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Felipe Oliveira05/01/11
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WebSockets in Action with Play! Framework 1.2!

WebSockets is a game-changing technology, available on newer browsers (Chrome 4, Safari 5, Firefox 4, etc), that allows bi-directional, full-duplex communication between the client (Web Browser) and the server (Web Server) over TCP. Actually the client...

Kin Lane05/01/11
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What Really Caused the Amazon Web Services Outage?

Amazon released a summary of the Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS service disruption in the US East Region today. These so caled “stuck” volumes and stuck EC2 instances, well those were mine.

Ben Forta05/01/11
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ColdFusion Builder 2 Express Edition

When we release ColdFusion Builder 2, we'll also be releasing a free lightweight version of the tool called ColdFusion Express. Here is the description as per the the engineering manager:When you start ColdFusion Builder, you are prompted to enter the...

Michael Schnell05/01/11
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Large software projects and icons - It depends on the style!

Have you come across similar conversations in the context of large software projects?

Martin Fowler04/30/11
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Yesterday I was poking around a code base, looking at the domain model part of the code. When exploring a code base, I like to take notes to help me remember what I'm learning. For some code bases, in particular domain models, I find it handy to sketch...

Andy Gibson04/30/11
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Using Composition in Object Modeling

Using composition over inheritance is a common design pattern that is often discussed in terms of designing business logic components. However, composition can solve a number of problems in domain object modeling that are created by relying on inheritance...

Mark Mooibroek04/30/11
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Android Snippet: MAking a md5 hash from a string in Java

Security is always an issue when you connect your application to the web. Here is a nice little method that will let you implement md5 encryption.

Kin Lane04/30/11
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DeltaCloud API as a Service

The DeltaCloud API provides a single API interface to work with multiple cloud computing providers. With the DeltaCloud API you can start an instance on an internal cloud, then with the same code start another on Amazon EC2 or Rackspace.

Jakub Holý04/29/11
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What I’ve Learned from (Nearly) Failing to Refactor Hudson

We’ve tried to refactor Hudson.java but without success; only later have I been able to refactor it successfully, thanks to the experience from the first attempt and more time. In any case it was a great learning opportunity. Lessons Learned The two most...

Sandeep Bhandari04/29/11
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Reasons for Slow Database Performance

Usually there are scenarios where the application does not perform as expected. A simple web page which fetches data from database and displays optimizes it for mobiles should be fast and turnaround times should be less than 30 seconds on a good network...

Kin Lane04/29/11
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Github Releases New API Version

Using the new Github API users can manage labels, issue comments, milestones, and events. The new API also has full support for Gists. They’ve also made several updates to their RESTful approach:

James Sugrue04/29/11
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Prediction #1: Task-focused collaboration transforms knowledge work, starting with developers

This is a reposting from Mik Kersten's Tasktop Blog.  Look for more predictions in this series on his blog and on Agile ZoneWith this final and belated prediction in the series, I have taken the liberty of looking beyond 2011 speculating on the coming...

Rauf Issa04/29/11
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Building Tasklets and Jobs with Soafaces

Soafaces is a framework for building highly modular server-side components called Tasklets that can be run in a job processing container. With soafaces you can create back-end workflow powered jobs and services that can be scheduled and run on the back-end...

Adam Presley04/29/11
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Groovy Script to Generate JSON from CFSCRIPT

Today I was working on a bit of code that had a big SWITCH statement in CFSCRIPT in ColdFusion that for each case would go through the motions of registering some input parameters, then getting a reference to a controller, or handler, for the specified...

Jason Hull04/29/11
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Search Is Not Just an IT Problem

I recently attended the Fall 2010 Enterprise Search Summit anticipating that it would be a battle of the search engines – why choose Solr over FAST, Endeca, Autonomy, Google Search Appliance, etc.