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Eric Genesky08/18/12
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Slow Websites Cost the US Ecommerce Market $504 Billion in 2011

Most ecommerce companies are well-versed in the first lesson in web performance: nobody likes a slow website; faster is always better.

Claus Ibsen08/18/12
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New Camel Example to Compare With Spring Integration Simple Example

One of the blogs I follow is from Gunnar Hillert, whom back in 2009 discovered Camel and wrote a nice blog entry. He also did some investigation of Camel alternatives as well. One of the alternatives is Spring Integration. Gunnar have since joined VMWare to be part of the Spring team.

Brian Swan08/18/12
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How to Migrate Drupal to Azure Web Sites

Fortunately, because Windows Azure Web Sites supports both PHP and MySQL, the migration process is relatively straightforward.

Eric Silva08/18/12
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MongoDB and NoSQL

Here is a great video tutorial that will get you quickly introduced to NoSQL and the MongoDB application.

Joachim Hofer08/18/12
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Learning F# via Robocode: Setup and First Steps

Usually, I do my work and fun in JVM-based languages like Scala or sometimes Clojure; however, I get this nagging feeling that I’m missing something if I don’t look at the world of .NET once in a while, too.

Sadayuki Furuhashi08/18/12
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Data Scientist: A Unicorn?

Finding a good engineer is hard. Finding a good data scientist doubly so.

Kris Buytaert08/17/12
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Our #Monitoringsucks RPM is Repository Available

The Rubygem Builds have changed along with the internal #monitoringsucks repository. All of these Vagrant projects are basically my test setups to play with those new tools.

Lukas Eder08/17/12
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MySQL Bad Idea #384

MySQL is a database of compromise. Compromise between running a production-ready relational database and being popular with all sorts of hackers – mostly the ones that don’t really like SQL.

Ricci Gian Maria08/17/12
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NoSql and a Life Without Schema

NoSQL is not a replacement for SQL databases, but it is a valid alternative for a lot of situations where standard SQL is not the best approach to store your data.

Hebert Coelho D...08/17/12
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How to Schedule Your Java Oracle Certification

I will explain how to schedule your Java certification exam through PearsonVUE, and show the certification material that you can look forward to if you pass the exam.

Brian Gracely08/17/12
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An Evening with OpenStack and the DevOps Community

I had the chance to attend the Triangle DevOps meetup, along with my podcast co-host Aaron Delp (@aarondelp).

Leigh Shevchik08/17/12
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Speed as a Feature - Part 2

As a community, we have spent a considerable amount of time working on the performance of our applications from the backend.

Ranjib Dey08/17/12
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AWS - VPC Networking for Beginners

As we experience the "cloudification" of traditional IT, some of the core IT services are already mature enough for production uses and large-scale deployments. This article explores the basic elements of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networking. Newbies, read more to see what the next generation's cloud-based IT world is all about.

Claus Ibsen08/16/12
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Great Akka and Camel presentation video from ScalaDays 2012

I just wanted to highlight the presentation from Peter Gabryanczy - Migrating akka-camel module to Akka 2.x.

Mehdi Daoudi08/16/12
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There is No Such Thing as Web Performance Pixie Dust

I was hoping our industry and our community was immune from the media circus ”CNN / FOX / MS-NBC talk show" concept and hype. We deal with 0's and 1's and milliseconds!