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Veera Sundar09/13/12
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8 Common Code Violations in Java

At work, recently I did a code cleanup of an existing Java project. After that exercise, I could see a common set of code violations that occur again and again in the code. So, I came up with a list of such common violations and shared it with my peers so that an awareness would help to improve the code quality and maintainability. I’m sharing the list here to a bigger audience.

Abhishek Jain09/13/12
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The Difference Between 'Hadoop DFS' and 'Hadoop FS'

Examining the distinction between two syntaxes for querying HDFS.

Jens Schauder09/13/12
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Factories: Good and Not So Good Reasons to Use One

I remember the time when I first started to extensively used Factories in my code. And boy is it embarrassing to even think about that code today. The only thing reducing the embarrassment somewhat is the fact that I see similar antipatterns in lots of code I’m not responsible for as well.

Carlos Sanchez09/13/12
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Puppet for Java Developers

Learn abourt using Vagrant, Puppet, and Puppet modules to manage Maven dependencies, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, and apache as examples.

Zemian Deng09/13/12
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How to Manage Quartz Remotely

Many people asked can they manage Quartz via JMX, and that the documentation on this is not clear enough to help them get started. So, let me highlight couple ways you can do this.

Roger Hughes09/13/12
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Spring 3.1 Caching and @Cacheable

Caches have been around in the software world for long time. They’re one of those really useful things that once you start using them, you wonder how on earth you got along without them so, it seems a little strange that the Guys at Spring only got around to adding a caching implementation to Spring core in version 3.1.

Dejan Bosanac09/13/12
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Pluggable ActiveMQ Storage Lockers

Shared storage master slave broker topologies depend on successful storage locking. Meaning that only a single broker (the master) is active and use the message database.

Martin Fowler09/13/12
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Key Points from the book NoSQL Distilled

This page presents the key points of the book "NoSQL Distilled" by Pramod Sadalage & Martin Fowler. Sadalage and Fowler present key points of 11 chapters of their book "NoSQL Distilled."

Bill Armstrong09/13/12
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Poll: Which Mobile Articles Do You Read?

Tired of seeing the same old how-to when what you really want is some high-level analysis? Weigh in today and let us know 'Which Articles You Read'!

Will Soprano09/13/12
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Java: Spring Framework Round Table Discussion

This presentation and discussion, titled "Reduce XML-hell" is about Reducing XML problems when combining XML with Java; specifically with the Spring Framework. It was recorded at DZone HQ!

Thibault Delor09/13/12
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Java SE 11 : Moving Java Forward – Part 3 : Thread Safe compilation checking

This series of articles presents how, in my opinion, the java language should evolve to keep being a top choice language

Michał Warecki09/13/12
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Mediation Routing Using Apache Camel

In this part of the article we proceed to the practical side of integration using patterns. As implementation of EIPs I’ll use Apache Camel integration platform.

Jesse Warden09/13/12
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Facebook’s HTML5 Mistake

I’ve seen some holes in a few of the blogs & commentary around Mark Zuckerberg's recent quote about "betting too much on HTML5" that I believe need plugging.

Matt O'Keefe09/12/12
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DevOps Cloud Patterns

Learn some key Cloud DevOps patterns from a master in the IT space - John Willis

Amresh Singh09/12/12
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SQLifying NoSQL – Are ORM tools relevant to NoSQL?

In this article, I am going to explore whether ORM tools (whatever they are) make sense in NoSQL world…and whether they will be able to solve problems that are NoSQL specific.