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Gareth Rushgrove02/10/12
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How to Create a Sinatra App Using Glassfish

This is one user's unfamiliar experience of writing Java, and his discovery that native Java classes are easy to use in Jruby. Included is a short tutorial on using Glassfish to create a Sinatra App, as well as a useful, albeit in-depth, link to how to install Glassfish server on an Ubuntu server.

Eugen Paraschiv02/10/12
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Transaction configuration with JPA and Spring 3.1

Transaction configuration with Spring 3.1 and JPA; focuses on the Java Spring configuration, in depth on transaction propagation and common JPA pitfalls.

Bozhidar Bozhanov02/10/12
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Customizing Parameter Names When Binding Spring MVC Command Objects

With http parameter names, there is no way to customize them, which is odd, since this is meta-data, and it should be configurable using annotations. If you need to customize them (for example, for SEO reasons), you can plug some little pieces of code and Spring MVC will let you do it

Rob Williams02/10/12
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Modeling, with Tools/Without

It‘s totally crazy that in 2012 there are so few good choices for modeling tools. I got encouraged for a minute today when I found a thread on Stack Overflow that included a bunch of products and I found out about SparxSystems‘ System Architect . Got all the way to downloading the trial version when I saw that it was an exe. Yes, folks, Windows only.. in 2012. Unbelievable. Hilarious that these guys are selling tools for doing MDA. Guys, where is your PIM? Oh, yeah, you don‘t have one (clearly). Your codebase is already a PSM (platform-specific model).

Lynda Moulton02/10/12
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Search Expertise - A Necessary Skill in Some Industries

Learn why it's important, especially in an industry like healthcare, to have people who know how to search properly and how important it is to have usable search technology.

Mick Knutson02/10/12
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Tomcat 5.5 and Tomcat 6 connector option enableLookups not defaulting to true

I have been working on an issue where HttpServletRequest.getHostName() always return the IP address, instead of the host name.

Roger Hughes02/10/12
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Unreachable Catch Block - A Most Unobvious Bug

Earlier today I was working on some HTTP comms code adding a few changes, which are of no consequence here. One of the things that the code did was to read data from a server and, if the read failed, then it re-newed the connection and retried the read. The code ran something like this:

Eric Genesky02/09/12
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Broad NoSQL Adoption in 2012?

The SQL / NoSQL debate continues with Couchbase releasing the results of an industry-wide survey tracking the potential development of NoSQL in 2012. This article provides some illumination of the Couchbase survey, as well as offering a couple other voices in the SQL / NoSQL debate.

Jason Hull02/09/12
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Search Needs to Help Disprove Patent Trolls

There’s not really a setting in a search engine to make a disproving search versus a finding search. If there was, then many patent trolls would be uttering a long bellow of anguish and going back under the bridges where they were hiding.

John Cook02/09/12
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Programming Language Popularity by SO and GitHub Cross-Ranking

See what you think of this new methodology for determining language popularity with stats from Stack Overflow, the developer question and answer site, and GitHub, a very popular open source repository.

James Sugrue02/09/12
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Have You Adopted Java 7 Yet?

Java 7 has been available for some time now, and all indications suggest that it has a modest rate of adoption. In this poll, I'd like to find out where the Javalobby community stands with Java 7

Mitch Pronschinske02/09/12
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Massively Easy Win7 Box Setup From Scratch

Patrick Dubois, the Godfather of DevOps (and a DZone MVB), has created a few open source tools and one of them, VeeWee, is a tool for building boxes for a few...

Tim O'brien02/09/12
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Scala Artifacts Now on Central

Two weeks ago, all Scala projects required a little bit of extra configuration to point to a custom repository for Scala artifacts hosted at scala-tools.org. Today, Scala artifacts are now available directly from Central. The contents of scala-tools.org are now integrated into the Sonatype OSS repository hosting service, and other projects have started to publish artifacts Central.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz02/09/12
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Automatically generating WADL in Spring MVC REST application

Last time we have learnt the basics of WADL. The language itself is not as interesting to write a separate article about it, but the title of this article reveals why we needed that knowledge.

Taha Siddiqi02/09/12
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Some Reporting tricks with class-transformations

Every time I used to see some duplication of code, I used to move that code to a new method. With Tapestry, you begin to think differently. Now every time I see duplication, my first thought is “Can I create a worker for it”. In my current project, I am using a few new ones. So I thought why not share them with you.