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Francois Lascelles07/10/12
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Mobile-Friendly Federated Identity, OpenID Connect: Part 2

The idea of delegating the authentication of a user to a 3rd party is ancient. At some point however, a clever (or maybe lazy) developer thought to leverage an OAuth handshake to achieve this. In this second part, I suggest the use of specific standards to achieve the same for your identities.

Jos Dirksen07/10/12
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Create Complex Word (.docx) Documents Programatically With docx4j

A couple of months ago I needed to create a dynamic Word document with a number of tables and paragraphs. In the past I've used POI for this, but I've found this hard to use

Maximiliano Firtman07/10/12
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Chrome For iOS and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean HTML5 Development

I’m attending Google I/O in San Francisco this week and Google has released some news on Chrome: an iOS version that it may not be Chrome, the Android version out of beta, now being the default browser on Android 4.1 and some other stuff. Let’s review the news in the mobile web world.

Bozhidar Bozhanov07/10/12
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From 2010: Why I Decided Not to Use Cassandra

At first, in order to save myself from “the sharding hell”, I decided to select a NoSQL solution. I reviewed MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra and a few more, and decided Cassandra would best fit my case. . .

Chris Haddad07/10/12
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How to Deploy Spring Database Apps to CloudFoundry

It can be easy as pie to get Spring apps on CloudFoundry, just as long as you follow the tutorial laid out by SpringSource.

Ben Kepes07/10/12
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Ben Kepes on Cloud, Cost, Coal, and British Economics

Kepes discusses some of the ideas presented by Joe Weinman, the father of cloud economics, who as written a forthcoming book titled "Cloudonomics."

Abhishek Jain07/09/12
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First Hadoop Cluster Challenges

Though there is much online documentation on this even then we faced a few challenges getting with it. In this post I am providing details on the faced problems and solutions:

Howard Lewis Ship07/09/12
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Getting CrashPlan to work on Mac after JDK 1.7 upgrade

After upgrading my Mac to JDK 1.7, I noticed that CrashPlan stopped working.

Geoffrey Papilion07/09/12
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The Challenge of Small Ops: Part 1

A good discussion came up at DevOps days about whether or not development shops should just eliminate operations if the organization has small-scale IT needs.

René Pickhardt07/09/12
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Neo4j Based Social News Stream Framework Graphity Source Code

This post will also give you access to the Wikipedia raw data that goes with the Graphity project.

Roger Hughes07/09/12
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OAuth 2.0 Webapp Flow Overview

In my last few blogs I’ve been talking about accessing Software as a Service (SaaS) providers such as Facebook and Twitter using Spring Social. Some of you may have noticed that my sample code may have been a bit thin on the ground as I’ve being trying to describe what’s going on in the background and what Spring Social is doing for you.

Tomasz Dziurko07/09/12
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Hibernate Smoke Detector Counts Your Queries Per Second

There is a time in the life of every project when Database Administrator starts to look suspiciously at queries generated by our application.

Jp Morgenthal07/09/12
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JP Morgenthal: We Should Define the Cloud by What it Will Become

There’s been a lot of discussion about what makes cloud computing different than other forms of computing that have come before.

Mark O'neill07/09/12
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Following real-time API design

It's fascinating this morning to read Steve Chamber's real-time notes on the design of his API. In particular, I was interested in the section on which authentication model to use.

Larry White07/09/12
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Money Can't Buy Me Performance

One of the most persistent beliefs in corporate management is that money motivates people to do a better job.