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Nicolas Frankel05/27/12
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Debugging Vaadin Client Widgets

When working with standard Vaadin components, you can rely on your prefered IDE's debugger to help you when something unexpected happens. When integrating add-ons with widgets, chances are that something won't work on the client side sooner or later. In this case, IDE debugging won't help and we need something else.

Ken Rimple05/27/12
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Roo Add-On Development: Testing XML Configurations

In the last post, we discussed unit testing Roo add-on code. I feel this is just as vital as testing any other piece of Java code, considering that every time you run the command in the container you literally have to boot it, update the OSGi bundle, and then test. The feedback loop is too long to fix little, annoying bugs like not properly parsing an XML document.

Jay Fields05/27/12
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How I Open Source

It's been recently brought to my attention that I don't view open-source the way that many of my friends do

Steve Chaloner05/27/12
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Play’s Build.scala File- a Very Subtle Gotcha

Work on the new module repository for Play is progressing nicely, but a very subtle bug was introduced into the Build.scala file. As a result, artifacts from the first repository were not being found.

Petter Holmström05/27/12
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Vaadin, Maven, and NetBeans

I'm Petter Holmström and I work as a software architect at Vaadin Ltd. in Turku, Finland. My official title is "Vaadin Architect" since all of our titles start with Vaadin, but this does not mean that I'm the architect of the Vaadin framework.

Matthew Macdona...05/26/12
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Migrating from Apache to Nginx with the Edison Build System

I’ve recently decided to take the plunge and move from Apache and Mod_WSGI to Nginx and FastCGI – I was amazed at how simple it was! To get Edison up and running under Nginx as a fast-cgi Deamon, you just need to follow these steps...

Mitch Pronschinske05/26/12
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Japanese Linguistics in Lucene and Solr -

This talk gives an introduction to searching Japanese text and an overview of the new Japanese search features available out-of-the-box in Lucene and Solr.

Corey Goldberg05/26/12
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Rackspace Cloud - Outbound Bandwidth Caps, Network Too Slow

Have you seen the network/bandwidth caps that Rackspace places on their cloud servers?

Ricardo Zuasti05/26/12
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Using Mustache.java Templates With Struts 2

A friend recently recommended I take a look at the Mustache templating engine. It’s clean, simple and designer friendly, and promotes logic minimization on the template side (I don’t like the term “logic-less”, I don’t think you can get away with absolutely zero logic).

Evgeny Goldin05/26/12
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Maven Build Progress With TeamCity Service Messages

When you run a lengthy Maven build configuration in TeamCity it may be tricky to know what module is being built right now since all TeamCity displays is either “Running” or “Tests passed: X”.

Eric Genesky05/26/12
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This August, Linux Foundation will Launch CloudOpen Event

CloudOpen will be held alongside of LinuxCon this August, and will cover hypervisors, deployment tools, big data offerings and cloud platforms (and associated tools).

Matt Vickery05/25/12
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Spring Integration Gateways - Null Handling & Timeouts

One of the primary advantages of using the SI gateway as an interface to message sub-systems is that it's possible to automatically adopt the benefit of rich, default and customizable, gateway configuration. One such configuration attribute deserves further scrutiny and discussion primarily because it's easy to misunderstand and misconfigure around - default-reply-timeout.

Ted Theodoropoulos05/25/12
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101 Leadership Rules To Live By

We have all seen leadership training in the past that over complicates the subject. If you start with these simple rules you’ll be well on your way to being a great leader.

Aurelien Broszn...05/25/12
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Plan a Scalable Architecture Through Fault Injection

I have been doing a lot of testing on scalable architectures since last year and at some point, Steve Harris pointed out the principles of fault injection in a discussion. When I started to look at it more closely, I realized a couple of things

Carl Dea05/24/12
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JavaFX 2 GameTutorial Part 3

This tutorial is about using the game engine and demonstrating input using your mouse and keyboard. In this tutorial I will give you some background history, event handling fundamentals, a demo game, and finally the implementation.