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Mike Ensor03/22/12
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Basic Site Documentation: Maven 3

The best reason to care about documentation is to provide information for external developers and team members outside of the project's development environment. How many times have you wished you had documentation available?

Peter Lawrey03/22/12
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The Art of Programming

My view is that art cannot be created purposely, and it has no direct function. However, it has an important role which is to stimulate creative thinking and stimulate a positive mind set.

Eric Genesky03/22/12
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Acceleration for Big Data, Hadoop, and Memcached

This video is presented by Dhabaleswar K. Panda, a professor of computer science and engineering at Ohio State University and leader of the Network-Based Computing Research Group.

Cody Powell03/22/12
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The Joys of Map Reduce Thanks to CouchDB

CouchDB and map reduce make it simple to write a map function that goes through each document and emits the fields you're interested in.

Anders Karlsson03/22/12
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Underwhelming First Impressions of DynamoDB

A switch from MongoDB to DynamoDB reveals that the Amazon Web Service still needs to prove itself.

Mitch Pronschinske03/22/12
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New Features in Fork/Join from Java Concurrency Master, Doug Lea

Big news for the Java community today as Doug Lea, a specialist in concurrent programming and concurrent data structures, released some updates to his awesome Fork/Join framework.

Nick Boldt03/22/12
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Git vs. SVN - Basic Commandline Syntax Reference

Learning the git workflow takes a bit of brain retraining, but since I've been using SVN almost entirely via commandline, adopting git's commandline syntax is reasonably similar.

James Betteley03/22/12
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Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef – A Book Review

A while ago I ordered a copy of “Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef” from Amazon. It must have been sometime last summer in fact. It took months to arrive, because they simply didn’t have...

Mitch Pronschinske03/22/12
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6 Tips For Thinking About Big Data in Your Organization

Avinash Kaushik is the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google.  In this presentation at Strata 2012, a Big Data and Data Science conference, he hopes to...

Alex Staveley03/21/12
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12 Essential Skills for Software Architects

The question regarding what an architect's skill set should be is usually met with answers such as: excellent knowledge of software methodologies, non-functional requirements and all around superb technical ability.

Michal Jastak03/21/12
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Spring MVC - Flash Attributes

if we want to pass the attributes via redirect between two controllers, we cannot use request attributes or Spring's @SessionAttributes: only an ordinary HttpSession can be used, which is not very convenient. Until the introduction of Flash Attributes

Kristina Chodorow03/21/12
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An Introduction to Replication in MongoDB: Part 3

The third and final installment of this replication internals introduction provides a few useful tips for bending the oplog to your will.

Johannes Brodwall03/21/12
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What is a 'Commitment' Anyway?

A team that commits to an estimate is promising something they cannot control. A team that is blamed for giving an estimate that is too low can easily avoid that particular mistake next time around.

Jens Schauder03/21/12
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Scala Improvement Proposal 18: Why?

SIP-18 is a Scala Improvement Proposal. Its intent is … well … to be honest. I don’t get it. But the plan is to introduce a feature in Scala which would disable some of Scalas features.

Stoimen Popov03/21/12
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Algorithm Cheatsheet: Radix Sort

Radix sort is an elegant and fast integer-sorting algorithm as explained in the following cheatsheet. In this post, Stoimen has provided an Algorithm Cheatsheet to help you out!