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Prashant Deva05/15/11
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Misconceptions regarding Java heap size arguments

There seem to be some misconceptions regarding the Java Heap size arguments. For those who don't know, Java is peculiar in the sense that you have to specify the amount of memory you want your program to use, before you run your program. If you fail to do...

Markus Eisele05/15/11
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GlassFish 3.1 SecureJDBCRealm - Detecting Failed Logins

Playing around with security in GlassFish is a lot of fun. If you have a project and some kind of security organization in place and you have to implement stuff, that fulfills requirements regarding high or higher protection needs, you most often are...

Mark Needham05/15/11
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XP 2011: Michael Feathers – Brutal Refactoring

The second session that I attended at XP 2011 was Michael Feathers’ tutorial ‘Brutal Refactoring’ where he talked through some of the things that he’s learned since he finished writing ‘Working Effectively With Legacy Code‘.

Constantin Alin05/15/11
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Injection into producer methods

The implementations of strategies are instantiated using the Java new operator – this means that they will not support dependency injection and interceptors. If you want to avoid these limitations, then you can use dependency injection into the producer...

Dinuka Arseculeratne05/15/11
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Struts 2 and Annotations

Googling around i saw there wasnt any concise article explaining how to integrate Struts 2 with annotations. I will keep this as simple as possible because,well the struts developers have done some awesome work to make it as simple as they can. I will...

Dror Helper05/15/11
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Don’t fix invisible bugs

Last week I conducted yet another code review. While looking at the code I’ve noticed a lot of lines similar to If(x != null) and if(y < 0) all over the code. These lines were not “business related” but were put in the code to make sure that proper...

John Whish05/15/11
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FW/1, WireBox and ValidateThis

I've been trying out two new frameworks today, FW/1 and WireBox, along with ValidateThis.

Michael Mccandless05/15/11
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Lucene's indexing is fast!

Wikipedia periodically exports all of the content on their site, providing a nice corpus for performance testing. I downloaded their most recent English XML export: it uncompresses to a healthy 21 GB of plain text! Then I fully indexed this with Lucene's...

Matt Raible05/14/11
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Java Web Application Security - Part I: Java EE 6 Login Demo

Back in February, I wrote about my upcoming conferences:

Mark Needham05/14/11
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Feedback Loops: Human Decisions

I’ve been reading Donella Meadows’ ‘Thinking In Systems: A Primer‘, an introductory text on systems thinking, and after 30 pages or so the author poses the following challenge: Sometimes I challenge my students to try to think of any human decision...

John Ferguson Smart05/14/11
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Code coverage metrics and Functional Test Coverage

There have been some articles and tweets about code coverage recently, and it seems that many developers are still laboring under a few misconceptions in this area.

Mark Mooibroek05/14/11
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Implementing Facebook into your App: invalid key with keytool

I recently had an annoying error. I wanted to implement some "Post to Facebook" functionality to my application and i got an error saying that my key vas invalid...

Rob Williams05/13/11
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Few Thoughts on Pull Requests After a Week Or Two

Still overall very positive on the new automerging pull requests on GitHub, but there are a few things that I think would benefit them. First off, I want to embed comments in the code upon creation of the pull request

Mark Needham05/13/11
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Discussing the Undiscussable: Book Review

I came across the work of Chris Argyris at the start of the year and in a twitter conversation with Benjamin Mitchell he suggested that Bill Noonan’s ‘Discussing the Undiscussable‘ was the most accessible text for someone new to the subject.

Hamlet D'Arcy05/13/11
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IntelliJ IDEA Keyboard Stickers

They finally arrived: IntelliJ IDEA keyboard stickers! Inspired by the Vi Keyboard Stickers, I've been working with JetBrains over the last couple weeks to create keyboard stickers to remind users (and myself) of the most common IDE shortcuts. Here...