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Jay Fields01/09/12
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Convert java.util.Properties to a Clojure Map

As I previously mentioned, a lot of the work I do involves Clojure & Java interop. This work includes the occasional case of working with a java.util.Properties object from within Clojure. Working with a Properties object isn't a huge deal, but while...

Roger Hughes01/09/12
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Technology Related Classic Mistakes

In my last blog I looked a Product Related Classic Mistakes from Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules by Steve McConnell, which although it’s now been around for at least 10 years, and times have changed, is still as relevant today as when it...

Martin Thompson01/09/12
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Java Sequential IO Performance

Many applications record a series of events to file-based storage for later use.  This can be anything from logging and auditing, through to keeping a transaction redo log in an event sourced design or its close relative CQRS. 

Dustin Marx01/09/12
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Java 7's ThreadLocalRandom

Java 7 brings many new language features and new classes to the Java developer.

John Fuex01/08/12
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DZone Top Article of 2011: Your resume. It’s the little things that hurt. (The Programmer’s Guide to Getting Hired)

A skill that emerges naturally for managers after conducting a relatively small number of recruiting efforts is the ability to recognize common anti-patterns in resumes that are contra-indicators of good developers. I’m not talking about the major faux...

Dustin Marx01/08/12
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Scala for 2012? Deciding Whether to Invest In a Programming Language

I have found it both interesting and rewarding to learn a new programming language or major framework on a roughly yearly basis. If forced to self-identify with any single programming language, it would be Java.

Aaron Nichols01/08/12
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If you Expose ssh Publicly…

…run it on a high port This seems like obvious advice but I see it so often ignored…. Yes, putting ssh on another port is obscurity – but it freaking works. It doesn’t prevent someone from cracking your password via ssh, you should have other...

Mike Dirolf01/08/12
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Rescue 911: Stories from the MongoDB Trenches

This was a live blog from a MongoSV session.  Here’s a link to the entire series of posts. These are cautionary tales, but also an opportunity for schadenfreude. All true stories.  1. The first example is of a user who ran w/o journaling. Important...

Avi Yehuda01/08/12
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Use Clover to generate code coverage reports of your Integration/Automation Tests

Clover is a great tool for generating code coverage reports from your unit tests. It can be executed as a plugin in Eclipse, Maven or Ant. However, not everyone knows that it can also be used to collect coverage data of integration tests.

Thomas Ferris N...01/08/12
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Google Guava's Predicates

So the other day I was working away on some rather tricky rules for validating an incoming identifier code. Like 999392304II+TJAJEIAJTI901119 or EPFOOMNNVLLALOWEIITOE

Mitch Pronschinske01/08/12
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Enterprise Search: FAST ESP to Lucene Solr

This presentation will discuss migration from FAST ESP to a Lucene Solr search platform. Illustrated through actual case studies, the presentation will...

Howard Lewis Ship01/08/12
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Dissecting a Tapestry Operation Trace

I'm helping out a client who is having a problem using Spock and Tapestry 5.3 together. The Spock/Tapestry integration was created for Tapestry 5.2, and some subtle change in the Tapestry 5.3 IoC container has boned the integration, so running even a simple...

John Dobie01/07/12
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Test Doubles With Mockito

Introduction A common thing I come across is that teams using a mocking framework assume they are mocking. They are not aware that Mocks are just one of a number of 'Test Doubles' which Gerard Meszaros has categorised at xunitpatterns.com. It’s important...

Eugen Paraschiv01/07/12
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The Persistence Layer with Spring 3.1 and JPA

1. OverviewThis is the third of a series of articles about Persistence with Spring.

Rauf Issa01/07/12
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Big Data Predictions for 2012

Well 2011 has been a great year for Hadoop and its supporting ecosystem. There is a growing base of sub projects evolving to fill the many niches in and around Hadoop and there are companies coming out of the wood work to claim their piece of the pie. Not to...