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Mitch Pronschinske04/11/12
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Java 8 Roadmap Unveiled

Can you taste it? New features like Lambdas, Jigsaw modularity, and the rest of Project Coin are finally on their way along with Java 8 now that Oracle has set some high level release dates for JDK8. Expect the first Milestone by the end of the month!

Aaron Nichols04/11/12
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Agile, DevOps, Continuous Delivery – Don’t Limit Your Ability Because of Your Vocabulary…

It's bad when people try to fit today’s understanding of what works into a word, which is defined into perpetuity. The real win in all of this is collaboration. Collaboration between departments, between companies, and across the world of Web Operations experts and novices.

Dino Oglic04/11/12
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Apache Solr Test Suite - Getting Optimal Response Times

In this article we will try to present the importance of understanding the data in pursuit of optimal response times for a search engine. By comprehending the data and the user you are able to tune a good generic search tool to meet your needs and demands.

Markus Eisele04/11/12
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Arquillian 1.0.0 Final Ready for GlassFish and WebLogic: Death to All bugs!

Arquillian substantially reduces the effort required to write and execute Java middleware integration and functional tests. It even enables test engineers to address scenarios previously considered untestable or too expensive to test.

Rob Gordon04/10/12
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A Detour on the Road to Maven

I’m learning that Convention over Configuration means conforming, and conforming means you have to learn the rules. Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the Maven. Leave the road and you will be punished.

Nicolas Frankel04/10/12
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Vaadin Theming and Custom Layout

In Learning Vaadin, I deliberately left out theming, because I wholeheartedly believe a whole book could be written on the topic. This article is an attempt at giving an overview of the available theme and layout features in Vaadin.

Cagdas Basaraner04/10/12
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A Regular Expression HashMap Implementation in Java

The following is an implementation of a Regular Expression HashMap. It works with key-value pairs, in which the key is a regular expression. It compiles the key (regular expression) while adding (i.e. putting), so there is no compile time while getting.

Steve Chaloner04/10/12
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The All-New Play Module Repository

Back in November, I spoke to Nicolas Leroux of the Play framework about creating a module repository.Following the stormy events of last week in the Play Google Group, I’ve decided to prioritise it. A working prototype should be available in a couple of weeks.

Juhani Lehtimaki04/10/12
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Multi-platform Frameworks Follow Up

My previous post about multi-platform frameworks started a very interesting discussion. Big thanks to everybody who contributed into the discussion. The discussion wasn't only limited to the blog comments so here are few other places worth taking a peek.

Anil Saldhana04/10/12
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Choosing SSO for your JBoss Application Server Installation

In this article, we will look at some use cases and guidelines to choosing the right type of SSO solution for that use case, when running on JBoss Application Server.

Dan Allen04/10/12
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Death to all bugs! Arquillian testing platform reaches first stable release

Red Hat, Inc. and the JBoss Community today announced the 1.0.0.Final release of Arquillian, its award-winning testing platform built to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Arquillian substantially reduces the effort required to write and execute Java middleware integration and functional tests. It even enables test engineers to address scenarios previously considered untestable or too expensive to test.

Arjay Nacion04/10/12
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Externalizing Application Logic : Business Rules Approach with Drools

This post aims to introduce the Business Rules Approach, a development methodology where rules, decisions and processes are used by, but does not have to be embedded in business process management systems. You’ll be introduced to this methodology through the use of a business rule engine – JBoss Drools Expert, part of JBoss’ Business Logic Integration Platform.

Martin Fowler04/10/12
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NoSQL Distilled

NoSQL Distilled is an upcoming book focused on a span of NoSQL technologies, set for release on August 6.

Judah Johns04/10/12
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There is Safety in Numbers: How to Build Fail-Safe Clusters

Very often, websites can't cope with any extra load, whether from high traffic or performance reducing tasks. So, how do you solve this issue? One of the best solutions for such issues is using a cluster architecture for your applications.

Ricky Ho04/10/12
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Machine Learning: Algorithms that Produce Clusters

An illustrated discussion of the following clustering models: K-Means, Hierarchical, Fuzzy C-Means, Multi-Gaussian w/ Expectation-Maximization, and Density-based.