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Tomasz Dziurko05/22/12
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JCommander – Parsing Command Line Parameters With Ease

From time to time each of us have to create a small console application to perform a few tedious tasks that can be automated so we can concentrate on more creative ones instead. And every time I had to build such an app I struggled with passing options via command line parameters

Tomasz Nurkiewicz05/22/12
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Integrating With reCAPTCHA Using Spring Integration

Sometimes we just need CAPTCHA, that's a sad fact. Today we will learn how to integrate with reCAPTCHA. Because the topic itself isn't particularly interesting and advanced, we will overengineer a bit

Ant Kutschera05/22/12
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Hacking Maven

We don't use M2Eclipse to integrate Maven and Eclipse, partly because we had some bad experiences a couple of years ago when we were still using Eclipse 3.4 and partly because some of our developers use IBMs RAD to develop, and it wasn't compatible.

Ken Rimple05/22/12
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Roo Add-on Development - How to Unit Test Configuration Changes

I'm working on updates to several Roo add-ons, which I am going to be pushing out to the Roo repository soon. Here are some challenges and how I overcame them.

Claus Ibsen05/22/12
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A Full Overview of the CamelOne 2012 Conference

CamelOne was yet again a really cool and fun conference. It was a 2 day packed with great talks with a balanced mix of technical talks, cloud stuff, and showcases of integration in the real world.

Mitch Pronschinske05/22/12
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CloudStock: Mini-Hacks and Videos

The free CloudStock 2012 event in London is wrapping up today. If you weren't able to attend, here's what you missed...

Kristina Chodorow05/22/12
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Replica Set Internals Bootcamp: Reconfiguring

This replica set bootcamp is focused on keeping the mongodb user from reconfiguring him/herself into a corner and ending up with all arbiters.

Chad Lung05/22/12
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5-Minute Beginner's Guide: Installing / Testing Redis and Node.js on OS X

Today I’m going to show you how quickly you can get Redis and Node.js running on OS X. In addition, I’ll show you two quick demos you can then try out with Node.js.

Dejan Bosanac05/21/12
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CamelOne and JEEConf Wrap-Up

I had a blast of a week at CamelOne and JEEConf. Both organized perfectly and awesome crowd all around. Here are some reflections and slides from the two conferences.

Chris Haddad05/21/12
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Users and End-Users Personalize Content via the Cloud

The cloud has enhanced users' ability to not only provide but also engage content according to unique needs and interests. This revolution in content personalization was discussed recently at the Cloud Computing Conference.

Mitch Pronschinske05/21/12
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Automata Invasion: Finite-State Technology in Lucene

Here's another great presentation from the just-finished Lucene Revolution 2012 with Robert Muir of Lucid Imagination and Michael Mccandless (a DZone MVB) from IBM.

Geoffrey Papilion05/21/12
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9 SSH Do’s and Don’ts

9 tips on when to do (or not do) certain things in secure shell. Some 'do's' include using SSH agents and multiple keys. Some 'don'ts' include leaving your agents running after you log out and copying your private key around.

Stoimen Popov05/21/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Minimum and Maximum

To find the minimum value into an array of items isn’t difficult. There are not many options to do that.

René Pickhardt05/21/12
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Apache Giraph: Distributed Graph Processing in the Cloud

Apache Giraph is a loose implementation of Google Pregel. This post includes a couple informative videos pointing out the advantages of Giraph over other methods.

Jakub Holý05/21/12
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Bad Code: Too Many Object Conversions Between Application Layers And How to Avoid Them

Have you ever worked with an application where you had to copy data from one object to another and another and so on before you actually could do something with it?