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Maximiliano Firtman02/08/12
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Detailed Overview of Chrome for Android

It’s that time of the year again when the mobile web ecosystem changes. Google Chrome Beta for Android was released and it appears as the future replacement of Android Browser. I’ve made a deep analysis on the browser HTML5 compatibility and the comparison with Safari on iOS and Android Browser and I’ll show in this post my results.

Tony Siciliani02/08/12
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Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL) and Remote Service

To allow one application to communicate with another running in a different process, Android provides an implementation of Inter-Process Communication through the Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL).

Marko Rodriguez02/08/12
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Pipes: The Data Flow Framework for Gremlin - GraphDB Traversal

Here's an example graph dataset to illustrate how Pipes works. Pipes is TinkerPop's dataflow framework that uses Gremlin, a graph traversal language. According to Marko Rodrigues, the pipes distribution includes multiple pipes that can be "mixed and matched to yield lazy graph traversals." This post includes plentiful cool Mario graphics.

Rafał Kuć02/08/12
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Using Solr's Dismax Tie Parameter

Most of the time in Solr's Dismax query parser we use parameters like qf, pf or mm forgetting about a very useful parameter which allows us to control how the lower scoring fields are treated – the tie parameter. In this article you'll learn how this parameter can be put to good use.

Judah Johns02/08/12
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Easiest Way to Deploy ColdFusion to the Cloud

Learn how to deploy a Cold Fusion 9 application to the cloud using Jelastic. This tutorial will take you through creating an environment, the WAR file, and deploying the Java package.

Christoph Beck02/08/12
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XML is for dinosaurs, right? Everybody uses JSON these days. So you do, don't you? But what about things like XSD, XSLT, JAXB, XPath, etc -- is it all evil?

Mark Needham02/08/12
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Looking for the seam

A seam is a place where you can alter behaviour in your program without editing in that place.

Thomas Bolz02/08/12
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JavaFX NumberTextField and Spinner Control

Doing a custom control in JavaFX is a good practice to dive a little bit deeper into the concepts of a new gui library. See how easy it is to work with NumberSpinner and NumberTextField in JavaFX

Jakub Holý02/08/12
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Separating Integration and Unit Tests with Maven, Sonar, Failsafe, and JaCoCo

Goal: Execute the slow integration tests separately from unit tests and show as much information about them as possible in Sonar.

Nicolas Frankel02/08/12
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CDI worse than Spring for autowiring?

Let’s face it, there are two kinds of developers: those that favor Spring autowiring because it alleviates them from writing XML (even though you can do autowiring with XML) and those that see autowiring as something risky.

Jens Schauder02/08/12
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Unit Tests: Searching under the Lamp Post

I’m a big fan of unit tests (Surprise). When ever possible I practice TDD. I like how that approach coerces me into making smaller classes, less dependencies, cleaner abstractions. And of course I love it when my unit tests catch a regression before I even start the application.

Peter Lawrey02/08/12
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Ultra low latency Event Store

There are two basic libraries for managing data in Java, JDBC (for connecting to database) and JMS (for messaging). For some use cases you ideally want both, and you want it to be very fast.

Andy Gibson02/08/12
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Implementing Spring MVC with CDI and Java EE 6 part 1

In this second article on implementing Spring MVC in Java EE 6 we’ll take the metadata we extracted in part one and use it to invoke request mapped controller methods in response to web requests and then direct the user to a web page based on the result of the method.

Pat Shaughnessy02/07/12
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Journey to the Center of JRuby

An informative, in-depth post about the Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter. Pat Shaughnessy includes some background on both Java and Ruby, as well as other sections about byte code and assembly language. Best of all are the old-timey pics (and the plentiful code).

Martin Fowler02/07/12
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Martin Fowler: The Future is not just NoSQL, it's Polyglot Persistence

Martin Fowler and Pramod Sadalage have s recently released a slick infodeck tracing a simple history of databases, as well as a prophecy of the future. They suggests that we've been charged with a decision to either reduce development drag or embrace large scale, which eventually leads to "a world of polyglot persistence."