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Markus Eisele04/30/12
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JavaOne 2012 Analysis - Speaker and Proposal Stats

Based on the complete data for what has been submitted to JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco I will let you have a look at types, distribution and speakers.

Mike Hadlow04/30/12
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SOA is a Set of Design Patterns for Building and Connecting Components

I’ve been writing a high-level ‘architectural vision’ document for my current clients. I thought it might be nice to republish bits of it here. This is the section that makes a justification of service oriented architecture based on messaging. Here are some of the resources and conclusions I found when studying SOA...

Rafał Kuć04/30/12
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The New Spell Checker in Solr 4.0

One of the new features, which will be introduced in Solr 4.0 is a new SpellChecker implementation that doesn’t require its own index. I decided to take a quick look at it and share my thoughts. What We Have Today As for today (Solr 3.6) we can use the...

Giorgio Sironi04/30/12
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MongoDB and Java

How to access MongoDB from Java code and isolate the rest of the application from persistence concerns.

Kief Morris04/30/12
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Monitor Your Development Infrastructure as if It Were Business Critical

A development team’s infrastructure - development and QA environments, CI servers, SCM servers, etc. - are indisputably business critical, but rarely given the kind of monitoring attention that production environments are. This is a missed opportunity, not only to ensure the continuity of development work, but also to gain valuable insight.

Nicolas Frankel04/30/12
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Integrating Vaadin into Legacy Applications

Embedding Vaadin parts in legacy applications can be done with the ExternalLayout add-on. It let you compose Vaadin components in your legacy application, irrelevant of where your Vaadin div is located.

Pierre - Hugues...04/30/12
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Java Thread CPU Analysis on Windows

This article will provide you with a tutorial on how you can quickly pinpoint the Java Thread contributors to a high CPU problem on the Windows OS.

Mark Needham04/29/12
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Scala: Counting Number of Inversions For an Unsorted Collection

An O(n log(n)) solution is explained in the lectures which involves recursively splitting the collection in half (like in merge sort) and then counting how many elements remain in the left collection when we select an item from the right collection since this will tell us how many positions/inversions out of place that element is.

Steve Chaloner04/29/12
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Writing Modules for Play 2: Get Something Working

In this first part, we’re going to cover the fundamentals of creating and publishing the module, and adding a sample application. The next two parts will go into greater depth on plugins, interceptors, tags and other useful tools.

Tom Jefferys04/29/12
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Google Guava: Bimaps

Next up on my tour of Guava, is the BiMap, another useful collection type. It's pretty simple really, a BiMap is simply a two way map.

Romiko Derbynew04/29/12
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Get Reacquainted with the Neo4jClient

For those of you who need to brush up on your Neo4jClient skills, this is a thorough primer on the ins and outs of the .NET client.

Jerry Nixon04/29/12
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Can Windows Phone Pick Up When Android Drops Off?

Jerry Nixon takes a look at recent comments made by Google execs during the Oracle vs. Google trial, and wonders if Windows Phone can make significant strides in obtaining a larger market share should Google lessen its focus on the importance of Android.

Christian Posta04/29/12
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REST Endpoint for Integration Using Apache Camel

We will be using Mediation Router to help write a simple integration between a REST endpoint and a resource files on a file system. I’ll be using camel-cxfrs component to expose the REST endpoint and will be using the camel-file component to read a directory on the file system.

Michael Mccandless04/29/12
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Lucene has two Google Summer of Code students!

I'm happy to announce that two Lucene Google Summer of Code projects were accepted for this summer! Here's some of problems they're going to help us solve this summer.

Joe Miller04/29/12
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Gitosis-ng: Simple, Self-service Git Repositories

Gitosis-ng — it’s gitosis with some new features to help users work with the git server. Mainly implemented with commands sent via ssh. Here's what you can do with it.