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Jay Fields07/04/12
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Reading Clojure Stacktraces

Clojure stacktraces are not incredibly user friendly. Once I got used to the status quo, I forgot how much noise lives within a stacktrace; however, every so often a Clojure beginner will remind the community that stacktraces are a bit convoluted.

Alex Staveley07/04/12
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Book Review: Essential Software Architecture

This book serves as a very good reminder to the importance of software architecture - especially in enterprise systems. Architectural approaches don't just need to be properly understood, they need to be compared with other approaches especially with respect to the non-functional requirements that are important to your system.

James Sugrue07/04/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Word Chains

The code puzzler this week asks you to write a program to solve word chain puzzles.

Sean Hull07/04/12
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The Four-Letter Word Dividing Dev and Ops

Operations teams are tasked with stability and uptime. That means working against change, limiting or slowing it down where possible.

James Sugrue07/04/12
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Spring Founder Moves On To New Adventures

Yesterday, Rod Johnson, the founder of Spring, announced that he is to leave VMWare to pursue some new interests

Larry Franks07/03/12
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How to Set Up Node.js on Azure Websites

There are some specific things that Node.js developers need to know about the new Azure web sites feature.

Singaram Subramanian07/03/12
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Apache CXF: How Message Processing Happens and What’s the Role of Interceptor?

This post explains the steps that happen when a Apache CXF developed consumer invokes a remote service and the steps of an interceptor chain.

Clint Edmonson07/03/12
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The Windows Azure Recipe for Big Data

As the name implies, what we’re talking about here is the explosion of electronic data that comes from huge volumes of transactions, devices, and sensors being captured by businesses today.

Juhani Lehtimaki07/03/12
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Google's Multipronged Attack to Tablet Space Makes Android Tablets Relevant

Android tablets, while technically great, have suffered from the old chicken and egg problem: not enough tablets sold so devs didn't always feel that they should invest building responsive and scalable UI and buyers didn't feel that they should buy the hardware due to the lack of apps. It think that what we saw in the I/O conference is now going to change that.

Mitch Pronschinske07/03/12
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The DevOps Cycle

A straightforward, whiteboard presentation of how the DevOps cycle works in the enterprise. Jody Hunt of BMC explains...

Roger Hughes07/03/12
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The OAuth Administration Steps

This blog takes a look at the setup steps necessary for a hypothetical application to become OAuth compliant and when I say “setup steps”, at this stage I’m merely talking about a boring administration step that you must complete, but don’t worry as there isn’t that much to it.

Brian O' Neill07/03/12
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NoSQL / Cassandra Terminology: Risks and Rewards

Recently, there's been growing support to change the terminology we use to describe the data model of Cassandra.

Hubert Klein Ikkink07/03/12
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Groovy Goodness: Multiple Overloaded Operator Methods for Nice API

We saw earlier that Groovy supports Multimethods or multiple dispatch. Groovy will resolve the correct overloaded method to invoke based on the runtime type of the method argument. This is great to use for a clean and simple API for a class.

Jakub Holý07/03/12
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Creating Custom Login Modules In JBoss AS 7 (and Earlier)

JBoss AS 7 is neat but the documentation is still quite lacking (and error messages not as useful as they could be). This post summarizes how you can create your own JavaEE-compliant login module for authenticating users of your webapp deployed on JBoss AS. A working elementary username-password module provided.

Max De Marzi07/03/12
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More on Neo4j and Michael Hunger's Batch Importer

At the end of February, we took a look at Michael Hunger’s Batch Importer. It is a great tool to load millions of nodes and relationships into Neo4j quickly.