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Mark Needham01/06/12
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Learning Android: WebView character encoding

In my continued attempts to learn how to write an Android application I came across a problem with character encoding when trying to load some text into a WebView. I was initially trying to write the text to the WebView like this:WebView webview = new...

John Fuex01/05/12
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DZone Top Articles of 2011: The Code Sample (The Programmer’s Guide to Getting Hired)

Why you are being asked for a code sample and what it says about the employer. At some point during the developer recruiting process, any hiring manager with the remotest concept of due diligence is going to attempt to get a preview of what to expect from...

Carlos Sanchez01/05/12
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Finding duplicate classes in your WAR files with Tattletale

Have you ever found all sorts of weird errors when running your webapp because several jar files included have the same classes in different versions and the wrong one is being picked up by the application server?

Bas De Nooijer01/05/12
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Solr Delay Component

First of all, why would you want to slow Solr down? After all, it’s great speed is one of the main reasons it’s become so popular. Well, I need to slow Solr down for testing load balancing timeouts / failover and to test parallel execution. Both are...

Davy Suvee01/05/12
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Running along the graph using Neo4J Spatial and Gephi

When I started running some years ago, I bought a Garmin Forerunner 405. It’s a nifty little device that tracks GPS coordinates while you are running.

Mitch Pronschinske01/05/12
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DZone's Top Articles of 2011

This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These were chosen based popularity and quality of content.  If you missed any of these, or you want to revisit some of the comments, now is a great time to check them...

Dustin Marx01/05/12
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Sneaking a Peek at JavaFX 2.1 Beta

It was announced earlier this month that the JavaFX 2.1 Developer Preview Edition (early access) for Windows is available for download (previously available for Mac).

Nicolas Frankel01/05/12
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Managing unmanaged beans in CDI

During these (much deserved) vacations, I worked on a pet project of mine which uses CDI with the Weld implementation and SLF4J with the Logback implementation.

Giorgio Sironi01/05/12
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Web application in Clojure: the starting point

Ring is a basic tool for executing your Clojure code into a web server environment, by satisfying HTTP requests and producing responses. In scope, Ring is similar to the Servlet API, but it's not as standard and diffused; by the way, servlets are always used...

Eugen Paraschiv01/05/12
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Simplifying the Data Access Layer with Spring and Java Generics

1. OverviewThis is the second of a series of articles about Persistence with Spring. The previous article discussed setting up the persistence layer with Spring 3.1 and Hibernate, without using templates. This article will focus on simplifying the Data...

Constantin Alin01/05/12
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Sorting a HashMap By Values Without Losing Duplicates

The below method sorts a HashMap by values without removing duplicates. It works for <String,String> but it can be modified accordingly for other types:

Mick Knutson01/05/12
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JMeter load testing against Apache Webserver: Errors and Resolutions

have been working on a fairly simple JMeter load script that I can run a series of 4 sequential pages against an Apache server, but the goal was to have the server support 2,000 concurrent requests for 5 minutes without error. Most of my issues in...

Trisha Gee01/05/12
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How to make your CV Not Suck

When you're applying for a job at LMAX, your CV (or résumé, for our American readers) usually comes through me and I decide whether to call you for a technical phone screen. I'm going to let you into a secret. I'm going to tell you the criteria I use...

Wayne Adams01/05/12
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Examining variables in JDI

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am using the Java Debug Interface (JDI) to create a Java process-monitoring tool. I'm retracing my steps from an earlier such effort a few years ago, and as I wade through the details, I'm posting details in the...

Peter Lawrey01/05/12
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What skills should a Core Java Developer have?

I have been trying to put together a list of basic skills a Java developer should have to move on to being an advanced Core Java programmer.