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Peter Lawrey11/26/11
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Java puzzle (Single threaded client server)

Without creating additional threads, create a ServerSocket on a random unused port, a client Socket connecting to localhost and a server Socket. Part 1) Send messages from client to server and back again. (This can be useful in unit tests) Part 2) Do the...

Mitch Pronschinske11/25/11
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Milestone 01 is Now Available for Neo4j 1.6!

We have a new milestone for y’all. Previously we’ve had “Boden Bord” and “Abisko Lampa”, both going southwards through Sweden from the very north. And now we’ve released the first milestone of the up and coming 1.6, named after the small city...

James Sugrue11/25/11
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The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

The Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) is one of the most popular projects in the Eclipse eco-system, being used across a number of commercial and open source products. Google's WindowBuilder is one...

Mitch Pronschinske11/25/11
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Everything I learned about CI , I learned from System Administration

Abstract Julian Simpson: Before I donned my secret identity as The Build Doctor, I was a average Solaris administrator (okay, I spent too much time playing with log analysis and too little doing storage, but them's the breaks). After discovering the joys...

Chris Hostetter11/25/11
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Solr Powered ISFDB – Part #8: Upgrade to Solr 3.1

This is Part 8 in a series of 11 (so far) articles by Chris Hostetter in 2011 on Indexing and Searching the ISFDB.org data using Solr. I’m a little backlogged this week because of time spent testing/tweaking the Lucene / Solr 3.1 release, So I don’t have...

Jakub Holý11/25/11
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Refactoring Spikes as a Learning Tool and How a Scheduled Git Reset Can Help

To learn how complex your code base really is and how much effort a particular refactoring might require compared to the initial expectations, follow these steps:

Peter Lawrey11/25/11
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Java puzzle (Sum of even Fibonacci numbers)

Write a function which calculates the sum of even Fibonacci numbers.

Bill Bejeck11/25/11
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Google Guava Concurrency – ListenableFuture

In my last post I covered using the Monitor class from the com.google.common.util.concurrent package in the Guava Library. In this post I am going to continue my coverage of Guava concurrency utilities and discuss the ListenableFuture interface. A...

Markus Eisele11/25/11
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The Heroes of Java: Andrew Lee Rubinger

The seventh part in my Java interview series: "The Heroes of Java". Andrew Lee Rubinger

Gordon Dickens11/25/11
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Unit Testing Spring with Mockito & PowerMock

I’ve updated my Spring Mockito Demo app that I demonstrate when teaching with a PowerMock of a final class with a static method.

Cody Powell11/25/11
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A Reliable, Scalable, and (Kinda) Cheap Cloud Hosting Architecture for MongoDB

I did a talk at the Austin NoSQL group about hosting MongoDB in EC2, and I completely forgot to post anything here on it. I will correct that now! Slides here.

Mitch Pronschinske11/24/11
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A Case Study in Operations and Development Integration at Spotify

Abstract Mattias Jansson, Noa Resare: We have lots of material to draw from talking about how we work with integration between operations and software development. This talk will be around a narrative about how we have grown as a company and how our...

Chris Hostetter11/24/11
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Solr Powered ISFDB – Part #7: Simple UI

This is Part 7 in a series of 11 (so far) articles by Chris Hostetter in 2011 on Indexing and Searching the ISFDB.org data using Solr. When we left last time, I had added pseudonym information for authors so that there was pretty good coverage of all the key...

Lorenzo Bettini11/24/11
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Using JVM Types in Xtext 2.1 and the ImportManager

Xtext 2.1 made it even easier to access Java types from your DSL; you can find some paragraphs in the documentation. In particular, the new features of Xbase seem to make this integration even more powerful!

Mark Needham11/24/11
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Java/Scala: Runtime.exec hanging/in ‘pipe_w’ state

On the system that I’m currently working on we have a data ingestion process which needs to take zip files, unzip them and then import their contents into the database. As a result we delegate from Scala code to the system unzip command like so: