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Taha Siddiqi07/11/12
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Tapestry: Using ComponentRequestFilter

My use case is to redirect a user to the starting page of a multiple step wizard in case a request is directly made to an intermediate step and the session has not been properly setup.

Erich Styger07/11/12
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Eclipse Local History & Quick Diff

I worked long hours on my project, and it was working well. But after a series of edits, somehow the application was not working the way it should. What did I change to break my code?

Francois Lascelles07/11/12
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Mobile-Friendly Federated Identity: The social login legacy (Pt.1)

If I were to measure the success of a federated identity system, I would consider the following factors...

Yaron Naveh07/11/12
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Check Out this Digital Signature Library for Node.js

Node.js does not always have the right libraries for Xml operations. When such libraries exist they are not always cross platform (read: work on windows). I've just published xml-crypto, the first xml digital signature library for node.

Ravi Kalakota07/11/12
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Why Businesses Should Spend More on BI and Analytics

Procurement organizations tend to swim in data. One of the most important strategies for any best-in class procurement organization is spend analytics.

James Sugrue07/11/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Count The Lines Of Code

This week our puzzle is to write a program that counts the lines of actual code in a Java program.

Alex Ruiz07/11/12
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The Future of Fest

I’m very excited to be working on FEST again! I have put together a plan for the project and myself, which I’m going to share with the rest of the team.

Adam Benoit07/11/12
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Windows Phone: Features Missing or Not Missing? You be the Judge

Recently, an anonymous poster tried to "slay" Microsoft for their Windows Phone platform shortcomings, but did he have his facts straight? Check out this comprehensive list that sets the record straight on 121 Windows Phone features (or lack thereof).

Leigh Shevchik07/11/12
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Speed as a Feature - Part 1

When describing your application to users, peers, VCs or potential new hires, which features do you list? Do you talk about the latest social sharing integration?

Joe Stein07/11/12
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Hadoop: My Experience with Cloudera and MapR

We wanted to both see how versions of Cloudera distribution would be running our jobs, as well as to evaluate other distributions that have emerged since we started with Hadoop.

Rick Copeland07/11/12
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Working with MongoDB MultiMaster

Since starting my own consulting business, I've had the opportunity to work with lots of interesting technologies.

Paul Miller07/11/12
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Big Cloud, Little Cloud, Local Cloud, Global Cloud

A discussion of the phenomenon of Amazon's worldwide cloud services, which has centers in the United States, Australia, and Ireland - among other countries.

Gonzalo Ayuso07/11/12
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5 Things You Should Check Now to Improve PHP Web Performance

This article discusses 5 low-investment tips for improving PHP Web performance. Just because your application is running smoothly now doesn't mean you shouldn't check these important areas.

Bruno Terkaly07/11/12
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Why Platform as a Service Will Rule the World

Automation is taking over the world; now it's only a matter of time before machine learning is used to replace humans throughout the industrialized world.

Jason Whaley07/11/12
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Dependency Convergence in Maven

I was running in to a problem with a Java project that occured only in IntelliJ Idea, but not on the command line, when running specific test classes in Maven. Here is what happened and what I did...