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Tony Siciliani05/06/12
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Android Special Effects: Alpha Animation

An Alpha Animation is animation that controls the alpha level of an object, i.e. fading it  in and out. In Android, you can apply that fading effect to almost  anything, from simple text, to images, buttons, check boxes, etc... Android has a few classes that can help you add that special effect to your programs quite easily.

Carlos Sanchez05/06/12
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Automatically Download and Install VirtualBox Guest Additions in Vagrant

If you're already using Vagrant to manage your VirtualBox VMs, then you probably have realized already how annoying is to keep the VBox guest additions up to date in your VMs. We'll help you fix this issue...

Matt Vickery05/06/12
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Spring Integration - Transforming a Header Object to a Payload

Moving objects from the Spring Integration header can be done using several mechanisms. This tutorial will show you a few ways...

Tony Russell-rose05/06/12
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Ask DZ: How do you compare two text classfiers?

I need to compare two text classifiers – one human, one machine. They are assigning multiple tags from an ontology. We have an initial corpus of ~700 records tagged by both classifiers. The goal is to measure the ‘value added’ by the human. However, we don’t yet have any ground truth data (i.e. agreed annotations).

Ricardo Zuasti05/05/12
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Give Options, Not Configuration Nightmares

You have probably heard about convention over configuration, especially if you follow Ruby on Rails, the Play Framework or similar projects.

Pierre - Hugues...05/05/12
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Java Thread Deadlock: A Case Study

This article will describe the complete root cause analysis of a recent Java deadlock problem observed from a Weblogic 11g production system running on the IBM JVM 1.6.

Mike Hadlow05/05/12
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RabbitMQ Subscriptions with the DotNet Client

RabbitMQ comes with a nice .NET client called, appropriately enough, ‘RabbitMQ DotNet Client’. It does a good job of implementing the AMQP protocol in .NET and comes with excellent documentation, which is good because there are some interesting subtleties in its usage.

Michael Collier05/04/12
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CloudDevelop 2012 Conference to be Held in Columbus, OH on August 3

The upcoming CloudDevelop conference will be vendor/tech neutral, and will feature sessions that cover all platforms and services.,

Ranjib Dey05/04/12
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6 Types of Monitoring

Here's a quick rundown of 6 types of monitoring for your infrastructure. Yes, there are six, and a few that you might not have thought of.

David Pollak05/04/12
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Institutional Knowledge is Gold

Putting aside the functional skills that a given person has, there are important social skills that take time to assimilate. Getting communications and interactions and understanding right takes a fair number of interactions.

Florian Adler05/04/12
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RESTication of Openxava App and Vaadin Client

The purpose of this article is to provide REST interface for Openxava (OX) application. It shows how to integrate the jersey engine into the OX build and extend the JPA2 entities with JAXB and JAXRS annotations

Tom Jefferys05/04/12
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Apache Commons Lang StringUtils

So, thought it'd be good to talk about another Java library that I like. It's been around for a while and is not perhaps the most exciting library, but it is very very useful. I probably make use of it daily.

Joe Miller05/04/12
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Parallel Provisioning For Speeding up Vagrant

Joe Miller needed a simple mechanism to build native packages on the relevant platforms, ie: .deb's on debian and .rpm on redhat/centos. He ended up using a combination of Vagrant and some homegrown tools such as Bunchr.

Matt Vickery05/04/12
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Spring Integration - Payload Storage via Claim-check

The claim-check model offers configurable storage for message payloads. The advantage in using this Enterprise Integration pattern, compared against header enrichment, is that objects don't have to be packed into the header using a Header Enrichment technique.

Mitch Pronschinske05/04/12
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Video Walkthrough: Connecting Solr and Acquia Drupal Search

Continuing where the last screencast left off, this third tutorial shows how to install the Acquia Connector (Acquia is an enterprise Drupal SaaS), and then...