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Andrew Phillips07/20/11
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jar-with-deps don’t like META-INF/services

Recently, I was preparing a connection checker for Deployit’s powerful remote execution framework Overthere. To make the checker, as compact as possible, I put together a jar-with-deps1 for distribution.

Marco Tedone07/20/11
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Inject Spring beans in AspectJ

AspectJ is the most powerful AOP framework in the Java space; Spring is the most powerful enterprise development framework in the Java space. It's not surprise that combining the two should lead to wonderful things...In this article I'm going to show a...

Peter Lawrey07/20/11
12 replies

Incorrect Core Java Interview Answers

On the internet, Java interview questions and answers get copied from one web site to another. This can mean that an incorrect or out of date answer might never be corrected. Here are some questions and answer which are not quite correct or are now out...

Julian Exenberger07/20/11
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Java 8.0 Wishlist (Take 2)

Ok so it's it been a while since my last article on this topic... The comments of course have been first rate, with opinions on the wish-list have ranged from outright agreement to threats of violence for even having such boneheaded ideas. It's all good...

Nirmal Sasidharan07/20/11
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Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF)

Over the last few months some guys at itemis and Düsseldorf University have been working closely to bring out a solution to the open in an effort to lessen the big gap we have currently in Eclipse Ecosystem in the area of Requirements Management (RM)....

Rob Hinds07/20/11
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Hibernate + Spring - Testing the Data Access Layer with an In Memory Database

For some time I have been working on developing a Java web app using Spring MVC & Hibernate, and as many will have discovered, this throws up lots of questions with unit testing. To increase my coverage (and general test confidence) I decided to implement...

Wojciech Kudla07/20/11
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Danger lurks in virtualization

I'm pretty sure some of you are working for organisations that make extensive use of virtualization solutions. If you do, and by a chance you happen to develop or maintain Java applications, you may find this post interesting.

Markus Eisele07/20/11
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JavaOne is looming on the horizon - 6,393,600 seconds to go! (Content Catalogue Released!)

And it is rapidly approaching. 106,560 minutes or 1776 hours or rounded 10 weeks until the industry meets again in San Francisco! If you were waiting for the content catalog, it is finally there, too. With over 400 Sessions in 8 tracks this will be a...

Patrick Debois07/20/11
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Storytelling in IT - Conversation matters

  Great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ." implies that consensus is often the result of a coincidence or luck. If you look at the success rate of presentations, you might actually think that this is shear luck. So why is it you...

Mats Lindh07/20/11
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Solr: Replication not starting?

After upgrading our Solr-servers from 1.4.1 to 4.0-trunk (to be sure we were ready for the next version), I had trouble with getting replication to start again. It worked perfectly back with 1.4.1, but after upgrading to 4.0-trunk, it simply wouldn’t...

Kai Wähner07/20/11
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Rapid Cloud Development with Spring Roo – Part 1: Google App Engine (GAE)

Spring Roo is a tool to offer rapid application development on the Java platform. I already explained when to use it: http://www.kai-waehner.de/blog/2011/04/05/when-to-use-spring-roo.  Spring Roo supports two solutions for Cloud Computing at the moment:...

Jay Fields07/20/11
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Individuals Over People

I've been pondering a few different ideas lately that all center around a common theme: to be maximally effective you need to identify and allow people to focus on their strengths.

Sandro Mancuso07/19/11
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Testing legacy: Hard-wired dependencies (part 2)

In part one, I showed how to unit test a method that uses a Singleton and makes static calls. So now, let's have a look at common code problems we find in legacy code, using the same example:

Peter Lawrey07/19/11
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Java Secret: Generated methods

 The Java compiler generates extra methods which appear in stack traces. These can be confusing at first. What are they and why do they exist?

Trisha Gee07/19/11
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Dissecting the Disruptor: Writing to the ring buffer

This is the missing piece in the end-to-end view of the Disruptor.  Brace yourselves, it's quite long.  But I decided to keep it in a single blog so you could have the context in one place. The important areas are: not wrapping the ring; informing the...