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Veera Sundar02/06/12
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Java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target – JDK 7

Right now, when I try to persist an object in Google App Engine, I’m facing the error “Java.lang.VerifyError: Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target“. I’m using JDK 7 and it seems like the problem lies with this JDK.

Julian Exenberger02/06/12
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Documentation that is useful

I was reading this article by Neil Mcallister on his Fatal Exception blog entitled "How to get developers to document their code". Now it begs the question: What documentation is actually useful?

Roger Hughes02/06/12
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Adding Version Information to your JAR’s Manifest

One of the handy things about using Maven is that, by default, the names of the artifacts it creates include the current version number from the POM's version tag. It doesn’t matter what type of artifact it is, whether it’s a JAR, WAR or EAR you generally end up with something like this.

Tim O'brien02/06/12
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A Simple Reminder for Maven/Gradle/Ivy Users: Proxy Central

This post is a reminder to everyone using build tools that rely on Central: take time to proxy Central with a repository manager.

Matt Raible02/06/12
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Refreshing AppFuse's UI with Twitter Bootstrap

The last time AppFuse had an update done to its look and feel was in way back in 2006. I've done a lot of consulting since then, which has included a fair bit of page speed optimization, HTML5 development and integrating smarter CSS. Now Twitter's Bootstrap is all the rage, it seems to make sense to move to that

Tom O'connor02/05/12
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Building updated packages for sun-java6 6u30

Recently, Oracle withdrew the ability for Linux distributions to repackage Java and distribute their own packages. This has been widely regarded as a bad idea, but I'll show you how to re-roll an old sun-java6 deb file.

Joe Miller02/05/12
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How To: Install graylog2 on CentOS 5 with RVM + Passenger

I decided to see if RVM – Ruby Version Manager – would allow me to setup an isolated Ruby environment just for graylog2 and not disturb the other Ruby apps on the machine. I also wanted to setup an isolated instance of Passenger-standalone for graylog2 then configure apache to listen on port 80 and forwarding requests with mod_proxy.

Tony Russell-rose02/05/12
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Informer is dead: long live Informer!

Read several articles by search experts like Charlie Hull and Tyler Tate. A great resource for enterprise search followers.

Juhani Lehtimaki02/05/12
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The Best Default Setting is not to Have a Setting

It is easy to think that letting users change all aspects of an app UI makes the UI better. We've all heard the "if they don't like it they can change it" argument. It is also very easy to come up with theoretical scenarios where users would actually want to change any one aspects of the UI.

Lukas Eder02/05/12
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jOOX and XSLT. An XML love story, continued

The somewhat functional way of thinking involved with jOOX’s XML manipulation cries for an additional API enhancement simply supporting XSLT. XSL transformation has become quite a standard way of transforming large amounts of XML into other structures, where normal DOM manipulation (or jOOX manipulation) becomes too tedious. Let’s have a look at how things are done in standard Java

Joe Miller02/04/12
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Getting started with the Sensu monitoring framework

Looking for an alternative to Nagios monitoring? Sensu is often described as the “monitoring router”. Put another way, Sensu connects the output from “check” scripts run across many nodes with “handler” scripts run on Sensu servers. Messages are passed via RabbitMQ.

Tony Siciliani02/04/12
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Using the Android Parcel

A short definition of an Android Parcel would be that of a message container for lightweight, high-performance Inter-process communication (IPC).

Laurent Cohen02/04/12
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Master/worker or P2P Grid? How about You choose?

In this article, we will see how to easily combine multiple capabilities of JPPF to achieve complete freedom of choice for the topology of a JPPF grid.

Thomas Eichberger02/04/12
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I don't like NullPointerExceptions

I created a few rules for myself how to avoid certain exceptions and actually define pre- and post-conditions for methods. In this article I'll give you a few examples.

Ted Vinke02/04/12
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Why does my Maven build suddenly fail?

I want to share something a software developer or operations guy every now and then encounters. And which I did yesterday. How the obvious Maven dependency can take hours of one's time.