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Dan Haywood07/15/12
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Apache Isis and RDF – Could be…

An interesting question came in on the Apache Isis mailing list, regarding Isis and its support for building apps that interact with RDF and semantic web technologies:

Axel Rauschmayer07/15/12
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Programming: Initially a Female Profession

In the 1940s, the first computer programmers were all women. That only changed later and now, like anything else, it is continuing to evolve.

Eric Genesky07/15/12
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Regarding Rolling Upgrades to Neo4j 1.8 M6

Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 6 covers all major improvements of the 1.8 roadmap. Among the usual tweaks and updates, this milestone provides a welcome feature for operations engineers – rolling upgrades across a cluster.

Krishna Kumar07/15/12
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The Pokayoke Software Development Guide

Aaron Swartz has written up a guide for software development from idea to launch. He calls it “The Pokayoke Guide to Developing Software”. I was unfamiliar with the word “Pokayoke”, but it means mistake-proofing, i.e., “eliminate product defects by preventing, correcting, or drawing attention to human errors as they occur”.

Swathi Venkatachala07/15/12
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An Introduction to Apache Bigtop / Installing Hive, HBase, and Pig

An illustrated guide to getting the listed services working on Hadoop; includes a link to a previous post that describes how to get Hadoop up and running.

Pavithra Gunasekara07/15/12
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Apache Thrift with Java Quickstart

Apache Thrift is a RPC framework founded by facebook and now it is an Apache project. Thrift lets you define data types and service interfaces in a language neutral definition file.

Willie Wheeler07/14/12
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Tried Everything and SSH with PKA Still Not Working?

I recently ran into the situation in which I couldn’t get PKA to work when SSHing into my Ubuntu server. I hope this article helps somebody out. It was driving me bonkers.

Jakub Holý07/14/12
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Notify on Errors in a Log File with Zabbix 1.8

Situation: You want to get notified when a log entry marked ERROR appears in a log file. You want the corresponding trigger to reset back to the OK state if there are no more errors for 10 minutes. (This post assumes certain familiarity with Zabbix UI.)

Istvan Szegedi07/14/12
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Working with HBase and Hadoop

HBase supports scaling far beyond traditional RDBMS capabilities, it supports automatic sharding and massive parallel processing capabilities via Mapreduce. HBase is built on top of HDFS and provides fast lookups for large records . . .

Mike Hadlow07/14/12
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When a .NET Dev Decides It's Time for Node.js

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ll have heard the buzz about Node.js, a platform for building network applications in Javascript.

Chris Haddad07/14/12
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Built on Apache Open Source Foundation

WSO2 Carbon application platform is built on a solid Apache Open Source Foundation. Apache Open Source delivers innovative components and an extensive ecosystem of developers, educational resources, and committers.

Eric Daugherty07/14/12
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My Predictions on the Future of the Amazon Cloud

As a customer and fan of Amazon, I've been watching the company grow and develop for a while. Based on my experiences and observations, I've come up with a picture of the not-so-distant future that I believe will (mostly) come to pass.

Hubert Klein Ikkink07/13/12
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Gradle Goodness: Create Checksums for Archives

If we want to create a checksum for a file in Gradle we can use the ANT checksum task. We assign the file name to the file property of the task. Then the checksum task will generate a file with the checksum in the same directory.

Mark Needham07/13/12
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Debugging: Google vs The Manual

Over the last six months or so I’ve worked with a bunch of different people and one of the things that I’ve noticed is that when something isn’t working there tend to be two quite distinct ways that people go about trying to solve the problem.

Eric Genesky07/13/12
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Video:Getting Started with Cloud Foundry

The following 1/2 hour video provides an introduction to using Cloud Foundry, presented by Andy Piper, a Developer Advocate from Cloud Foundry.