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Claus Ibsen06/30/12
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Apache Camel Was Awesome from v1.0 Onward

It's pretty awesome when you look back at the 1.0 release of Apache camel and you can see the huge amount of powerful features that were baked into the DNA of the project at such an early stage.

Ben Wootton06/30/12
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Where Development Meets QA

In the software world, development and QA are often organised into two separate teams. Some issues may bounce between the teams multiple times before they reach resolution and the release can ship. As a developer, this has always struck me a hugely inefficient workflow.

Craig Dickson06/30/12
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RESTful Wep Applications with Java NoSQL Solution Jackrabbit

A presentation on Apache Jackrabbit, a fully conforming implementation of the Content Repository for Java Technology API.

Robin Bramley06/30/12
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Quick Tip: Writing Requirement Statements

If you’re tasked with writing user stories or requirements, then I suggest that you read the Open Unified Process documentation guidance on ‘Writing good requirements‘

Nikita Salnikov...06/29/12
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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I would like to describe a recent case from my career as troubleshooter, which again reminds me that one should not put all his eggs into one basket. And that one should look around and use every possible tool from his toolbox, not just his favorite hammer.

Roger Hughes06/29/12
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Getting Started with Spring Social

Like me, you will not have failed to notice the current rush to ‘socialize’ applications, whether it’s adding a simple Facebook ‘Like’ button, a whole bunch of ‘share’ buttons or displaying timeline information.

Mohamed Sanaulla06/29/12
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Book Review: Clean Code by Robert Martin

Clean Code is all about the code already written, about the code you write and about the code to be written. If you are fan of Robert Martin’s books and his articles then you wouldn’t have missed this one.

Ravi Kalakota06/29/12
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Conversion Optimization with Social Marketing / Media Analytics

As big data methodology adoption increases across enterprises, real-time marketing and conversion is now becoming possible.

James Sugrue06/29/12
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Java Development in the Cloud: How to Build, Debug, and Deploy Apps to Google App Engine in 3 Minutes

eXo Cloud IDE is an online IDE for Java, Python, PHP, Ruby or JavaScript, and for nearly two years, it has been used by developers to build applications for a number of PaaS environments — including Cloud Foundry, CloudBees, Heroku and others

Matt Vickery06/28/12
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Spring and C24 iO - Part 2 C24 Spring Integration

This article concentrates on integration namespace capabilities that have been provided by C24 for building integration flows and, through example, explores the use of C24 iO within those flows.

Wayne Beaton06/28/12
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Two Years of Experience Doesn’t make you “Senior”

Two years of experience doesn’t make you “senior”. Except maybe in high school. I don’t mean this in a negative sort of way. I mean it in a trying-to-help-you-out sort of way.

Roger Jennings06/28/12
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7 Tutorials on Big Data in the Cloud

Roger Jennings contends that Microsoft has developed some awesome big data cloud apps featuring Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, and Pig.

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/28/12
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CloudFoundry Coolness: Setting Environment Variables for an Application

We can set environment variables for an application that is deployed in CloudFoundry. For example if we want to pass a JAVA_OPTS environment variable with a value of -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

Bozhidar Bozhanov06/28/12
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Proof of Concept: Play! Framework

We are starting a new project and we have to choose the web framework. Our default choice is grails, because the team already has experience with it, but I decided to give Play! and Scala a chance.

Mikio Braun06/28/12
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Is Machine Learning Losing Its Impact?

A recent paper written by Kiri Wagstaff claims that that machine learning might be in danger of losing its impact because the community as a whole has become quite self-referential.