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Dustin Marx05/15/12
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Specifying Appropriate NetBeans JDK Source Release

NetBeans uses its projects' settings for javac.source (and javac.target) in more ways than simply enforcing javac's use of the -source and -target. In this post, I look at some of the numerous benefits of appropriately setting the Java release source level in NetBeans.

Stoimen Popov05/15/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Karatsuba Fast Multiplication

Typically multiplying two n-digit numbers require n2 multiplications. That is actually how we, humans, multiply numbers. Let’s take a look of an example in case we’ve to multiply two 2-digit numbers. . .

Nick Watts05/15/12
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Filtering FindBugs Reports by Rank

I’ve been messing with the FindBugs Ant task today to incorporate it into my company’s automated build for a JEE application. One task I wanted to do was filter the bug report by rank.

Michael Mccandless05/15/12
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Finite State Automata in Lucene

Lucene Revolution 2012 is now done, and the talk Robert and I gave went well! We showed how we are using automata (FSAs and FSTs) to make great improvements throughout Lucene.

Ricardo Zuasti05/15/12
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Web Development Frameworks: Play Framework 2.0

If you are a Java developer (I infer it’s the same for Scala skilled devs) it’s really, really simple to get going with Play. It took me less than a day’s work to feel at home with the framework, and all my Java skills felt like still available and empowering what I was doing.

Allan Gregersen05/15/12
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How to create an API for users who don’t want to depend on your code?

Ever wanted to avoid having to add a development dependency to your project? We at the Javeleon team think you should not link to our code at all. Find out how a recent collaboration with one of our users ended up satisfying this requirement.

Willie Wheeler05/15/12
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On Domain Modeling with Spring Data Neo4j

This post describes how to build out the person configuration item in Skybase using Spring Data Neo4j.

Gaurav Mantri05/15/12
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A Comprehensive Comparison of Windows Azure Blob Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Part 2)

This is a continuation of a previous post that Guarav Mantri wrote concerning two popular cloud storage services offered by Microsoft and Amazon. Get to know the differences here.

Sam Farmer05/15/12
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ColdFusion 10 Released Today: New Features

With the release of ColdFusion 10 today, we take a look at Sam Farmer's new feature rundown. Some of the cooler things include having REST baked in and having WebSocket support.

Ben Kepes05/15/12
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Video: Persistent Issues Around Cloud Adoption

Ben Kepes offers some insightful comments on the current state of cloud adoption, with a Software Advice interview to boot.

Swizec Teller05/15/12
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My Brain Can’t Handle OOP Anymore

In object-oriented programming everything gets muddled together. Functions are bundled with data, everything is codependent and there’s no telling what a function might do when you call it.

Patrick Debois05/15/12
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Codifying DevOps

This blogpost is a first stab at providing a structure to codify devops practices. The wording, descriptions are pretty much work in progress, but I found them important enough to share to get your feedback.

James Sugrue05/15/12
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Scala For The Impatient

With one of the most appealing titles I've ever seen in a programming book,  I could not recommend Scala for the Impatient highly enough. The author, Cay Horstmann, has written many books about...

Mitch Pronschinske05/14/12
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ActiveMQ and ServiceMix Achieve New Heights

Looks like after around a month of public beta, Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse MQ 7.0 have both been made generally available today according to a new announcement out of the CamelOne Conference.

Carlo Scarioni05/14/12
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Beginners Guide: Improving Search Indexes for Better Performance

As you know one of the most important techniques when designing your database schema or your searching enabled systems is the selection and creation of indexes for increasing the performance of your various queries. What you may not know is why and how indexes help.