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David Salter03/30/12
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Creating a Shortcut to Eclipse on the Ubuntu Unity Dock

If you use Eclipse on Ubuntu, you will probably have found that the version in the Ubuntu repositories doesn’t have all the plugins you’re used to, and will have installed Eclipse from a download at eclipse.org

David Salter03/30/12
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A How-to Guide for Hosting on OpenShift

Including how to install the client tools, create a domain/app, provide MySQL support, install WordPress and push to OpenShift.

Swizec Teller03/30/12
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My Language is Better than Yours

Programming languages – the second favorite thing for geeks to fight about (right after code editors and IDE‘s). Here's a reminder about how much your opinions and arguments matter...

Mitch Pronschinske03/30/12
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Poll: How Do We Handle Our Application Environments?

I've created a poll that will give us all some interesting insights into the status of the developer community and how we're managing our application environments and deployments. We'll be sharing the poll results with the participants in the coming weeks. So answer the questions below to make sure that we get a full picture of how hard or easy our lives are in the areas of performance monitoring and deployment.

Dustin Marx03/29/12
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Unit Testing is a Means to an End

As with most good things, even unit testing enthusiasm can go too far. The benefits of unit testing can lead to overly enthusiastic unit testing developers forgetting that unit tests are not the end themselves, but rather are a means to the real end.

Bozhidar Bozhanov03/29/12
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Code Reviews Do Not Guarantee A Good Product

If you have a decent development process, you most probably have code reviews. But it appears many people (especially management) believe that code reviews make sure the end product is good, and bug-free

Max De Marzi03/29/12
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Visualizing a Set of Hiveplots with Neo4j

This high-theory, well illustrated post covers some of the types of visualization of hiveplots in neo4j, and includes links to informative resources for further exploration.

Swaranga Sarma03/29/12
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A Generic and Concurrent Object Pool

In recent years, the performance of the JVM has multiplied manifold that object pooling for better performance has been made almost redundant for most type of objects. In essence, creation of objects are no longer considered as expensive as it was done before.

Luis Atencio03/29/12
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Measuring Code Complexity

Lately, development managers have put a lot of interest in measuring code quality. Therefore, things like code reviews and analysis tools have become very popular at identifying "Technical Debt" early.

Tim O'brien03/29/12
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We’re a Java Shop, We’re Not Going to Get Hacked…

If you've been using GWT, Xerces, Spring MVC or many other open source projects, you are possibly introducing vulnerable components into your codebase. So it's worthwhile working out how to avoid deploying known security problems to production.

Raymond Camden03/29/12
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How I Cheated Mozilla's New HTML5 Game - Browser Quest

Disclaimer: I'm not advocating cheating as a good thing. I'm not insinuating that Mozilla's code was somehow lacking (actually the code is pretty kick ass). Nor am I trying to pretend I'm some super hacker. Rather - I thought I'd share how I modified Mozilla's new game to cheat as a way of demonstrating things you have to look out for when coding HTML5-based games.

Taylor Cowan03/29/12
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Ja.net Provides Support for Compilation of Java to .NET

Since Neo4j has such a dependency clean kernel, I decided to try Ja.net as a way of making Neo4j useful under .NET. No slight against the RESTful interfaces, but it would be pretty sweet to run Neo4j on .NET as an embedded graph DB under .NET.

Shameer Cee03/29/12
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Using PHP and Git on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

By adding PHP in Beanstalk, Amazon is showing that it want to offer a flexible PaaS.

Eric Genesky03/29/12
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Video: Windows Azure and Java Unite! How to Create a Maven Project with Eclipse

This post also includes more technical documentation on Java SDK for Azure linked below the video.

James Sugrue03/29/12
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Is Google's Offer to Oracle Really Too Low?

This trial just rumbles on and on, but it looks like Oracle's argument is running out of steam. In the latest filing, Oracle have responded to Google's attempts at speeding up the conclusion, saying the offer is too low.