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Lukas Eder04/26/12
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Must-have Eclipse plugin: AnyEdit Tools

On fresh Eclipse installations, I usually feel a bit naked, until I realise that this lovely little plugin is not part of Eclipse itself. It’s called AnyEdit tools, and it features the following nice things:

Eric Genesky04/26/12
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Video: Heroku, Neo4j and Google Spreadsheet in 10 Minutes Flat

This screencast shows you how to deploy an app using Heroku's Neo4j addon. You'll learn how to expose a read-only Cypher endpoint and integrate with Google Spreadsheet.

Peter Lawrey04/26/12
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yield(), sleep(0), wait(0,1) and parkNanos(1)

On the surface these methods do the same thing in Java; They all wait a sort period of time, but how much that is varies a surprising amount and between platforms.

Constantin Alin04/26/12
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How to Programmatically Access PrimeFaces Tags

This is FYI kind of tip. Recently, I tried to programmatically acess PrimeFaces tags from Java beans. I found two solutions that can be extrapolated to almost all PrimeFaces tags.

Michael Mainguy04/26/12
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Code to the Interface, Even if the Interface is a Class

After spending a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to refactor some particularly hairly (hairy + gnarly) data access code, I thought I'd share some insight into a popular misconception about what coding to the interface actually means.

Daniel Doubrovkine04/26/12
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You Have to Stop Saying Your Experience is Under NDA in Interviews

I talked to a developer recently. He said: "I cannot talk about this project, because it's under NDA." …followed by silence. Ergh! Can you please tell me something useful?

Tom O'connor04/26/12
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GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Skydrive, etc.: Counting the Cost of Cloud Backup

We've seen some competition in cloud backup this week with changes to services like Skydrive and Dropbox. Here's a comparison and analysis of these services' costs and benefits.

John Cook04/26/12
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The Linux Command Line: Book Review

No Starch Press recently released The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction by William E. Shotts, Jr. True to its name, the book is about using Linux from command line. It’s not an...

Matt Vickery04/26/12
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Spring Integration - Payload Storage via Header Enrichment

It's pretty straight forward to take a message, use an SI header enricher construct and place the message in the header using a SpEL expression - in fact one for the header key name and one for the payload extraction. The following SI flow demonstrates an example of how to do just that.

Aaron Nichols04/26/12
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Challenging the Next Wave of System Engineers

I want to give individuals access to the experiences that gave me good judgement today. Not just reading about them, because that’s not how I learn, but by getting hit in the stomach at 2am by them.

James Sugrue04/26/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Finding Twin Primes

Time for our weekly code puzzle. The idea is simple: solve the coding problem as efficiently as you can, in any language or framework that you think is suitable. Today problem is to find all the twin primes within a certain range.

John Cook04/25/12
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100x better approach to software?

99% of the effort that goes into creating a large software system is not productive. Even if the ratio of overhead and redundancy to productive code is not as high as 99 to 1.

Douglas Rathbone04/25/12
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10 Tips to Avoid Mental Burnout

Doug Rathbone shares 10 tips from his experience to help you unplug or reinvigorate your interest in IT and your job. I'm sure you've seen millions of these posts, but Doug's tips are a bit more in-depth and practical than many posts out there.

Chad Davis04/25/12
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Clarifying Lucene Index Creation, A Beginner's Approach

The documentation for Lucene leaves a bit to the imagination. This is a clear introduction to the conceptual architecture of Lucene, with which you will be able to productively approach the FAQ's and tutorials on the project web site.

Ben Kepes04/25/12
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AWS Marketplace is Proof that Cloud Value is Higher up the Stack

Existing ecosystem partners will benefit from that in the short term but it’s a risk for them long term. Other infrastructure vendors will surely follow suit.