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Mike Cottmeyer08/16/12
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Best Quote So Far from Agile 2012

Agile 2012 has been amazing so far, but this quote takes the cake. The most “quotable” event so far happened yesterday when I was in Jeff Patton’s session. He said...

Anders Karlsson08/15/12
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MySQL Cluster / NDB as a key value store - Better results this time

Following up on my series of "how much performance do I get when I access RAM only", the most recent post being this, and as you can see there, MySQL didn't really perform that well.

Eric Genesky08/15/12
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Analyzing Performance Data for Real User Measurement

In this post, I’d like to go over some of the statistical methods we use to make sense of this data.

James Sugrue08/15/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Roman Numeral Conversion

Thursday is code puzzler day here at DZone. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you find suitable. Today we're dealing with Roman numerals.

Luke Galea08/15/12
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Logging Tables, Without the Mess

Logging tables are usually at the periphery of a design effort, sometimes added as an after-thought. But they shouldn't be. Here's how to do it without a lot of mess...

Sandro Mancuso08/15/12
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The Best Approach to Software Development

Today, talking about doing a big design up-front (BDUF) sounds a bit ridiculous, right? Who would do that? That's not craftsmanship, is it? However, in the past, that would be considered the norm.

Mark Hinkle08/15/12
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CloudStack vs. OpenNebula: Which Offers the Richer IaaS Experience?

This user, who formerly worked with OpenNebula, compares two IaaSes by going through a deployment and evaluation period.

Andreas Kollegger08/15/12
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Neo4j High Availability Over VPN

Neo4j's High Availability enables a torrent of data flowing to clients by replicating the graph across a synchronized cluster of servers.

Tim O'brien08/15/12
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(Often,) You People are Too Smart to Train

What I’m trying to say is that I hate “teaching” a training class, I’d much prefer to engage a in back-an-forth because this is what I think training should be I don’t go as far as using the Socratic method.

Dave Fecak08/15/12
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Why Tech Recruiters Suck, and What You Can Do About It

In the past few weeks I’ve read quite a bit of chatter (tweets, blogs, etc.) from technologists being hounded by recruiters, and the mention of these incidents is never framed in a positive way.

Lukas Eder08/15/12
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Database Abstraction and SQL Injection

I have subscribed to various user groups of jOOQ’s competing database abstraction tools. One of which is ActiveJDBC, a Java implementation of Active Record design pattern.

Ben Wen08/15/12
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PaaS and DBaaS as Tools

At MongoLab we’re obsessed with software tools to get stuff done. DBaaS and PaaS represent new tools in a developer’s toolbox.

Maarten Ectors08/15/12
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Hadoop for Real-Time, and the Big Data Buzzwords of 2012

Spark is a MapReduce-esque framework for supporting low-latency iterative jobs, and it's written in Scala.

Marko Rodriguez08/15/12
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Titan Provides Real-Time Big Graph Data

In order to substantiate the aforementioned statement, this post presents empirical results of Titan backing a simulated social networking site undergoing transactional loads estimated at 50,000–100,000 concurrent users.

Dave Fecak08/15/12
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Geek Independents

The decision to become an independent consultant in the software world is not something to be taken lightly. Although the work you will be doing on the job is probably very similar if not identical to what you have done as an employee, you really need to conduct an honest and thorough self-examination to determine if you are cut out for the demands of running a successful consulting business.