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Anders Abel07/19/12
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How GoF Brought my Understanding of Object Orientation to Another Level

Anders Able reviews "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" written by the Gang of Four: Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson & John Vlissides.

Sean Hull07/19/12
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How to Autoscale MySQL on Amazon EC2

Autoscaling your webserver tier is typically straightforward. Image your apache server with source code or without, then sync down files from S3 upon spinup. Roll that image into the autoscale configuration and you’re all set.

Ofir Nachmani07/19/12
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In My Opinion, Public IaaS is Great!

It always good to start with Wikipedia’s definition as it helps to initiate a structured discussion, here is Wiki’s definition for Lock-In . . .

James Sugrue07/19/12
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Cut Down Your Bug Fix Time With Chronon and Jubula

Earlier this month, Chronon and Bredex announced they would be joining forces to help improve the testing and debugging worlds. Chronon's time travelling debugger, and Bredex's test automation tools are a great combination. I spoke to Prashant Deva from Chronon, and Achim Lorke, CEO of Bredex, to find out more.

Christian Posta07/19/12
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What is Spring Integration?

As the Spring Integration project slowly gains more adoption and interest, developers in the enterprise integration or enterprise development space will most likely come across it.

Rob Gordon07/19/12
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Oddjob 1.2 New Features – Part 1

It’s coming to that time again. That time where I draw a line in the README file and call it a release. Being the only developer on a project that doesn’t have a large user base, a release is really just a state of mind.

Chas Emerick07/19/12
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2012 State of Clojure Survey

I’ve run “State of Clojure” surveys for each of the last two years (see results from 2010 and 2011), and the time has come for the 2012 edition.

Anthony Goubard07/19/12
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ElementList as Replacement for NodeList

If you have ever used the method Element.getElementsByTagName() which returns a org.w3c.dom.NodeList, you have probably had one of the following problems.

Alex Ruiz07/19/12
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Make Your Xtext-based Editor 300 Times Faster*

Here is the fine print: With a 3-line code change, we were able to make the Protocol Buffer editor ~300 times faster when opening files in a Java project. Speed improvements may vary depending on the size of a project’s classpath.

Johannes Brodwall07/19/12
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How Changing Java Package Names Transformed my System Architecture

Changing your perspective even a small amount can have profound effects on how you approach your system.

Kelly Reiser07/19/12
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What Would You Like to See on Your DZone Profile?

You know you’re awesome, but does everyone else? Sure, you’ve probably posted some useful links and maybe even written some most excellent articles, but right now most people can’t see everything about how awesome you are, all in one place.

Nadav Azaria07/19/12
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Taming your new Junior Developer

Junior Developers...You can't live with them and it is illegal to shoot them. Well, except maybe for our North Korean readers. So how the hell can you pass software development knowledge to someone who thinks that Maven is a city in Eastern Europe?

Markus Eisele07/19/12
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GlassFish Operations: Log Notifications

One I get asked quite a lot is: "How do you configure GlassFish to receive notifications/alerts/messages on important log entries?". Seems to be a good topic to blog about.

Kief Morris07/19/12
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7 Books On The Reading List For Organizing Continuous Delivery

There are a number of books that influenced Kief Morris' thinking on Continuous Delivery. Here are his top 7.

James Sugrue07/19/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Is This A Palindrome

In this week's code puzzler, you have to create a function that determines if a given string is a palindrome or not.