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Will Soprano08/29/12
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MySQL vs. MongoDB: The Complete Edition

MySQL vs. MongoDB: The showdown. One of our MVBs is on a quest to make this test work in his favor! He's documenting his every step through a series of articles and you can find them all here!

Mitch Pronschinske08/29/12
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The "Pianodoro": Take Your Productivity to Power-Level 9000!

Practitioners of the Pomodoro Technique swear by its effectiveness in making working humans more productive. I'm here to tell you today, that we the DZone writers, curators, designers, developers, etc. have employed this technique on numerous occasions and we think we've stumbled upon something even better…

Jerry Nixon08/28/12
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Apple Helps Windows Phone?

Apple Inc's decisive triumph over Samsung Electronics in the most closely watched patent trial in years could open the door for Microsoft Corp to finally hop on board the mobile boom.

Punit Ganshani08/28/12
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Developer Interviews – Code First Approach

One of challenges that I’ve seen people facing while executing projects is that they often end up having people in their team (many a times screened by some experts) who are not good at writing quality code. There could be many arguments that writing code is not the only thing when working in an IT organization, but I have closely observed and built my theory.

Dave Fecak08/28/12
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The Future: Polyglot Programmers

The concept of polyglot programmers and polyglot programming isn’t new by any means, and I realize that I’m certainly not the first person or the most qualified person (I may be the tallest) to think or write about the subject. Neal Ford mentioned it over five years ago in a blog post that was quite prophetic.

Anders Karlsson08/28/12
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MySQL as a KVS vs. MongoDB: MySQL Beats Mongo by 62K Rows/Sec.

The last time I used MySQL Embedded Library to bypass the MySQL Client Server protocol to see what the overhead was, and the result was that it is big

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz08/28/12
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SOA Patterns is Published!

My book on Service Oriented Architecture patterns is finally published. You can get the ebook on manning’s site. Publish dates are available within this article.

Dustin Marx08/28/12
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Book Review: Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications

As I described in an earlier post, Packt Publishing invited me to review the book Java EE 6 Cookbook for Securing, Tuning, and Extending Enterprise Applications. In this post, I provide a review of the strengths and weaknesses of this book along with an idea of the type of person who would gain the most from reading this book. Before doing that, I summarize the recipes covered in each chapter.

Vijay Narayanan08/28/12
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Using Spring & Java Annotations to Inject Reusable Capabilities – Part II

In an earlier post, I wrote about using the Spring BeanPostProcessor to inject cross-cutting concerns. That can easily be extended to inject a proxy more transparently across all beans in the application context. The key is to use the BeanFactoryPostProcessor in conjunction with the post-processor

Victor Savkin08/28/12
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Polyglot Programming on the Web

Whether you like it or not, the web platform has become the dominant client-side technology. This fact is so obvious that even Microsoft and Adobe have abandoned their solutions in favor of the web.

Phil Whelan08/28/12
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Apache Projects are the Justice League of Scalability

In this post I will define what I believe to be the most important projects within the Apache Projects for building scalable web sites and generally managing large volumes of data.

Oliver Plohmann08/28/12
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Performance Test: Groovy 2.0 vs. Java

Groovy 2.0 has been awaiting its release for a long time. So with as much time as it took, and with all its satisfied users, one question still remains: Can it hang with Java in terms of performance?

Steven Lott08/28/12
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Password Encryption -- Short Answer: Don't.

One of the small lessons is that changing your password every sixty or ninety days is farcical. The rainbow table algorithms can crack a badly-done password in minutes. You shouldn't encrypt or write your own hash and salt algorithm. Here's what you should do...

Stoimen Popov08/27/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Finding the Lowest Common Ancestor

Here’s one task related to the tree data structure. Given two nodes, can you find their lowest common ancestor? As a matter of fact, this task always has a proper solution because at least the root node is always a common ancestor of all pairs of nodes. However, here the task is to find the lowest one, which can be quite far from the root.

Christian Posta08/27/12
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Guaranteed Messaging For Topics, the JMS Spec, and ActiveMQ

Recently a customer asked me to look closer at ActiveMQ’s implementation of “persistent” messages, how it applies to topics, and what happens in failover scenarios when there are non-durable subscribers.