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Thomas Ferris N...06/18/12
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Github for Windows - First Impressions

The other day I was listening to the recent Hanselminutes about Github for Windows (from now on abbreviated to GhfW), and decided to take it for a spin. I've had my pains explaining people how to set up Git on Windows, and I have pretty high hopes for this tool making it easier.

Jeremiah Orr06/18/12
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JSF and the "immediate" Attribute - Command Components

The immediate attribute in JSF is commonly misunderstood. If you don't believe me, check out Stack Overflow. Part of the confusion is likely due to immediate being available on both input (i.e.. ) and command (i.e. ) components, each of which affects the JSF lifecycle differently.

Nicolas Frankel06/18/12
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Vagrant Your Drupal

I got my hands on the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 that talks about Drupal use with Vagrant. I decided to take on this opportunity to automatically manage my own Drupal infrastructure.

Kelvin Tan06/18/12
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Separating Relevance Signals From Document Content in Solr or Lucene

With the recent proliferation of personalization, analytics, social networks and the like, there are increasing ways of determining document relevance, both globally and on a per-user basis. Some call these relevance signals.

Trevor Parsons06/18/12
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Taking the P(ain in the)AAS Out of Middleware

There are pros and cons to using the latest PAASes, but it's certainly true that getting to know the cloud dispels some of the old processes that came with old-school middleware configuration.

Itamar Syn-hershko06/18/12
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The future of geo-spatial searches with Lucene

The Lucene spatial contrib module has been a nice addition to Lucene, but for a while now too many bug reports have been piling up, and it got to a point where it was clear something was broken somewhere deep inside.

Rafał Kuć06/18/12
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Rich Documents Processing: On the Search or Application Side

Once every few weeks we will be publishing posts that don’t cover one of the Apache Solr functionalities, but instead discuss some overall search problem or describe architecture of system with search as their part.

Manik Surtani06/18/12
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Introducing Distributed Execution and MapReduce Framework

In case you did not pay attention to the area of large scale distributed computing – there is a revolution going on! It is becoming increasingly evident that the software ecosystems built around so called Big Data are at the forefront of cloud computing innovation.

Nicolas Frankel06/18/12
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Using GWT widgets in Vaadin 7 - Part 3

This is the final part in our article series regarding using GWT widgets in Vaadin 7. In the first part, we looked at how to wrap GWT widgets in Vaadin components. In the second part, we detailed how to configure widgets from components. In this third and final part, we'll see how to intercept events coming from the client side in our components.

Wojciech Kudla06/18/12
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GCViewer: New Garbage Collection Analysis Plugin for VisualVM

New garbage collection monitoring plugin for VisualVM allows for investigating crucial GC metrics in greater detail and higher resolution. Recommended especially for monitoring latency constrained Java applications. Update: 

Buddhika Chamith06/17/12
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Book Review: Hadoop - the Definitive Guide (3rd ed.)

Hadoop has now become the de facto standard for large scale data analytics. With all the rage behind "Big Data" and "NoSQL" Hadoop is well positioned as the framework of...

Ken Cochrane06/17/12
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Using New Relic With Supervisord and Gunicorn

New Relic recently added support for python to their awesome web application performance tool, and I have been playing with it on a number of projects.

Jonathan Callahan06/17/12
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Learning R — The R Linksheet

When approaching R for the first time it is important to let go of some of what you know about programming. To many programmers, R has annoyingly unexpected behavior: R has several different object types that behave differently in different situations; R remembers things you wouldn’t expect; R package methods, being developed by individuals, don’t always agree on argument names or behavior.

Łukasz Budnik06/17/12
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Aspect-Oriented Programming in Apache Camel

Apache Camel has a very powerful bean injection framework which allows developers to focus only on solving business problems. However there are situations when you need to do a little bit more. Read below to see how easy it is to setup aspects (AspectJ) in Apache Camel.

Matthew Schmidt06/17/12
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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad... Data?

You may be sitting on top of an ocean of data, and you need a way to get it out, move it to all the right places, refine it, and then present it for the users to consume. DZone has the place for you to get the latest info on Hadoop, BI, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more.