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Upendra Chintala04/15/12
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File upload With Apache HttpClient Library

A lot of web applications use File Upload functionality. One way to do this is using Apache HttpClient, and this post will show you how.

Mitch Pronschinske04/15/12
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Integrate Your Enterprise Apps 'Like a Boss'

Oh what's this… an Enterprise Integration Zone?! Now we have a focused place for information on integrating applications and services! Check out what's in store.

Andy Moncsek04/15/12
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Use JavaFX2 with Spring

Spring is more than a simple IoC container, it gives you access to a whole platform. Besides the benifits of injecting Nodes or parts of your application UI you can benefit of the whole Spring infrastructure. The following examle demonstrates how to define a JavaFX2 / Spring application.

Hubert Klein Ikkink04/14/12
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Groovy Goodness: Collate a List into Sub-lists

I totally missed the new collate() method for List objects available since Groovy 1.8.6. With this method we can divide a list into sub-lists of a specified size.

Roger Hughes04/14/12
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The Importance of Questioning

GOF patterns have been around a long time: can they be improved? Are they still as relevant today as they were when the book was written? Questioning things is an important skill

Tim O'brien04/14/12
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Update Java to Avoid (and Remove) the OSX Flashback Malware

This is something of a public service announcement because we know from our site analytics that 14.29% of you are running OSX. If you run OSX 10.6 or higher and Java, take a quick break and upgrade.

Johanna Rothman04/14/12
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Is the Cost of Continuous Integration Worth the Value on Your Program?, Part 2

How do you help the teams bring the entire product together on a periodic basis, regardless of their technical practices? If you look at the comments from the last post, you can see that continuous integration is a real problem for any number of reasons.

Jay Fields04/13/12
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Eval a Clojure Snippet in Java

The vast majority of the existing code for my current project is in Java, but the majority of the new code that we write is in Clojure; as a result, I spend quite a bit of time bouncing between Clojure & Java.

Jens Schauder04/13/12
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Advanced Database Constraints: Don’t Look for a Second

One of the powers of RDBMS as we use them today are constraints. I use unique indexes, not null constraints and foreign keys on a regular basis and if you do any work with RDBMSs you probably do as well.

Davy Suvee04/13/12
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Back To The Future with Datomic

Datomic is a novel distributed database system designed to enable scalable, flexible and intelligent applications, running on next-generation cloud architectures.

Ricky Ho04/13/12
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An Introduction to NoSQL Patterns

Another clear, early introduction by Ricky Ho, this time about the various NoSQL databases that have persisted over the last couple years.

John Esposito04/13/12
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Heterogeneous Computing Is Here, Now

AMD just published the session catalog for their upcoming Fusion Developer Summit 2012 -- just a few months after announcing a new, open standard for heterogeneous computing. This resource-ful article will help you catch up on both theoretical and applied aspects of heterogeneous computing, and give you an early taste of the fast-approaching conference.

James Sugrue04/13/12
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Is This The IDE You've Been Looking For?

Sometimes concepts come along that make you excited to be in this industry. In software, the IDE concept has been fairly static for the last 10, maybe 15 years. Sure there have been advances, but no leaps. Light Table is an IDE concept that takes one of those leaps.

Prasant Lokinendi04/13/12
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Microsoft Births Open-Source Subsidiary

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that they're in the works of forming a new subsidiary by shifting some of their Interoperability Strategy team to a new group, aptly named: Microsoft Open Source Technologies, Inc.

Mahdi Yusuf04/13/12
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To Script or Not to Script, That is the Question

Mahdi Yusuf offers a few observations about this age-old question.