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Dustin Marx01/13/12
4 replies

JavaFX 2.0 Bar and Scatter Charts (and JavaFX 2.1 StackedBarCharts)

JavaFX 2.0 provides built-in capabilities for generating charts, a capability found within the javafx.scene.chart package. In this post, I look at creating bar charts and a scatter chart in using JavaFX 2.0. During the course of this post, I use Guava and...

Eric Genesky01/13/12
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Are Google Analytics Cookies Slowing Down the Internet?

Eduardo Cereto has some concerns about the possibility of Google Analytics cookies slowing down the sites that use the web app (which obviously includes many of the most popular sites on the internet).  Some readers may have thought this claim...

Chris Smith01/12/12
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Big Data Chapter Excerpt: Implementing Schemas with Apache Thrift

This is an excerpt from the upcoming Manning book about Big Data.

Mitch Pronschinske01/12/12
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Archive-It: Scaling Beyond a Billion Archival Webpages

Description of Archive-It, the Internet Archive's subscription, self-serve web archiving service, focused on the full-text search system. With nearly 200...

Martin Fowler01/12/12
2 replies

NOSQL Definition

As soon as we started work on NosqlDistilled we were faced with a tricky conundrum - what are we writing about? What exactly is a NoSQL database? There's no strong definition of the concept out there, no trademarks, no standard group, not even a...

Patrick Debois01/12/12
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Monitoring Wonderland Survey - Introduction

While Automation is great to get you going and doing things faster and reproducible, Monitoring/Metrics are probably more valuable for learning and getting feedback from what's really going on. Matthias Meyer describes it as the virtues of monitoring.

Steven Lott01/12/12
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Hadoop and SQL/Relational Hegemony

Here's a nice article on why Facebook, Yahoo and eBay use Hadoop: "Asking Any Question Of All Your Data". The article has one tiny element of pandering to the SQL hegemonists.

James Sugrue01/12/12
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Have Your Say in the Name for the 2013 Eclipse Release

Last year it was Indigo, this year it will be Juno, and now the Eclipse community is voting on a name for the Eclipse release for June 2013. All you need to do is go to the poll, log in, and vote for your favorite name.  If you're familiar with Eclipse...

Mitch Pronschinske01/12/12
16 replies

'The Developer World Has Serious Issues With Diversity' -Martin Fowler

Although it's easy to become accustomed to it, it's pretty obvious the software development world has some serious issues in diversity. By this I mean that we have some notable differences in proportions of people compared to the general population. One...

Mark Needham01/12/12
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Learning Android: Sharing with Twitter/the 'share via' dialog

One thing I wanted to do in the little application I’m working on was send data to other apps on my phone using the ‘share via’ dialog which I’ve seen used on the Twitter app. In this case I wanted to send a link and its title to twitter and came...

Andrzej Krzywda01/12/12
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Small, deployable commits

We've had an interesting discussion at our stand-up today. The discussion was triggered by Jan Filipowski post on "early commiting in TDD". The main questions are:

Lukas Eder01/12/12
15 replies

A neater way to use reflection in Java

Reflection in Java really feels awkward. The java.lang.reflect API is very powerful and complete, and in that sense also very verbose. Unlike in most scripting languages, there is no convenient way to access methods and fields dynamically using reflection....

John Ferguson Smart01/12/12
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Faster Web Tests with Parallel Batches in Thucydides

Web tests are as a rule much slower than other types of tests, but they can be sped up significantly by running them in parallel. However, this is often harder to implement than it sounds. The latest version of Thucydides (version 0.6.0) comes with support...

Juhani Lehtimaki01/12/12
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Android UI Pattern - Expand in Context

This is a very simple pattern that is not very widely used yet but I believe it will be

Mitch Pronschinske01/11/12
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DZone's Bringing You More Python Awesomeness

Calling all Pythonistas (Pythonistos?) and Djangonauts! Did you know that Python is ranked 3rd behind Java and JavaScript as the programming language that DZone audience members would want to know if they could only pick 3?