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Stoimen Popov08/21/12
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OOP JavaScript: Accessing Public Methods in Private Methods

As you know in JavaScript when you define a variable with the special word “var” the scope of this variable is within the function. So when you simply wite “var a = 5″ the variable named “a” has a global scope and can be accessed in any function in the global scope.

Dustin Marx08/21/12
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NetBeans 7.2: Refactoring Constructor As Static Factory

In the post NetBeans 7.2: Refactoring Parameterized Constructor As Builder, I looked at how NetBeans 7.2 supports refactoring a constructor to a builder as described in Item 2 of the Second Edition of Effective Java. In this post, I look at how NetBeans 7.2 similarly supports refactoring constructors to factories as described in Item #1 of Effective Java.

Tony Siciliani08/21/12
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Google Cloud Messaging: Collapsible Messages

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a free service for pushing messages from the cloud to a number of registered Android recipients. Here we will examine a particular type of messaging called collapsible.

Boris Lam08/21/12
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Writing Your Spring Security Expression Language Annotation

Spring security expression language is very useful. It helps to secure your service/web methods with one line of code. It supports @PreAuthorize and @Secured. In the next three posts, I will talk about how to add custom behaviour to the @PreAuthorize annotation.

Ben Kepes08/21/12
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A Preview of VMworld and What's Coming Up from VMware

In a couple of weeks I’ll be in San Francisco for VMware annual conference, VMworld. This will actually be my first time attending the even in person and I suspect I’ve chosen the best year to be there – there are some seismic shifts occurring in...

Jim O' Neil08/21/12
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Hands-On Opportunities with Windows Azure

Grab your free Windows Azure account and get some hands-on time with Windows Azure via two great opportunities, one you can attend in person and one you can attend in your pajamas (read: on-line).

Raymond Camden08/21/12
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Searching For Array Elements in IndexedDB

Today I decided to look into how to perform a search for data based on an array property. Search is - to me - the most critical weak point of IndexedDB now.

Robert Diana08/21/12
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Is The Web Really Just Links Or Is It Evolving?

A web of links can be limiting when looking at applications. When looking at reading a news story, links make sense, but reading articles is only part of the web. By looking at the data available, we are starting to create a more interactive and informative web.

Paul Miller08/21/12
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When Amazon Abandoned Main Street for 'the Skyscrapers of Cloud'

It may not always offer the lowest prices, or the best support but AWS consistently manages to meet customer demand with an offer that is more or less ‘good enough.’

Claus Ibsen08/21/12
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Video: Introduction to Fuse ESB Enterprise

FuseSource created a 5 minute video that shows a rundown of some of the highlights of the new Fuse ESB Enterprise release. There's a link to the video in the article. Enjoy!

Joachim Hofer08/21/12
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Linked Lists in Datomic

I think it’s time for some fun with Datomic and Datalog. In order to learn to know Datomic better, I will attempt to implement linked lists as a Datomic data structure.

Krishna Kumar08/21/12
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The Politics of Software Development

Steve Yegge has a couple of posts expounding a new theory of thinking about software engineering based on politics. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether these kind of posts are elaborate trolls, but since many people will take them at face value, let me go ahead and address some of the arguments made.

Gareth Rushgrove08/20/12
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Tale Of A Grok Pattern

One of the host powerful filters in logstash is the grok filter. It takes a grok pattern and parses out information contained in the text into fields that can be more easily used by outputs. This post serves hopefully as both an explanation of why and an example of how you might do that.

John Cook08/20/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Algorithm Used for World Record Pi Calculations

The following algorithm is based on work of Ramanujan and has been used in several world-record calculations of pi.

Eric Genesky08/20/12
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Latency: Does it Really Matter?

Nowadays complex applications and mission-critical systems demand ever more network speed and capacity.