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Dan Haywood07/30/12
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Drop all Tables in an MS SQL Server Database

Currently working on a JDO DataNucleus object store for Apache Isis, as part of an app that’s gonna be deployed onto MS SQL Server.

Brian O' Neill07/30/12
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Spring Data With Cassandra Using JPA

We recently adopted the use of Spring Data. Spring Data provides a nice pattern/API that you can layer on top of JPA to eliminate boiler-plate code.

Anders Karlsson07/30/12
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There Is No Silver Bullet for Big Data / Analytics

We have a lot more storage space available these days, and a lot more data to work with, so Big Data and Big Analytics is getting much more mainstream now.

Uwe Schindler07/30/12
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Use Lucene’s MMapDirectory on 64bit Platforms, Please!

Since version 3.1, Apache Lucene and Solr use MMapDirectory by default on 64bit Windows and Solaris systems; since version 3.3 also for 64bit Linux systems. This change lead to some confusion among Lucene and Solr users, because suddenly their systems started to behave differently than in previous versions

Rodrigo De Castro07/30/12
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Why I Think Riak is a Great NoSQL Option

Some thoughts after playing with Riak for a few days: Basic: Essentially a key/value store implementing Amazon's Dynamo where you can decide the level of replication you want on a per bucket or operation basis. The same applies for read operations.

Eric Genesky07/30/12
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Google Refine Recipes: Reshaping a Data Set

One of the things I’ve kept stumbling over in Google Refine is how to use it to reshape a data set, so I had a little play last week and worked out a couple of new (to me) recipes.

Bozhidar Bozhanov07/30/12
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A Simple PaaS Comparison Guide (With the Java Dev in Mind)

This user has worked with a variety of PaaSes using Java, and provides a stable framework for understanding cloud services.

Tony Siciliani07/30/12
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Google Cloud Messaging with Android

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a free service that allows developers to send messages from their application servers to any number of Android devices registered with the service. This article will look at how to quickly add push notifications to your existing Android applications.

Mitch Pronschinske07/30/12
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Poll: No Jigsaw in Java 8 - Javalobby's Opinions

Last week the OpenJDK team announced that they will most likely push Project Jigsaw into Java 9, which puts its release at 2015. Find out the general consensus on this move from the Javalobby community.

James Sugrue07/30/12
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Nothing To Do But Code on a Tropical Island

If you're at a loose end for two months, you could do worse than spend the time hacking on a tropical island. An event named "Come Hack With US" plans to send 12 programmers to an island, with all catering and cleaning looked after so they can focus on the code.

Nicolas Frankel07/30/12
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Method injection with Spring

Spring core comes out-of-the-box with two scopes: singletons and prototypes. Singletons implement the Singleton pattern, meaning there's only a single instance at runtime (in a JVM).

Ben Wootton07/29/12
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Metrics Driven Development

Once we have good metrics and a good set of monitoring systems on top of them, we can be much more aggressive in pushing out changes due to the fact that this style of monitoring gives us a very effective early warning system with regards to bugs or breakages that have been introduced.

Ravi Kalakota07/29/12
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Data Scientist Infographic & Managed Analytics

Check out an infographic summarizing a Data Scientist study. It looks at demand, sources, and characteristics of

Anton Arhipov07/29/12
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IDE Project Files In Version Control - Yes or No? Of Course, Not!

Just recently I had some discussions with the clients who were claiming that they keep IDE project files in version control system hence they avoid any changes to those files. For reference, those are Eclipse generated .project and .classpath.

Steve Francia07/29/12
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Building Your First MongoDB App in Ruby: An OSCON 2012 Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce the features of MongoDB by building a simple location-based application using MongoDB.