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Mike Dirolf01/07/12
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MongoDB Schema Design by Example

This was a live-blog from a MongoSV session. Here’s a link to the entire series of posts. Kyle’s strategy is to start with a normalized representation and then embed for simplicity and optimization. This reminds me of our data-modeling post.

Rickard Oberg01/07/12
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Creating a DSL for Cypher graph queries

My first assignment at Neo4j was to create a Java DSL for the Cypher query language, that is used to access data from the Neo4j database in a graphy way.

Mark Needham01/07/12
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Learning Android: Deploying application to phone from Mac OS X

I’ve been playing around a little bit today with writing an Android application and while for the majority of the time I’ve been deploying to an emulator I wanted to see what it’d look like on my phone.

Upendra Chintala01/07/12
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Working with JAX-WS Web Services: Part 1

There are many frameworks available in the market to develop web services based on Java platform. However, most of those frameworks follow JAX-WS specification(JSR-000224). This series will concentrate on the official JAX-WS reference implementation...

Nikita Salnikov...01/07/12
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Solving OutOfMemoryError - memory profilers

Our past experience, which is supported by a quick search on Google and Stackoverflow, shows that the first set of tools people tend to jump to when solving memory problems in production is memory profilers. Among them, VisualVM, YourKit and JProbe seem to be...

Felipe Oliveira01/06/12
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Location-based Application with Play Framework, Scala, Google Maps Clustering, PostgreSQL, Heroku and Anorm

As I mentioned in a past article, Why Did I Fall in Love with Play! Framework?, I was the tech lead for a few real estate deployments for Fannie Mae, HUD, Foreclosure.com, etc; as you know, real estate is all about LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!

Jim Bird01/06/12
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2011: The State of Software Security and Quality

It’s the end of the year. Time to look back on what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, your successes and mistakes, and what you learned from them. I also like to look at the big picture: not just my team and the projects that I manage, or even the...

Bradley Holt01/06/12
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The Future of CouchDB and Couchbase Server

“What’s the future of CouchDB? It’s Couchbase.” —Damien Katz“The future of CouchDB is CouchDB.” —Noah Slater

Ayende Rahien01/06/12
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Architecture > Code

Steve Py asks an interesting question in one of the comments to my On Infinite Scalability post: Can you elaborate more on: "Note, those changes are not changes to the code, they are architectural and system changes. Where before you had a single...

Mitch Pronschinske01/06/12
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Improving Solr's Update Chain

Solr features a little known internal document processing pipeline called the UpdateRequestProcesssorChain or simply the UpdateChain. In this talk we'll...

Jay Fields01/06/12
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Clojure & Java Interop

About a year ago I got a phone call asking if I wanted to join another team at DRW. The team supports a (primarily) Java application, but the performance requirements would also allow it to be written in a higher level language. I'd been writing Clojure...

Taha Siddiqi01/06/12
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Multivalue AutoComplete for Tapestry

I have been very experimenting with tapestry-jquery plugin and it is great to finally go back to jquery. Not only using jquery is very easy but it also comes with a lot of plugins. There are some improvements that I think can be added to the...

Dustin Marx01/06/12
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Guava Release 11's IntMath

As I stated earlier in the post Sneaking a Peek at Guava Release 11, Guava Release 11 provides numerous new classes including several classes specifically related to mathematical operations.

Dustin Marx01/06/12
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JavaFX 2.0 Path Alternatives

In the post JavaFX 2.0 Christmas Tree (JavaFX 2.0 Shapes), I demonstrated using JavaFX 2.0's Path class in conjunction with MoveTo and LineTo to draw a simple Christmas tree.

Roger Hughes01/06/12
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Product Related Classic Mistakes

In my last blog I looked a Process Related Classic Mistakes from Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules by Steve McConnell, which although it’s now been around for at least 10 years, and times have changed, is still as relevant today as when it...