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Eric Genesky07/13/12
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Video:Getting Started with Cloud Foundry

The following 1/2 hour video provides an introduction to using Cloud Foundry, presented by Andy Piper, a Developer Advocate from Cloud Foundry.

Eric Genesky07/13/12
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How to Use Gephi to Visualize Related Entries in Wikipedia

The data is based on the extraction of the “influencedBy” relationship over philosophers referred to in Wikipedia using the machine readable, structured data view of Wikipedia that is DBpedia.

Eric Genesky07/13/12
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Fumblings with Ranked Likert Scale Data in R

The code is horrible and the visualisations quite possibly misleading, but I’m dead tired and there are a couple of tricks in the following R code that I want to remember, so here’s a contrived bit of fumbling with some data of the form . . .

Leigh Shevchik07/13/12
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Managing Rails Apps at Massive Scale

An interview with the VP of Technology at Fanzter discusses some of the ups and downs of scaling massive websites.

Pavithra Gunasekara07/13/12
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JMS With ActiveMQ

JMS short for Java Message Service provides a mechanism for integrating applications in a loosely coupled, flexible manner. JMS delivers data asynchronously across applications on a store and forward basis.

Aaron Nichols07/13/12
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DevOps is Culture – What Does That Mean?

Somewhere along the way our industry shifted this discussion into a tools discussion & now the amount of noise out there about “DevOps tools” is magnitudes higher than any discussion about the real reason DevOps exists – to shift culture.

Martin Fowler07/12/12
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"Phoenix Servers" - Martin Fowler on Resilient Infrastructure

It is a good idea to virtually burn down your servers at regular intervals. A server should be like a phoenix, regularly rising from the ashes. The primary advantage of using phoenix servers is to avoid configuration drift.

Taha Siddiqi07/12/12
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Tapestry Source Code Viewer

A simple implementation of a SourceCodeViewer would be to have a service for adding and listing the source code and a component to display it.

Dalip Mahal07/12/12
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Efficiency is for Losers

Focusing on efficiency and ignoring effectiveness is the root cause of most software project failures.

Gordon Dickens07/12/12
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Enterprise Spring Best Practices – Part 1 – Project Config

This series will review the best practices for enterprise Spring. In part 1, let’s review project structure and configuration.

Chris Haddad07/12/12
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API Mutiny on Web 3.0

API developers are ready to stage a mutiny. Will the captains of Twitter, LinkedIn, and NetFlix make developers walk the plank?

Scott Leberknight07/12/12
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A Brief Introduction to Riak, from Clusters to Links to MapReduce

The quick and dirty: Riak is a key-value, distributed database made up of multiple independent nodes which can be joined together to form Riak clusters.

James Betteley07/12/12
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Read-only Gradle Wrapper Files Are Bad, mmkaay

I’ve just been messing around with a Gradle build using Gradle Wrapper, trying to import an ant build which does some clever stuff. I couldn’t get it to work,

Eric Silva07/12/12
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Video: How to Think Non-Relational with MongoDB

I recently started playing around with NoSQL databases as became interested in MongoDB. Here is a great video tutorial that will get you quickly introduced to NoSQL and the MongoDB application. It covers how NoSQL is different from typical RDBMS platforms and schemas, and how data is stored in MongoDB.

Paul Miller07/12/12
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My Reflections on Data Gravity

Data Gravity featured in this year’s EMC World keynote. But beyond the observation that large or valuable agglomerations of data exert a pull that tends to see them grow in size or value, what is a recognition of Data Gravity actually good for?