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Dejan Bosanac08/01/12
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Messaging Anti-Patterns: Part 1

If you have a hammer everything looks like a nail, right? So we all witnessed that people sometimes try to solve the problem with wrong technology.

Sara Chipps07/31/12
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'Teaching a Man to Fish' With a Computer

Last week Sara Chipps travelled to the Dominican Republic with the organization Handfuls of Hope to bring food, clothing, and care. Could computers have an even bigger impact?

Simon Metson07/31/12
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A Former Large Hadron Collider Worker Discusses Big Science, Big Data

Watching how the computing system of CMS evolved over the last ten years from something that required a lot of hand holding to something that could be relied upon to deliver.

Eric Genesky07/31/12
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DataNucleaus Enables Neo4j with JPA or JDO

The DataNucleus project provides Java applications with a consistent, standards-compliant platform for data management.

Kief Morris07/31/12
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Devops as a Confidence Game

As an initiative to get developers, sysadmins, and testers working together to increase the speed of delivering high quality software changes, a key challenge devops must address is trust. Sysadmins simply don’t trust developers to hand them production ready code.

Jaigak Song07/31/12
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Introducing a Simple PaaS Built on Hadoop YARN

This post describes a prototype implementation of a simple PAAS built on the Hadoop YARN framework and the key findings from the experiment.

Eric Genesky07/31/12
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Tracing the Big Data Value Continuum

Technology markets are challenging enough to understand but, when you throw in the added noise that typically accompanies early markets, gaining real insights can be next to impossible.

Geoffrey Papilion07/31/12
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Solr Upgrade Surprise and Using Kill to Debug It

At work, we’ve recently upgraded to the latest and greatest stable version of Solr (3.6), and moved from using the dismax parser to the edismax parser.

Markus Eisele07/31/12
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GlassFish JDBC Security with Salted Passwords on MySQL

One of the most successful posts on this blog is my post about setting up a JDBC Security Realm with form based authentication on GlassFish. Some comments on this post made me realize that there is more to do to actually make this secure as it should be.

Jacob Orshalick07/31/12
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Consolidate your Technical Debt!

Do you have a technical debt problem? Just like having too much personal debt can lead to financial ruin, technical debt can ruin a project. Ward Cunningham created the metaphor of technical debt to put a concept around coding cruft that need to be addressed.

Mite Mitreski07/31/12
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Mustaches in the World of Java

Mustache is templating system with implementation in many languages including Java and JavaScript . The templates are also supported by various web frameworks and client side JS libraries.

Liran Zelkha07/31/12
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Ridin' the Cloud: The Changing Database Scalability Landscape

A recent whitepaper published by Scalebase described how the database landscape is evolving, and why you don't need to rework your entire database to take advantage of the cloud.

Mark Needham07/31/12
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neo4j: Embracing the Sub Graph

Recently I wrote about how I’d been designing a neo4j graph by thinking about what questions I wanted to answer about the data. The neat thing about graphs is that multiple subgraphs can live in the same data-space.

Debasish Ghosh07/31/12
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Property Based Testing for Domain Models

One of the challenges that we face building a non trivial domain model is to write proper tests that verify the domain rules that the model implements. The domain rules can be quite complex, may have a number of edge cases which the developer himself may fail to take care of.

Nikita Salnikov...07/31/12
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Case study on Memory Leak Detection Internals in Java

In the following article I will describe how memory leaks can be detected in general and which approaches Plumbr uses internally to do its job.