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Dustin Marx06/21/12
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Moving Beyond Core Hamcrest in JUnit

Although JUnit's inclusion of Hamcrest core matchers makes them easier to use if one only wants to use the core matchers, this inclusion can make use of the non-core matchers more difficult and is a well-known issue.

Mark Needham06/21/12
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Functional Thinking: Separating Concerns

Over the weekend I was trying to port some of the neo4j import code for the ThoughtWorks graph I’ve been working on to make use of the REST Batch API and I came across an interesting example of imperative vs functional thinking.

Thibault Delor06/21/12
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Java volatile keyword explained by example

volatile is probably the less known/understood/documented keyword in Java. I have recently read an article on one of my favourite blog about the volatile keyword.

Thibault Delor06/21/12
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Java Volatile Keyword Explained by Example

volatile is probably the less known/understood/documented keyword in Java. I have recently read an article on one of my favourite blog about the volatile keyword.

Tony Siciliani06/21/12
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Android Location with Google Maps - Part 1

This series looks at how to design and implement a location-based Android application using the location API and Google Maps. Part One focuses on gathering the requirements, analyzing the tools at our disposal, and designing the application.

Roger Jennings06/21/12
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Hadoop on Azure: Hive and Amazon Elastic MapReduce

This article is intended for people who want to use Amazon S3 files as a source for Hadoop on Azure.

Mikio Braun06/21/12
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Big Data Buzzwords: Fast Data and In-Memory Analytics

There are a staggering number of buzzwords currently surrounding Big Data - here is a break down of a couple.

James Sugrue06/21/12
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Thursday Code Puzzler: Anagram Solver

For this week's challenge, let's take a look at an anagram solver. Extra credit for validating the words you generate against some online service :)

Eric Minick06/20/12
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DevOps Prisoner’s Dilemma

We often talk about tension caused competing bonus / success structures for development and operations teams in the build and release process. At Gartner IOM Cameron Haight framed this using the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma concept from game theory. I wanted to elaborate on that idea.

Christian Posta06/20/12
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From Inside the Code: ActiveMQ Network Connectors

This post gives you a committer's perspective on how the Network Connectors work for Apache ActiveMQ.

Gordon Dickens06/20/12
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Gemini Blueprint – Converting from Spring OSGi

Eclipse Virgo OSGi Enthusiasts, like myself, can now switch from the Spring OSGi namespace to the Eclipse Gemini Blueprint namespaces for bundles.

Jay Fields06/20/12
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So, You Dropped Out of College

I was recently chatting to some friends about all the apprenticeship experiments going on and one lamented:"So, what happens when they quit that first job (or worse, get laid-off) and their only skill is writing a Rails app?". I know what happens. It happened to me.

Hubert Klein Ikkink06/20/12
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Gradle Goodness: Adding Tasks to a Predefined Group

In Gradle we can group related tasks using the group property of a task. We provide the name of our group and if we look at the output of the tasks task we can see our tasks grouped in section with the given name. In the next sample we create a new task publish and assign it the group name Publishing.

Tony Russell-rose06/20/12
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A Taxonomy of Site Search

Here are the slides from the talk I gave at Enterprise Search Europe last week on A Taxonomy of Site Search. This talk extends and validates the taxonomy of information search strategies (aka ‘search modes’) presented at last year’s event.

Ian Skerrett06/20/12
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Comments and Suggestions from the Eclipse Survey

At the end of the Eclipse Community Survey we ask for general comments and suggestions about Eclipse and the Eclipse Foundation. I decided to respond and highlight some of them.