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Hebert Coelho D...08/06/12
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EasyCriteria – An Easy Way to use JPA Criteria

Today we will see about this tool that make easier to use the JPA Criteria. The application that uses this library will be cleaner, easier to use and portable across the JPA implementations.

Mariano Vazquez08/06/12
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How to Run MongoDB on Azure AND Connect from a Node Web App

The MongoDB nodes take some time to initialize. If you test the application in the local emulator, using the -launch option it's probably that you get a no primary server found error.

Ben Wen08/06/12
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Aggregation Framework Example

In this blog post, you run a concise set of aggregation framework examples on the mongo Javascript shell against a MongoLab hosted 2.1 database.

Eric Genesky08/06/12
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A Bundle of Links to Big Data Stories About the Olympics

This is so much a blog post as a dumping ground for bits and pieces relating to Olympics data coverage…

Partha Bhattacharjee08/06/12
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Handling Form Validation with Spring 3 MVC

In this article we will learn to validate data that you have got from the forms. Let's look at the task of validation a little more closely.

Tim Spann08/06/12
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Testing Spring Data for MongoDB Using OpenShift

This tutorial application was built using the Spring Data for MongoDB guide for this year's BaconFest.

Mark Needham08/06/12
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tcpdump: Learning how to read UDP packets

Sometimes you need to study the data packets being transmitted in your application - this article shows how to understand tcpdumps output.

Jakub Kubrynski08/06/12
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Speed Up with Fast Java and File Serialization

Since the first version of Java, day-by-day many developers have been trying to achieve at least as good of performance as in C/C++. JVM vendors are doing their best by implementing some new JIT algorithms, but there is still a lot to do, especially in how we use Java. For example:

Eren Avşaroğulları08/06/12
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Java Executor Service Types

The ExecutorService feature came with Java 5. It extends the Executor interface and provides a thread pool feature to execute asynchronous short tasks. There are five ways to execute the tasks asyncronously by using the ExecutorService interface provided Java 6.

Tim Spann08/05/12
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The Mongo DB Migration Linksheet!

Here's a wealth of links categorized and vetted to get you started on your MongoDB migration journey...

Ben Wootton08/05/12
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How Maven Enforces Good Habits!

One of the biggest leaps forward in my productivity and enjoyment, as a developer was when I learned about and adopted Maven for my Java projects.

Istvan Szegedi08/05/12
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Scala and Hadoop: Hand in Hand at Twitter

Given the fact the Scala is a programming language that combines objective oriented and functional progarmming and runs on JVM, it is a fairly natural evolution to introduce Scala in Hadoop environment.

Paul Hammant08/05/12
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App-Help on the Cheap

Say you have a web application with signed up end-users, or business clients with a subset of their employees as users. You're going to want to have a help system.

Chris Kelly08/05/12
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How New Relic Designs for DevOps

Every employee at New Relic is behind our build, measure, iterate cycle and operations is at the center for this process.

Peter Pilgrim08/05/12
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ScalaFX – Some Workarounds for SBT Issues

ScalaFX build does not work out of the box with SBT. Here is a little bit of extra help if you are new to ScalaFX, Scala and SBT; and are attempting to build the project yourself.