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Shameer Cee03/29/12
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Using PHP and Git on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

By adding PHP in Beanstalk, Amazon is showing that it want to offer a flexible PaaS.

Eric Genesky03/29/12
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Video: Windows Azure and Java Unite! How to Create a Maven Project with Eclipse

This post also includes more technical documentation on Java SDK for Azure linked below the video.

James Sugrue03/29/12
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Is Google's Offer to Oracle Really Too Low?

This trial just rumbles on and on, but it looks like Oracle's argument is running out of steam. In the latest filing, Oracle have responded to Google's attempts at speeding up the conclusion, saying the offer is too low.

James Sugrue03/29/12
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EclipseCon 2012 Roundup

EclipseCon is taking place this week in Reston, Virginia. It sounds like it was another lively Eclipse event. Keeping with tradition EclipseCon started with the Eclipse Community Awards, before starting off with three days packed with great Eclipse talks, including a keynote from Ford about the car platform of the future.

Paresh Mayani03/29/12
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Android – How to Implement Google Search Inside Your App

In this example, we will take an Android app and make it accept input from the user and will search the same string input in a Google search. To implement this functionality we use Intent.ACTION_WEB_SEARCH .

Nicolas Frankel03/28/12
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I Made the Step Forward Into Virtualization

I heard of virtualization 5 or 6 years ago and at the time, I didn’t understand the real implications of its use, save it was a tool toward an agile infrastructure.

René Pickhardt03/28/12
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Using Neo4j To Make Predictions for Fast Sentence Completion (German Only)

These devs processed over 80 GB of Google ngrams data in Neo4j in order to improve sentence completion software - they're currently developing an Android app.

Mohamed Sanaulla03/28/12
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What it Takes to Participate in Open Source Projects

Participating in Open Source projects takes a lot of effort and dedication. You need to understand how the code works, play around with it and then work on becoming an active member.

Luis Atencio03/28/12
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Google App Engine Java Capabilities and Namespaces API

With the Capabilities API, your application can detect outages and scheduled downtime for specific API capabilities. You can use this API to reduce downtime in your application by detecting when a capability is unavailable and then bypassing it.

Ricardo Zuasti03/28/12
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Using a Relational DBMS as a Multi Server Concurrency Control

Sometimes you just don’t want or need the complexity of a fancy distributed transaction manager or complicated RPCs to coordinate a concurrent job amongst a farm of servers.

Peter Lawrey03/28/12
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Complexity of Time

I find time fascinating. I also find it a surprisingly complex subject. You have both TimeZones and Calendars which change from place to place but also over time.

Ken Cochrane03/28/12
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Deploying a Django App on the Cloud Using dotCloud

This comprehensive post provides links to helpful dotCloud documentation as well as a step-by-step guide to how he installed his blog onto dotCloud.

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/12
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NEW Refcardz Topics (Round 2): Awesome or Lame?

See a new menu of potential upcoming DZone Refcardz with some brief descriptions. Then simply vote on whether you think the topic idea is AWESOME, or lame.

Mitch Pronschinske03/28/12
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New Solr 3.6, 4.x Feature: Checking Index Locks at Startup

An issue related to index locks in Solr during startups was patched for the 3.6 branch and 4.x trunk. In current versions of Apache Solr, when you didn't use an option called "unlockOnStartup," you wouldn't know if your index was locked until a user tried adding a document to it.

Giorgio Sironi03/28/12
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The return of Vim

Vim and IDEs have different use cases for me; I'm not sharing the boring list of my Vim-fu moves but some perspective.