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Jens Schauder06/07/12
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About Packages

I hope we all agree that methods an classes should be small and have only few dependencies. This point of view is widely accepted, while the interpretation of “small” varies. There is lots of literature out there about this. But what about packages?

Johannes Brodwall06/07/12
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Use Scrum Even If You Don't Want To Be Agile

Instead of criticizing these organizations of “agile heresy”, I would instead like to offer some useful experience from Scrum, even if the word “agile” doesn’t appeal to you.

Rob Gordon06/07/12
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A Simpler Custom Property in Spring

I previously presented a CustomPropertyConfgurer that allows properties outside of Spring to be accessed from within Spring. The article was syndicated by DZone where a reader noted that in fact the Spring class PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer has a setProperties method, and so for my particular example, the CustomPropertyConfigurer was redundant.

John Cook06/07/12
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Writing Software for Someone Else is Hard. For Yourself, it's Easy.

One of the differences between amateur and professional software development is whether you’re writing software for yourself or for someone else. It’s like the difference between keeping a journal and being a journalist.

James Sugrue06/07/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: The All Knowing Calendar

By now you should be familiar with our Thursday Code Puzzler slot. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you think is suitable.

Dustin Marx06/06/12
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NetBeans 7.2 beta: Faster and More Helpful

There has been significant excitement about the beta release of NetBeans 7.2. In this post, I look briefly at what makes this release so exciting (including better performance, providing more hints, and integrating FindBugs).

Mitch Pronschinske06/06/12
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Big Search with Big Data Principles

Eric Pugh, a Principle at OpenSource Connections, will explain how you can practically apply some of the principles of Big Data to your search environment.

Lukas Eder06/06/12
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Array, List, Set, Map, Tuple, Record Literals in Java

Occasionally, when I’m thrilled by the power and expressiveness of JavaScript, I find myself missing one or two features in the Java world. Apart from lambda expressions / closures or whatever you want to call “anonymous functions”, it’s the use of advanced literals for common data types, such as arrays, lists, sets, maps, etc.

Łukasz Budnik06/06/12
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Implementing Simple Web Services Registry Using CXF

Today I will show you a more flyweight approach to Web Services Registry. I will use Apache CXF for it.

Krishna Kumar06/06/12
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The Rusting Of Software

One project I have been working on recently is a code upgrade of an existing enterprise web application. It is not a re-engineering effort, but instead only consists of necessary code changes to get the application working with the latest versions of the system software

Lukas Eder06/06/12
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MyBatis’ Wicked Statement Builders

MyBatis is well-known as a database abstraction framework on top of JDBC, allowing for externalising SQL into files, loading them at appropriate places in your Java code.

Gareth Rushgrove06/06/12
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How to Build Static Sites with Nginx on Heroku

This tutorial leverages Heroku buildpacks for an easy way to bypass having to use a simple Rack middleware.

Jay Fields06/06/12
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Killing IntelliJ Launched Processes

I often use IntelliJ to run applications, and on occasion things go wrong. For example, a thread that wont terminate can cause a running application to become unstoppable via the IntelliJ UI.

Francois Roland06/06/12
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Fork/Join and Akka: parallelizing the Java platform BeJUG conference

Here is another article on a BeJUG conference. This time, Sander Mak, software developer and architect at Info Support, The Netherlands, gave us an overview of two concurrency frameworks: Fork/Join and Akka. Fork/Join is a framework that was added to the standard libraries starting with JDK 7. Akka is an open-source alternative with emphasis on the resilience of concurrent process.

Alan Skorkin06/06/12
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How To Be A Real Elite Programmer And Make Sure Everybody Knows It

A classic post from Alan Skorkin. Reminds me of some of the points brought up by in the 501 Developer Manifesto.