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Charles Moulliard05/08/12
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Real Time HTML5 Application With Websocket and ActiveMQ/Camel

Developing "Real Time Web Applications" has always been painful not matter if the technology used was based on Java Applet, Adobe Flash, Adobe ShockWave, Microsoft Silverlight and the protocol (HTTP, RMI, ...).

Trisha Gee05/08/12
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Overheard: Agile Truths

After attending a number of conferences and events, and performing numerous interviews, I'm starting to hear the same things again and again. Since Dan North challenged all my assumptions at QCon, I'm reluctant to outright ridicule them, but I will put forward my personal opinion.

Markus Eisele05/08/12
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The Future of NoSQL with Java EE

EclipseLink 2.4 has started to support MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL; this post describes various aspects of NoSQL databases.

Steve Francia05/08/12
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MongoDB, Hadoop, and Humongous Data

Check out this presentation that shows you how to use Hadoop's MapReduce and Streaming for analytics on large datasets

Kristina Chodorow05/08/12
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Get Familiar with MongoDB Replica Set Internals: Syncing

This is one of a series of MongoDB "replica set boot camp" articles that Kristina Chodorow, who's been training new hires at10gen, has written and now released for general consumption. Enjoy.

Brian Gracely05/08/12
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The Spectrum of Hardware for the Cloud

Brian Gracely's experience at Cisco has seen some big changes in the focus of the industry from software to hardware and back again. He discusses a spectrum of ways the IT industry deals with hardware these days.

Sean Hull05/08/12
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3 Things Every CEO Should Know About the Cloud

Funky performance, uncertain reliability, and iffy support are three risky factors to consider before migrating to the cloud.

Ben O' Day05/08/12
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An Apache Camel & ActiveMQ Performance Test

Here is a simple unit test to get a feel for how quickly Camel routes add/remove from a JMS queue. You can also get some great AMQ performance stats via JMX to monitor an active system.

Patrick Debois05/08/12
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Monitoring Over 10K URLs in Nagios

The first in a news series of blog posts by DevOps godfather, Patrick DuBois, will look at the integration and options within Nagios with reference to his infrastructure at Atlassian, where they must monitor about 10,000 websites.

Chris Hostetter05/08/12
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Know a Difficult Solr Problem?

It’s not to late to submit your interesting Solr problem to try and stump me — even if you can’t make it to Boston for the Lucene Revolution conference. Check out the prizes the winners get...

John Dobie05/08/12
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Unit and Integration Tests With Maven and JUnit Categories

This example shows how to split unit and integration tests using Maven and JUnit categories. It is especially useful for existing test suites and can be implemented in minutes.

Jos Dirksen05/07/12
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Binary Websockets with Play 2.0 and Scala

I really like developping in Play and in Scala so as an experiment I rewrote the backend part from a Jetty/Java/JavaCV stack to a Play2.0/Scala/JavaCV stack.

Steve Chaloner05/07/12
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jQuery AJAX With Play 2

I’ve just prepared a course on jQuery to give to my colleagues, and one of the sections covers jQuery’s AJAX features. To demonstrate these, I wrote a quick web app using Play 2.

Juri Strumpflohner05/07/12
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Apps or Web for Mobile Development?

This is a hotly discussed topic recently. The web is now a fully-capable platform and it's getting better and better as the HTML5 standard advances.

Chad Lung05/07/12
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Five Minute Beginner's Guide to Installing and Testing Redis and Node.js on OS X

Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficien