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Adam Warski06/13/12
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Message Replication in ElasticMQ with JGroups

Message replication is one of the core features of ElasticMQ. However if you look at the code, it’s only a handful of classes, the longest having 76 lines (remember that this is Scala, though ;) ).

Ankur Kumar06/13/12
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Code Quality Process/Guidelines for Development Teams

Code Quality Process needs to be established at the start of development cycle so that all stakeholders (developers, PM, architects, etc.) will be aligned to same objective of delivering quality code.

Will Soprano06/13/12
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Introducing Hydra: An Open Source Document Processing Framework

This video is a presentation detailing the document-processing framework named Hydra that was developed by Findwise.

Alexander Beletsky06/13/12
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A Year with Git

It's almost a year ago since I posted the article "How to start using Git in an SVN-based organization". Time has passed and some of you might be interesting, what happed next? A lot, actually.

Singaram Subramanian06/13/12
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How to Identify and Resolve Hibernate N+1 SELECT's Problems

This post offers some useful tuning tips for hibernate performance.

Dalip Mahal06/13/12
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Code Comments are for Losers

If software development is like driving a car then comments are road signs along the way. Comments are purely informational and do NOT affect the final machine code.

Eric Genesky06/13/12
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Announcing Neo4j 1.8M04

The Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 4 updates capabilities of the core Traversal Framework as well as offering new ways to use paths in Cypher.

Trevor Parsons06/13/12
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Collecting Heroku Exception Stack Traces

Heroku's ability to log all error messages can be simple and straightforward, unless these messages are spread on multiple lines as multiple events.

Ralf Stuckert06/13/12
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The Covariant Return Type Abyssal

The possibility to define a more specific return type when overriding a method has been introduced together with generics long time ago. The number of casts needed has dimished dramatically since these days, and our code is now a lot more readable. But there are also some nasty pitfalls you won't recognize before you fall down. In this article I will describe some of those traps we stumbled about lately.

Mehdi Daoudi06/12/12
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DevOps Roundup: June 4 - 12

A look at this week's news about Azure Linux support, multiple price drops by cloud providers, the Flame exploit, IPv6 growth, and what the browsers of the future will need to speed up the web.

Singaram Subramanian06/12/12
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Apache CXF: Adding a Custom Interceptor to an Interceptor Chain

Interceptors are the fundamental processing unit inside CXF. When a service is invoked, an InterceptorChain is created and invoked. Each interceptor gets a chance to do what they want with the message. This can include reading it, transforming it, processing headers, validating the message, etc.

Chris Haddad06/12/12
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Why eGovernment Needs to Shift to the Cloud

Cobiacomm gives a couple compelling reasons for why egovernment is a reasonable solution for any government trying to do too much with too little.

Paul Hammant06/12/12
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NoSQL for Storage, Relational for Reporting? No Friggin' Way.

How nice it would be if one could transparently create/maintain relational record sets for document writes.

Will Soprano06/12/12
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How to Access Your Library Book Collections Using Solr

This video shows how Bibliotheca Alexandrina uses Solr to implement full text indexing and searching across the entire collection, faceting, search within the content of a book and result highlighting and techniques used for personalization.

Mike Christianson06/12/12
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More Incomplete Thoughts on Git

I’m working through Chapter 6 and things are starting to go off the rails for me. Here are my current thoughts…