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Markus Eisele03/26/12
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The Heroes of Java: Ola Bini

Ola Bini works as a language geek for ThoughtWorks in Chicago. He is one of the JRuby core developers, has talked at numerous conferences, and contributed to a large amount of open source projects. He is also a member of the JSR292 Expert Group.

Frank Kelly03/26/12
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Video Presentation: Architecting in the Cloud with AWS

The following wonderful talk on YouTube and the associated slides on Slideshare offer some useful insight into cloud computing on various cloud services hosted by Amazon

Ricky Ho03/26/12
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Introducing a Few Ensemble Methods of Machine Learning

Including short introductions to bagging, boosting, and a couple ways of sampling.

Jose Maria Arranz03/26/12
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Horizontal scaling of RDBMS with JTA and JEPLayer

These days we are used of hearing how good are NoSQL databases for horizontally scaling, right, you are lucky because the need of scaling is a sign of a successful service, but before crossing the Rubicon think twice, try before to exhaust the horizontal scaling capabilities of your preferred RDBMS.

Parwinder Sekhon03/26/12
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When Disruptor is not a good fit

As with most new and useful technologies and techniques, it is often easy to overuse them in scenarios where they are not appropriate. If you have a shiny new hammer, the screws start to look like nails :). In this blog I want to discuss the requirement for high-frequency, low-latency event dispatch between different threads in a process and use of Disruptor.

James Sugrue03/26/12
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Scala Creator Answers Critics of Language Roadmap

For those interested in Scala, SIP-18, which plans to modularize language features, has caused a lot of controversy. So much so that Scala's creator, Martin Odersky, has been compelled to explain himself to the critics of Scala's roadmap.

Simon Brown03/26/12
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The frustrated architect

I tend to get one of two responses if I introduce myself as a software architect. Either people think it's really cool and want to know more or they give me a look that says "I want to talk to somebody that actually writes software, not a box drawing hand-waver". The software architecture role has a bad reputation within the IT industry and it's not hard to see where this has come from.

Rob Allen03/26/12
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Drop a Folder into a Directory and have it Automatically Turned into an Apache vhost

Learn how to implement automatic Apache vhosts on your dev box. With this tutorial, you'll be able to create as many projects as you like without having to worry about setting up new virtual hosts or modifying your host's file!

Nicolas Frankel03/26/12
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The Dangers of Implicitness

Senior software engineers should be as explicit as possible when giving tasks to more junior ones. While I have had the best work experience with programers that came up with questions, they’re not all like that.

Mohamed Sanaulla03/26/12
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Why Legacy Code is the Way it is

Most of us have yelled and cursed while working on legacy code. Lets step back and reflect on the legacy code problem and see how it can be tackled (if at all!)

Roger Hughes03/26/12
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A Ranking Order for Coding Priorities

Different business domains will demand different things from their software in terms of coding style. For example, software written for the defence market must be robust as a crash may cost lives.

Cedric Beust03/26/12
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You've Been Implementing main() Wrong All This Time

Since the early days of Java, the typical way to start your program was to create a new instance from main(). If you're still doing this, I'm here to tell you it's time to stop, and take a look at Guice.

Geoffrey Papilion03/26/12
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Two Quick Chef Gotchas

When using automation tools remember to check to see if it achieved the results you expected; never blindly trust the tool. Here are two common scenarios in Chef where you might introduce a configuration issue.

Sacha Labourey03/25/12
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Most Popular Tools Used on Our Java PaaS

Cloudbees CEO Sacha Labourey provides some stats on the highest performers on cloudbees.

Jose Asuncion03/25/12
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My Implementation of the Apriori Algorithm

This is a self imposed machine problem written for a lesson lesson on Frequent Itemsets and the Apriori Algorithm. The program that would find the top five frequent item sets among a set of baskets.