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Allen Coin09/21/12
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From Zero to API Cache with Grape & MongoDB in 10 Minutes [video]

We'll take a Grape API from zero to cache in 10-minutes. This cookbook includes support for ETags, handling relational data, 304s, etc., based on several months of incremental development at Art.sy.

Eric Gregory09/21/12
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This Weekend in North Carolina: Windows 8 Hackathon at Duke

Working on a Windows 8 app, or looking to start? Live in the Raleigh/Durham area? You might want to take a look at this weekend's Windows 8 Hackathon at Duke University.

John Cook09/21/12
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How Much Longer Will Computer Science Departments Last?

If other departments aren't satisfied with the education their students are getting from the computer science department, they will start teaching their own computer science classes.

Dejan Bosanac09/21/12
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Advanced Messaging with Apache ActiveMQ

This slideshow provides a detailed overview of flow control, scaling, and availability in ActiveMQ, as well as a look toward the future.

Swizec Teller09/20/12
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Fizzbuzz Without Ifs in 90 Characters -- I'll Buy You a Beer if You Can Beat It

A solution to the fizzbuzz problem that relies on Python’s interactive command line interpreter to do the printing, shaving off 4 characters for print. Can you beat it?

Zac Gery09/20/12
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Technical Debt: Making the Case

Technical Debt in programming is a topic for the ages. It tends to permeate round table conversations and almost pre-dates physical development. Although its accumulation has no discernible pattern, time and money are common factors.

John Cook09/20/12
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Evaluating Weather Forecast Accuracy: An Interview with Eric Floehr

In his new book The Signal and the Noise, statistician Nate Silver draws on data from Eric Floehr of ForecastWatch to discuss weather forecasting. John Cook interviewed Mr. Floehr about his background as a programmer, as well as ForecastWatch's methodology and hardware.

Geoffrey Papilion09/20/12
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The Pitfalls of Web Caches

Nothing gets us as much bang for our buck as our caching layer built around Varnish, but that doesn't mean there aren’t problems.

Hubert Klein Ikkink09/20/12
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Google Guava Goodness: Matching All Elements in a Collection

The Google Guava libraries has many useful classes and methods. Normally I write code in Groovy and I am used to working with collections in an intuitive way. But sometimes I need to work with Java on my project and then the Google Guava libraries are a great alternative.

Lukas Eder09/20/12
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Throw Checked Exceptions Like Runtime Exceptions in Java

How to throw a checked exception without catch block or throws clause in Java? Simple!

Roger Hughes09/20/12
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Spring 3.1 Caching and @CacheEvict

My last blog demonstrated the application of Spring 3.1’s @Cacheable annotation that’s used to mark methods whose return values will be stored in a cache. However, @Cacheable is only one of a pair of annotations that the Guys at Spring have devised for caching, the other being @CacheEvict.

Ioannis Canellos09/20/12
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Apache Karaf meets Apache HBase

This post explains how you can build an OSGi application that uses HBase. Please note, that this post is not about running parts of HBase inside OSGi, but focuses on how to use the client api inside OSGi.

Maximiliano Firtman09/20/12
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New iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Features for HTML 5 Developers

This post is divided into two parts covering new features of iPhone 5 (such as a new simulator), as well as iOS 6 (like the CSS 3 Filters and Cross Fade)

Mitch Pronschinske09/20/12
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Fail Faster! It Helps!

A new version of Go, the Continuous Delivery managment tool by ThoughtWorks Studios, is up for grabs today with a feature that is going to help package the right versions of your components and eliminate spurious builds.

Jim Bird09/20/12
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Technical Debt – When Do You Have To Pay It Off?

What happens when “sometime in the future” is now? How much debt is too much to carry? When do you have to pay if off?