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Pavel Bernshtam08/13/12
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HTTP Server + Groovlet = A Back-Door Type of Trick When Using A Java App

An HTTP server coupled with groovlet can have you looking like a magician with your Java Applications. See how easily executable one of these tricks is by reading more.

Max De Marzi08/13/12
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Summarize Opinions With a Graph – Part 1

I am going to try to show you that a graph database can help you solve your really hard problems if you can frame your problem in terms of a graph. Did I say “you”? I meant anybody, specially Ph.D. students. One trick is to search for “graph-based approach to” and your problem.

Will Soprano08/13/12
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Neo4j 1.8.M07 - Sharing is Caring

Available immediately, Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 7 sets the stage for responsible data sharing. We’re open source. Naturally we’re mindful about supporting...

Eric Daugherty08/12/12
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What You May Not Understand About Your Compensation...

A company may choose to offer more vacation, more cash, better health coverage, etc. But these decisions are mostly done separately from determining how much the company can afford (and chooses) to spend on its employees.

Alex Soto08/12/12
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JaCoCo in Maven Multi-Module Projects

In this post I am going to explain how to run code coverage using Maven and JaCoCo plugin in multi-module projects.

Brian O' Neill08/12/12
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Example Distributed Queue using Zookeeper (via Curator)

Since Storm uses Zookeeper under the hood, we thought we could perhaps use Zookeeper instead of JMS for certain low-throughput distributed messaging needs, thereby decreasing the number of technologies we needed to maintain in our stack for certain applications.

Isaac Taylor08/12/12
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Android WebView CSS Support

Creating HTML applications can be a great way to cut down development time between two platforms. The trend today is to develop a web app for iOS (with varing amount of native code) and simply use the HTML, CSS, and Javascript on other platforms like Android.

Nicolas Frankel08/12/12
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Integrating HTML and JavaScript in Vaadin 7: Part Two

In the previous article, we successfully integrated a custom-made tooltip over our hyperlinks. In this article, we'll integrate an already existing tooltip library.

Ravi Kalakota08/12/12
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Orgainizing for BI: CoE, Federated or Departmental

Data is valuable. Data is plentiful. Data is complex. Data is in flux. Data is fast moving. Capturing and managing data is challenging.

Pavithra Gunasekara08/12/12
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Installing Oracle Java 6 on Ubuntu

If you have already installed Ubuntu 12.04 you probably have realized that Sun java(oracle java) does not come prepacked with Ubuntu like it used to be , instead OpenJDK comes with it. Here is how you can install Oracle java on Ubuntu 12.04 manually.

Nishant Chandra08/12/12
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A Manager's Diary

Software engineering as a profession is fun. The role shift from a software engineer to a people manager in quite commonplace. I believe I’ve learned a thing or two from others experiences and my own experiences in managing people. I hope you find them useful.

Partha Bhattacharjee08/12/12
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Spring Integration with Gateways

This is the second article of the series on Spring Integration. This article builds on top of the first article where we introduced Spring Integration.

Hirvesh Munogee08/12/12
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Montage - A Framework To Develop Rich HTML5 Applications Using JavaScript & Node.js.

Montage is framework lets you develop rich HTML5 applications that use JavaScript both on the front-end via the browser, and back-end via Node.js.

Brian Gracely08/12/12
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The Cloudcast: Application Automation and Enterprise PaaS

Aaron and Brian talk with Brett Adam (@bpjadam), CTO / VP Engineering @ rPath, about the evolution of Application deployment and PaaS for the Enterprise . . .

Hebert Coelho D...08/12/12
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EasyCriteria 1.0 Released

EasyCriteria is an open source tool to make the JPA Criteria code for any kind of JPA implementation easier . EasyCriteria has 100% of coverage on its tests with JUnit and it is tested with Hibernate, OpenJPA and EclipseLink.