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Christian Posta07/08/12
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Part II: Managing Large Deployments of MQ and ESB With Fuse Fabric

In the last blog post I introduced Fuse Fabric, an overview of the problems it is intended to solve, and the components that it uses to accomplish pain-free management of large deployments of ActiveMQ and ServiceMix/ESB containers.

Juhani Lehtimaki07/08/12
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Android Back, Still Confusing

I was watching the Navigation in Android presentation from this year's Google I/O conference an I can't help thinking that the back button is still far from what it could be on Android.

Hubert Klein Ikkink07/08/12
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Groovy Goodness: Partial Matches

Groovy 2.0 adds the matchesPartially() method to the Matcher class. This method returns true if a String value matches the pattern or if it matches the first part of the pattern

Nicolas Frankel07/08/12
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Empower your CSS in your Maven build

People who know me also know I've interest in the GUI: that means I've sometimes to get my hands dirty and dig deep into stylesheets (even though I've no graphical skill whatsoever). When it happens, I've always questions regarding how to best factorize styles.

Thibault Delor07/08/12
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JRebel and Gradle Integration

An example showing how to generate the JRebel rebel.xml configuration file and add it to the war archive with Gradle

Robin Bramley07/07/12
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How to Get Apache Mahout Recommenders into Grails

Apache Mahout is a scalable machine learning framework that can be used to create intelligent applications. In this article we’ll see how Mahout can be used to create personalised recommendations within a Grails application.

Brian Pince07/07/12
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On Cloudy Models: Azure Web Sites vs. Cloud Apps

We have several new ways for you to run your applications in the cloud, and developers want a little guidance on how to pick which options. I hope to provide a little guidance around that.

Loiane Groner07/07/12
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ExtJS 4 Form: Unique Field Value Validation Example (Server Validation)

Today’s example is an ExtJS 4 Form unique field value validation, done on the server side.

Joe Stein07/07/12
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Hadoop Development Tools by Karmasphere

Unlike the standard Hadoop client , Karmasphere Client works from Microsoft Windows as well as Linux and MacOS, and works through SSH-based firewalls.

Claus Ibsen07/07/12
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Apache Camel 2.10 Released

The Apache Camel 2.10 release is now available for download from Apache and for Maven users in central maven repo.

Pierre - Hugues...07/07/12
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Analyzing Thread Dump: Thread Stack Trace

In order for you to quickly identify a problem pattern from a Thread Dump, you first need to understand how to read a Thread Stack Trace and how to get the “story” right.

Peter Pilgrim07/07/12
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Favourite Linux and Unix Bash Aliases

I developed the following bundle of Bash Aliases over a couple of decades now. They came from other developers, administrators and tips from popular UNIX / C books and the Internet. Some of these were inspired by situations that I faced on various systems.

Jim Bird07/06/12
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The Potential Problems of DevOps Culture

Culture is like quality. You don’t build culture, or quality, by talking about it. You build it by doing things, by acting, by making things happen and making things change, and reinforcing these actions patiently and continually over time.

Joe Stein07/06/12
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Making Hadoop Simpler with Python Joins / Keys

When doing streaming with Hadoop you do have a few library options. If you are a Ruby programmer then wukong is awesome!

Billy Sjöberg07/06/12
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Bridging Between JMS and RabbitMQ (AMQP) Using Spring Integration

An old customer recently asked me if I had a solution for how to integrate between their existing JMS infrastructure on Websphere MQ with RabbitMQ.