Open Source Project’s Security

Even if you use the most secure OSS projects out there, if you don’t pay attention to security updates, it is all for nothing. Staying secure requires constant vigilance.

Upendra Chintala04/15/12
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File upload With Apache HttpClient Library

A lot of web applications use File Upload functionality. One way to do this is using Apache HttpClient, and this post will show you how.

Mitch Pronschinske04/15/12
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Integrate Your Enterprise Apps 'Like a Boss'

Oh what's this… an Enterprise Integration Zone?! Now we have a focused place for information on integrating applications and services! Check out what's in store.

Andy Moncsek04/15/12
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Use JavaFX2 with Spring

Spring is more than a simple IoC container, it gives you access to a whole platform. Besides the benifits of injecting Nodes or parts of your application UI you can benefit of the whole Spring infrastructure. The following examle demonstrates how to define a JavaFX2 / Spring application.

Hubert Klein Ikkink04/14/12
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Groovy Goodness: Collate a List into Sub-lists

I totally missed the new collate() method for List objects available since Groovy 1.8.6. With this method we can divide a list into sub-lists of a specified size.

Roger Hughes04/14/12
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The Importance of Questioning

GOF patterns have been around a long time: can they be improved? Are they still as relevant today as they were when the book was written? Questioning things is an important skill