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Blaise Doughan08/02/12
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JAXB - No Annotations Required

There appears to be a misconception that annotations are required on the model in order to use a JAXB (JSR-222) implementation. The truth is that JAXB is configuration by exception, so annotations are only required when you want to override default behaviour.

Geoffrey Papilion08/02/12
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Infrastructure – The Challenge of Small Ops – Part 3

Infrastructure is hard to build. This is true when putting together compute clusters, or when dealing with roads or power lines. Typically this involves both increases in operating expenses and capital expenses, and a small mistake can be quite costly.

Debasish Ghosh08/02/12
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Does Category Theory Make You a Better Programmer ?

How much of category theory knowledge should a working programmer have ? I guess this depends on what kind of language the programmer uses in his daily life.

Mahdi Yusuf08/02/12
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OAuth and API Providers: Come on guys...

The more OAuth providers there are, the more inconsistency there is. Not following the specification puts an increased and unnecessary burden on the developer.

Hirvesh Munogee08/02/12
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Introducing BinaryJS: For Realtime Binary Streaming via WebSockets

BinaryJS is a lightweight framework that utilizes WebSockets to send, stream, and pipe binary data bidirectionally between browser JavaScript and Node.js.

Markus Eisele08/02/12
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Introducing the Oracle Public Cloud Java Service

Wanna get started with OPC? Go pick up NetBeans 7.2RC1 Java EE, and then head back to this post for a step-by-step guide.

Michael Mainguy08/02/12
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equals and hashCode for Dummies (Again)

In Java, writing equals and hashcode methods are perennial problems. Newbies and experts alike are confounded when things go haywire and troubleshooting problems can be extremely difficult.

Abhishek Jain08/02/12
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Hurdles to Your First Hadoop Cluster

We were working on setting up our first Hadoop cluster. Though there are many online documentation on this even then we faced a few challenges getting with it.

Will Soprano08/02/12
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Browser Wars: Chrome vs. IE10 on Win7, 8 & Metro

The results are in: which web browser is the fastest? These are the JavaScript performance numbers. There's also a nice surprise at the bottom of the article.

James Sugrue08/02/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Return the Factorial

Thursday is code puzzler day here at DZone, and today's challenge is to write a function that calculates the factorial of a given number.

Toni Petrina08/01/12
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Should We Have a Choice Between Marketplaces on the Same Platform?

Recent outburst by Gabe Newell, owner of Valve – the company behind Steam digital publishing platform for PC and Mac, against Windows 8 and its closed Marketplace model, prompts one to think about the need for a second marketplace.

Anders Abel08/01/12
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Programmer Time Translation Cheatsheet -or- Why Programmers Are Bad at Estimating Times

An experienced project manager I used to work with claimed that he took the programmers’ time estimates, multiplied by pi and converted to the next time magnitude to get the true number. He had learned the hard way that programmers are bad at estimating times.

Michael Mccandless08/01/12
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Building a New Lucene Postings Format

As of 4.0 Lucene has switched to a new pluggable codec architecture, giving the application full control over the on-disk format of all index files. We have a nice collection of builtin codec components, and developers can create their own such as this recent example using a Redis back-end to hold updatable fields.

Eric Genesky08/01/12
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More on Measuring the Continuum of Big Data Value

Recall that in the world of Big Data, our fundamental assumption is that data no longer resides in a static database for its entire life.

Alex Soto08/01/12
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Build Flow Jenkins Plugin

Build Flow enables us to define an upper level flow item to manage job orchestration and link up rules, using a dedicated DSL. Learn to harness this awesome plugin.