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Dustin Marx03/05/12
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Some Useful Java Classes That You Might Not Know About

A recent reddit Java thread is titled "Share a useful class from the standard Java Class Library!" and starts with the comment, "There are so many available classes and sometimes ones exist that you don't realize. Share one that you use that the rest of us may not be aware of!" In this post, I look at some of the (mostly JDK) classes mentioned in the forty (at time of this writing) responses to this request.

Roger Hughes03/05/12
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Make Tomcat Part of Your Maven Build Process

My last blog explained the relationships between Mavan life-cycles, build phases and goals from a height of about 3 miles. In explaining Maven’s goals I mentioned the tomcat:redeploy goal without really defining where it came from. Well, the answer is that the tomcat:redeploy goal isn’t a default goal or part of the default Maven installation, it’s part of the tomcat-maven-plugin. This plugin comes with several useful goals that allow you to manipulate Tomcat as part of your build process - the big idea here is that Tomcat can automatically become part of your extended build process.

Nicolas Frankel03/05/12
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A Hard Fact About Transaction Management In Spring

In previous posts, I tackled some misconceptions about Hibernate: there are plenty of developers using Hibernate (myself including) that do not use it correctly, sometimes from a lack of knowledge. The same can be said about many complex products, but I was dumbfounded this week when I was faced with such a thing in the Spring framework. Surely, something as pragmatic as Spring couldn’t have shadowy areas in some corner of its API.

Gabriel Jeremia...03/05/12
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Dealing With Expected and Unexpected Faults in BPEL

It's possible to catch exceptions from your BPELs in WebSphere Integration Developer. But what happens when we want to catch an exception that is not necessarily a fault and could stem from the underlying system or the application behind the invoke?

Spike Morelli03/05/12
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Why Having "DevOps" in a Job Title Makes Sense

It’s a very legittimate question, Devops is a cultural and professional movement, so how could it be a job title? This article argues that Devops isn’t the job title, Devops Engineer is, and in this sense Devops is just a qualifier and very useful one at that.

Tony Russell-rose03/05/12
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Designing Search (part 2): As-you-type suggestions

Auto-complete is better suited for known-item search and simple information retrieval tasks; auto-suggest works well for exploratory search and complex information seeking tasks; and instant results provide a direct channel from queries to answers. In this article you'll learn use case examples for each.

Raymond Camden03/05/12
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Using Web Sockets with Server Side Logic

A discussion of how to modify a chat return a list of users, with step-by-step instructions as well as code.

Troy Hunt03/04/12
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The 10 Commandments of Good Source Control Management

These are the 10 best pieces of advice you can get for having good source control management. These examples are all relevant to version control products of all types and programming languages of all flavors.

Jose Asuncion03/04/12
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Getting Started With Data Mining

Learn a handful of lessons to get you started with Data Mining such as the Market Basket model and the concept of frequent itemsets.

Peter Lawrey03/04/12
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Benchmarking on the Slowest Machine You Can Find

When performing benchmarks I usually reach for the fastest machine I can. The theory is that if speed matters you will use a fast machine. Recently I have tried benchmarking the slowest machine I have access to.

Roger Hughes03/04/12
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A Birds Eye View of Maven

One of the things that we do on a daily basis is use Maven to build our projects by issuing build commands such as mvn install. Maven then looks at our project’s configuration file, affectionately known as a POM, magically figures out what do and, hey presto, your build is complete. I imagine that we do this so often that we never think about what’s going on behind the scenes, and in some cases without ever understanding what’s going on either. This blog takes a bird’s eye look at the Maven build lifecycle and reveals what happens when you issue commands such as mvn clean install.

Michael Mainguy03/03/12
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Aggressive control freaks make great programmers

Of the folks I know, the good/great programmers are all pretty aggressive. In addition they are also pretty controlling. As a person who historically fit in to that personality type, I wonder why this is. It seems to me that the reason has to do with the way people interact with computers when programming

Jay Fields03/03/12
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Aligning Business & Programmer Goals

In a recent presentation I gave at speakerconf, one of the first questions I was asked related to how a language was chosen for the company I work for. Who is better suited to adding new languages into production than the developer team, rather than a CTO? But going along that line of thinking, doesn't it cause a scale issue where every developer choses what's best for themselves?

Constantin Alin03/03/12
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Allowing Duplicate Keys in Java Collections

You may have found situations where you want to add more than one element with the same key in a Java collection. The MultiValueMap class from Apache Commons allows you to do just that.

Rafał Kuć03/03/12
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Explain.solr.pl Solr Visualization Tool Open Sourced

The explain.solr.pl tool to visualize Solr search results has now been open sourced and from it you can get the following information: why a document was placed in the results list or why it wasn't.